Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Internet two days in a row...wow!

Ah, back in what is now my favorite computer lab. Too bad it's hard to type because my fingers are cold. Anyways, this morning I walked to class with my least nice roommate, and she was actually nicer to me! Twas a good thing. She showed me a shortcut to the city that I knew existed, but I didn't know where it was. I thought of something I wanted to tell about, but darned if it hasn't completely disappeared. Some of the locals have said that the last few days it's been colder than ususal, which is just great of course. I finally started wearing my hat (I've been avoiding it cause I think I look silly), but what do you know, it's actually warmer! So maybe I should stick with it. I still can't figure out where to plug in my laptop to get online, cause when you try to ask these italian people,they really don't understand what the heck you're saying. I got my projects for this class assigned today (well, some of them). I have to go around to these various places in trento and give oral reports on them, and I also have to read a book and do an oral report and then have a test on it. Boring stuff. I also finally found the grocery store near my apartment. You know they charge for plastic bags at the grocery store? Well they do. And also for ketchup packets. There is this fast food pizza/fries/tiramisu place here that we went to on Sunday cause almost everything else was closed, and they charged for ketchup. But the fries were good! They are quite popular here, actually, lots of restaurants have them. Anyways, more orientation stuff this afternoon, then we're getting gelato (cause some of my friends are determined to get it, and have been trying since like Friday). Hope life is going well for everyone too, if I recall correctly today was the first day of class for people at Cal, so I hope that went (or goes, seeing as it's still Monday night over there) well!


Anonymous said...

Yay i'm first to comment!!! today is indeed the first day of school and i hope i can take some pics to send you! I'm glad you're getting around Trento more now and getting along with your roomies.


John said...

We need pictures! I want to see just how silly you look in your hat!

They charge for ketchup? Obviously, these people don't understand how democracy's are supposed to work ;)

Anonymous said...

well...it is a third world country...gotta make money where you can