Tuesday, February 22, 2005

English Yay

My roommate's boyfriend is in town right now. He is French, she is Italian (of course) and they met last year in Finland studying english. Of course. They don't speak each others' languages, so they speak in english together. Which meant last night I got to be the word expert. Finally!! It was very exciting. But I had to work really really hard to speak slowly in english so I could be understood. It's hard. As you call can imagine, knowing me =) Oh, and I finally signed up for a gym, thank goodness. It's ridiculously expensive, though, and the schedule isn't as cool as the RSF's. But it's the best one I've found here so far. At least it's only for three months. Actually, less than that. Can you believe it already! This time three months from now graduation will already be over.

Anyways, today was a super cool day because in my English Theater class what did we do today? That's right, we watched Shakespeare in Love. In english!! It was so relaxing. It's amazing how much easier regular classes seem in comparison to always having to be focused on the professor here (which is bad if one happens to be a daydreamer). The guy I am friends with in that class said he'd ask me if there were some words he didn't know, and I said sure, of course. And what was the first word he asked me what it meant? "Anon." Of course, he's gotta start with the old English. =) But it was highly nifty, regardless.

Oh, and it snowed again! Yesterday afternoon and this morning it snowed, but not like before, where it was really heavy and stuck. This time it was much lighter, and it melted right away, so there's no snow on the ground here. And now, this afternoon, it's like five degrees warmer or something! Crazy weather...it's practically like Texas here. (ie it changes a lot in a really short period of time)

I just saw that SoCal is having crazy rain right now...hope everyone knows how to swim and houses remain not underwater. Oh, and I totally missed that yesterday was President's Day...for some reason they don't celebrate it here. I should have skipped class in protest. I think I'll do it tomorrow instead since it's my long day. =)

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