Friday, January 28, 2005


Our teachers here sometimes ask us what we think of Italy and Trento and all that, and they get offended and defensive when we tell them that we think the school system is disorganized. But, sorry ragazze, it's totally true. Classes start up sometime within the next month, and I have no idea what's being offered. They don't know what's being offered. The classes can be cancelled at any moment, if the professor decides to not show up. You don't actually sign up for classes either; if you show up for the final exam, that means you're taking the class. Of course, that would be kind of good, it means you can "drop" the class whenever. But sadly for the UC students, we have to tell UC ahead of time what we're taking, so we can't take advantage of this one good thing. So yeah, I still have no idea what I'll be taking or when classes will be or anything. Which makes trying to travel tricky business. I'm trying to arrange to go to Venice next weekend for Carnevale, but the places to stay are also being tricky. So much trickiness going on. Indeed.

I have an academic orientation this afternoon for an uncertain yet quite long amount of time. I'm hoping they'll give me a clue as to how to find classes before, like March. Oh, and guess what I got to do Scrubs! Yup, they show it here on MTV (I don't know), and they're like a season or two behind us, I don't remember, I think it's two. But it was still pretty nifty. I watched Gilmore Girls, or "A Mom for a Friend" as it's called here, earlier in the week. It's actually easier for me to understand dubbed American stuff a lot of times because the speakers are more clear when it's just dubbed then when people are just speaking their lines in regular Italian shows. Plus, let's be honest, better writing from the American shows. The Italian "Fame" I watched, just painful. I kept wanting to laugh at the "serious, deep thoughts" expression the one guy had all the time.

Tomorow I'm going to Verona to go shopping (an hour South by train), so that should be yay. All the after-Christmas sales are still going on. I probably won't be online anymore this weekend, though. So have a good weekend, everybody!

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