Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm a chef!

Ok, not really a chef. But today instead of regular class we went to a restaurant in a town about a half an hour away by bus, and we learned how to make canederli, strudel, and grostoli. It's too much to explain it all here, but it was good! I don't know if I'd be able to make it all on my own, though. Maybe sometime when I'm feeling brave...

Last night when I got home I spent a while talking with roommate number 5, and my suspicions were correct, she is indeed super nice! She has a dog at home (Verona) named Lucky, and (s)he is super cute. I didn't end up doing any of my homework last night cause I was super tired, though, but as I said, I figure even chatting in Italian counts as productivity. And she told me I talk fast, too! See, even in Italian...although I'm convinced most of my roommates think I'm all quiet and stuff.

I'm exploring options for mobile wireless, like so I could get online from my apartment, but it seems pretty expensive. €249 for the card and then €20 a month for 20 hours. So I don't know if that's something I'm actually going to try or not.

Speaking of random things, you know what else sucks here? Crosswalks. You can wait like five minutes to get a crosswalk light, and it's hard to jaywalk because you can't see the stoplighs for the cars, so it's really hard to tell who has the green light that you need to avoid when they're coming! And cars here don't sl0w down for pedestrians. It's very un-Berkeley like. If I don't die here of the cold, there's a good chance I'll die hit by a car or something. Oh, and it's amazing how reading Vanity Fair (book, not magazine) becomes as easy a read as like John Grisham just because it's in English and I don't have to guess what half the words mean. I read a bit last night (first time since I got here) and that was some relaxing stuff, gotta say. But today I'm going back to the library...again now that I know it closes at 6:30 so showing up at 7 would be bad...to get some more books for my presentation. So probably no more english reading for me. But it was fun for a bit, at least.


Anonymous said...

Hi Reva This is just a test to see if this message actualy reaches you. This is the third trial, if it does not work then we will have to wait until May. All our love mom and popy.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, don't get wireless...too expensive. I'm glad your Italian is getting better---complimented by a real Italian too!!! Keep it up. We'll miss you at CRP but you know i'll take plenty of pics.

Anonymous said...

Do you really mean Grostoli or do you mean Crostoli? Are they fried strips of dough? You can see what my focus is right now!

Maybe you should start driving in Trento too so you can share in the fun or trying to run down pedestrians!

Uncle Vikki

Reva said...

I mean grostoli...I even checked the spelling. But it is fried strips of dough, though...there might be a different spelling here because of the german influence, I don't know. I know a lot of the food here in general has the german influence (and also stuff that's easy for to make with leftovers, cause the population was poor).