Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Day Two

Ok, so today I had two classes. I started off with a little, history of the Cold War, which was intimidating because the room was too small and so it was packed. And also, there weren't any desks! Just chairs. So we have to take notes like on our laps. Not so comfy. But it seems interesting, and she's a good lecturer. I can totally understand her. And she said that the book she takes a lot of her lectures out of is written in english, so if we can understand english, it'd be to our benefit to read that book. Hehehe. And she's giving the option to take the exam written or oral, which is nice. I went and talked to her in her office hours briefly, and she seems pretty nice. Not as nice as Shakespeare, perhaps, but still pretty nice. After that class, I went to Shakespeare class, and she did the whole lecture on English history, which I happen to know a heck of a lot about (seeing as I've taken classes that spent a whole semester on what she covered in an hour and a half). So that was a nice little break for me. Tomorrow I have those two classes plus a third one I'm gonna try, medieval history. I hear the professor is nice, so fingers crossed. I feel so busy now!! It's not bad, just very...busy. Lots of stuff going on.

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