Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Guess can probably tell from the title, it snowed yesterday! It was so cool. After classes and stuff, we went to get gelato (cause even if it's freezing, it's still a good time for super yummy gelato!) and when we walked outside, what do you know, it was snowing! We were all super excited (except for one girl, but she was just a wet blanket). Instead of being a smart girl and going home, I went to a bookstore (and got several books, including a biography of Catherine the Great (in italian) to practice with =) ) and by the time I left, snow was everywhere!! It was so beautiful, I had to call my mom and tell her. (cause it was only like 8am back home) When I got home I actually left again and walked around the street and the park near me to take pictures, cause I hadn't brought my camera with me to town today, and I was afraid it would be all gone before today. After dinner and stuff, three of my roommates and I decided to go and play in the snow! They were excited about it too cause it doesn't snow here very often, like once a year or something. We walked to the main piazza (the duomo), and started a snowball fight with some spaniards who were out there. It was super fun--we ended up really wet, but it was warm enough while we were playing. We hung out with them for a bit, and I tried this drink that apparently the spaniards make often, called Calimocha (sp?) which is just red wine and coca-cola. We went home eventually (not to the bars with them) cause we were freezing after standing still for a while, and I got to take a nice warm shower...yay. And I actually went to bed at a respectable time, after 1. Thank goodness, I was getting worried about myself. I took a bunch of pictures of the snow and stuff, and I feel myself closing in on figuring out how to hook up my laptop...but in the meantime, Matt found a picture here this is the center of Trento, and where I went to church on Sunday. Isn't that super cool? =) Lunch soon, and then afternoon class today instead of morning. Oh, and I'm still gonna try to write an article for the patriot, I just got an idea today for someone can tell Melanie not to forget about me (even though she didn't assign me anything, crazy lady, you can yell at her for that too ;-) )


Anonymous said...

see...I knew you love snow

Giant Steve

Michael said...

You should have partied more with the Spaniards!

Anonymous said...

Spaniards are not to be's a reality

lil' Jim