Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday yay

Liz made it to Trento last night! Yay indeed. So far I have given her a little tour of some of the historical stuff here (and she says I'm a very good tour guide, for the record. =) ). This morning I met with the woman from the castle and she just said to me, so when do you want to work? It seems she will let me do what I want when I want, so that works out great for me! I have to just give her a schedule of when I want to work (which means I have to figure out when I want to travel and how quickly I want to try to get my hours done), and then I'm ok. Yay! Now we're trying to figure out how to work spring break (our attempt to go to Sicily etc), so hopefully those plans will cooperate. Oh, I wore flip-flops for the first time yesterday since I got here. The first time! It's amazing. I just wore them to pick up Liz from the train station, so it wasn't for very long. And I got the strangest looks from people, I swear. Like they've never seen feet or something before! I guess they just forget what they look like in the winter, between the boots outside and the slippers inside. Silly people. And today I finally am wearing a skirt! With tights, of course, sadly it's not that warm here, but it's still so nice. Really makes me appreciate the California weather, I gotta say.

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