Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day!

So this Friday we (most of our class...not that one girl we don't like, but pretty much everyone else) got together and spent the afternoon into the evening celebrating being done and the birthday with many bottles of wine. It was good. Then Saturday I had to get up at a truly ungodly hour and meet at 8am to go on a field trip with my class. One last test of my patience... Actually, it was kinda nifty. We went to three places, but the coolest was the second one. It was a fortified city, ie it still has the wall that surrounds the whole city from the Middle Ages. It's the best-preserved wall in all of Europe. We got to walk on it, making the tour of the city. It was kinda scary being up that high, though, because I don't trust the guardrails they installed. I mean, a bit of metal stapled into concrete, and I'm supposed to trust that to keep me alive? I don't think so, buster. Actually, in a couple of parts they had this little bridge stuff they constructed recently, so we could see the wall from the side, too, and I have to say, I felt a hell of a lot safer on the real wall than on some flimsy little wooden structure thingie. Oh, and we had a lunch of traditional Veneto foods, and oh my lord, we were eating for like two hours. Not sitting at the table for two hours, eating. I think we almost died from too much food. And we cut them off, too, they wanted to serve us another meat dish, and we had to tell them no!!!

Anyways, Sunday was the super laziest day ever. I read some of my book for fun (biography of Catherine the Great--woo history!) and then spent like hours trying to figure out travel stuff, and dreaming of internet access. Then I went to a new church, which was cool, they have stars painted on the ceiling, and it's of course from like the 12th century or something. Then just hung out with people. And now this morning I am on a search for more travel information (seeing as I can get online here) and I have my first class this afternoon! It's a Shakespeare class. Fingers crossed it doesn't suck.

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