Thursday, January 27, 2005

Stupid blogger wasn't working yesterday so I couldn't update. I did try, though. It's been crazy windy here the last couple of days, like if I had an umbrella out I could fly home to CA right quick. Of course that means it's super cold, but thankfully today it seems to have died down, and I have a whole new appreciation for the regular cold weather without the wind =) Yesterday my friend and I did a cardio kickboxing class (of sorts) at a gym here, just to try it out. It was easier to follow along than I thought it would be, though, cause I didn't have to really know what he was saying, I could just watch and imitate what he did with a little time delay. I have to say, though, it was way easier than the classes at the RSF (except that he made us do jump rope for a bit...I hate hate jump rope). But it's kinda far from home and kind of expensive, so I don't know if we're going to actually sign up for the gym or not.

Oh, I have good news--I actually got into a law school! William and Mary (in Virginia) accepted me. So now even if everyone else tells me to hit the road, at least I have something to do come August. Of course, that means no more excuse to just sit at home and do nothing. Oh well, it's a trade off, I guess.

Yesterday was officially two weeks since I came to Trento. I can't believe it's only two weeks--I feel like I've been here for months. I have to say, May sounds forever away. I'm having fun here, but I miss California and all you guys. I'll be really glad to come home =)

This morning I went to the mercato in town (they have one every Thursday) and it's like the best thing ever. Just a whole bunch of people selling everything. Except the book guy wasn't there today =( I wanted to go back and look at books. Oh, and I think I've lost my watch (the clasp was loose, and I think it fell off yesterday), so I was looking for those too, but I didn't see any. This afternoon, more class--woo. At least stupid ILP (the class I'm doing now) is almost half over. Yay.


John said...

Congrats on getting into Law School Reva!!!!!

Anonymous said...

eek! law school....way to go Reva!!!! William and Mary is good, but you're waiting on others right? I'm sure you'll get into Georgetown so let's wait and see. by the way, when will you travel down south to get some sun?

Anonymous said...

blogs can be it's about time for those really cold law schools to come rollin' in...=)

Reva said...

Thanks guys =) Yeah, I'm going to wait until I hear from everyone (and there are a lot of schools I applied to...way too many) before I decide on where to go. But them cold ones...I might have to rethink the east coast.