Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I think today is just one of those icky days. Maybe it's because I had to get up early and had class straight from 8:45 to 2. And I mean straight. Or maybe it's because it's quite cold and windy today. Or maybe it's because I need to go grocery shopping but I can't now because of course the stores are of course all closed from one to four. See, I need to stop this. I started doing this game of "name all the things that suck right now" on the way to the computer lab (that was also on the list) and it's just getting me depressed. So I tried playing the "name all the things that are good instead" game, and that was better. I just need to go back to that one. But not right here.

Anyways, got up early, as I said, for my Shakespeare class, and that was fine, then I went to the Cold War class, and the damn room is so small they have people (including me, of course) spilling out into the hallway. At least for the first hour, then after that we switched to a larger room, but it's only available for the second hour. And then I went to the first day of my third class, on early medieval history. The professor seems nice, but good Lord the class was boring! Another american girl was thinking about taking it too, but after the first half hour she rejected that idea. I'm hoping it was just boring because it was the first class, and boring introductory "what is the medieval period" crap, and that tomorrow will be better. We'll see tomorrow...

Yesterday I was chatting with one of my roommates a bit, and was explaining to her the way the American university system works, and she was just horrified. We can only take our exams once, we never can do them orally, we have to take them right away when the class ends (not months later)...she said she's never going to school in America now. =) It's funny how different our systems are. Ours seems the one that makes sense to me, of course, but I guess if you're used to theirs...well, then you're just crazy.

It's amazing how your whole class can be only three and a half weeks (as mine are crazy is that, yo), but it can still feel like a long time. Thank God I only have the 8:45 class on Wednesdays, which means I only have to do it twice more. It's what keeps me going. =)

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