Monday, February 07, 2005

il weekend (they actually say that)

This weekend was a productive one. Which means kind of boring. I wrote my paper that's due this week, so that's good. The only problem is that it's crap. Not the italian part of it, but the fact that I have this giant-ass topic (the Council of Trent in the context of the Reformation and Counterreformation) and no where near the length to address it properly. So the paper is terrible, full of giant holes that just pain me. But I'm sending it to my prof today in hopes she'll look it over and tell me it's fine. But at least the damn thing is done! That means all I have to do tonight is prepare my presentation for Wednesday, and I can go to Carnevale tomorrow! Woo.

I went out dancing with my roommates Saturday, which was cool, because it was hanging out with my roommates. I discovered, though, that I can do the salsa thing for like an hour or two, but afterward I need some musical variety. Maybe if I actually knew how to dance it properly it would be more fun...but sadly, I do not know (cause that one class/dance thing we went to doesn't really count after all this time). Good bonding time, though. Oh, I think I would have had more fun too but my knee was starting to hurt after a while, because I have several bruises. Three in total, actually, between the two of them, and I can only recall the cause of one of them. Such is the life of the super klutzy.

Last night I tried my hardest to watch the Super Bowl, I really did. I was tired because of the whole up late dancing thing (it's really funny to call America and have someone go...isn't it like 4am there?) but I stayed up anyway and at 12:45 was flipping through stations looking for it. I had been told that it would be on...but apparently they were lying. Cruel people. All I found was damn soccer...and of course a very strange infomercial to buy these porn movies from the 1910s-1940s. Now that was odd, because on Italian tv, they show you just about everything. Gotta say, would have preferred the Super Bowl. But on the plus side, then I didn' t have to feel guilty for going to bed and not watching the whole thing. Thank God this isn't fall and I'm not missing the entire season. I have my priorities.


Anonymous said...

EEEKKKK!!!! I'm soooo happy for you!!!! Please accept. You will not regret it. I'll send you a HUGE email about everything soon. Have fun at the Carnevale!


Anonymous said...

Hey Reva...
The Super Bowl super sucked anyway. You missed nothing, but we missed you.