Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend Update...but not with Tina Fey

Well I had a busy weekend. Eh, not really. Friday night I went out with my friends, and we went to this restaurant and the manager guy gave us all this free food and spumanti and stuff. He was totally into one of my friends, which was kinda icky because he was like twice her age. But on the plus side, at least it wasn't me this time =) On Saturday on my way to the train station I had two Jehovah's Witnesses try to convert me, just while I was walking down the street. They are aggressive here, I guess! Then I went to Verona to go shopping with my friends, and we had fun. We got to see Juliet's balcony, which was pretty nifty. We also rubbed the Juliet statue for good luck. Verona is really pretty; I want to go back one of these days just to explore, not just to shop. It's pretty close, about an hour south, and a train ticket is like €15 round trip. As for Sunday...I'm figuring out here that Sundays are just really lazy days. Everything is closed, so there's nothing to do but do homework and lay around the house. And go to church, of course. So that's what I did. I finished my hw for today, finished my novel that I was reading for class, started work on my postcards (I have a lot to send! And you're only getting one if you e-mailed me your address, so beware! And do it now if you haven't already and you want one), went to church, hung out with my roommates some...very low-key. But not in a bad way...just slightly boring. Especially since I can't kill time playing online! This morning I went to an orientation for one of the facolta' here, lettere, and we went through the classes offered here. Not the schedule, mind you, but the classes (like looking through the general catalogue instead of the schedule of classes, Cal people). The trip to Pompei class isn't being offered this year, but instead they're doing a trip to Rome, ie the archeology of Rome. So that'll be cool! I'm going to try to do that one. And this afternoon, more class, then I have to go to a suburb of Trento (last stop on the bus line...) to collect info for a presentation on the suburb tomorrow. Fun fun!


Anonymous said...

so did you see or buy anything interesting? and how is the transportion anyway? oh, you should try to visit Vatican City when you're in Rome. I'm glad you've settled in. Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that the Pompei class is not offered this year...would have been so neat to see the city...even though you have already seen Rome, I am sure the class will offer a new perspective...lucky girl!
Big hugs, Mom