Monday, February 14, 2005

Not bad

Ok, so I went to my first class today. It was kinda scary, scarier than I'd expected. Just being there, waiting for it to start. We were really early (like a half an hour) because we weren't sure where it was, but the scariest part was, we weren't the only ones that early. Like half the class was there already. What is wrong with these people?!?! I was actually debating whether I want to take the class or not, but the professor is soooo nice, I'm definitely gonna do that. I talked to her after class, and she was so flexible about the exams and everything, and she asked if I wanted to speak in english (which I didn't). The friends who went with me decided not to take the class, but at least they were here today. And this nice guy showed me where the bookstore that has most of the class books is, so I won't have to wander around searching deseperately for them. We're reading the plays in english, so the professor is gonna make me read aloud for the class. Lucky me =) I just hope my other professors are as nice as she is.

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Anonymous said...

So glad that the class is good and the teacher nice. An excellent beginning!

I am sure your classmates will enjoy your "readings" of Shakespeare. (Can see the arms waving, and the eyes flashing.)
Break a leg (drama lingo)!