Friday, January 21, 2005


So I brought my damn laptop to the computer lab and plugged it all in and stuff, and nothing! Nothing, I tell you. And so I asked a guy in the room (cause they had little flyers on the wall talking about getting online, but they didn't really help that much) and he told me to go to this one place and talk to a guy there. So now I have to try that instead. I swear, they make it as difficult as possible to do something so simple as be connected to the whole world in cyberspace... Anyways, I was just gonna post a bunch of pictures today, so that ruined those plans. Test went fine today, but how rude is this, I ask you? Towards the end of the test, the two teachers were sitting there (while some people were still taking it, mind you), and looking over the tests and laughing!! How mean is that?? Seriously, right in front of us, giggling. Not appropriate. Oh, and another random the apostrophe on the italian keypoard is right next to the 0 at the top (very strange indeed), and it's scary, I think I've gotten used to reaching way up there to hit the apostrophe way too muchy, cause when I was typing on my laptop, I was reaching up to the 0 to type all my apostrophes! My poor brain can't handle it all. Anyways, Not too much to report from here. I probably won't be able to get online over the weekend, so you might not hear from me til Monday. Unless something magical happens and the guy helps me connect my laptop in the next half hour, in which case, pictures! Hope everyone's enjoying themselves and has a good weekend... =)

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