Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Overslept this morning because the alarm on my phone (which I am using as a clock right now, plus a watch since I lost mine...oh, poor time-obsessed me!) didn't go off. So I had to move quick, since I only had a half an hour, but cool as I am, I managed it. We had our orientation, relatively unhelpful and certainly not worth getting upa t 7:30 for (or 8, this morning, accidentally). More class this afternoon, fun fun. I was going to bring my money to pay rent today, but I forgot it in this morning's haste, so I'll do it tomorrow (I have til the 5th). Here, I have to pay in cash, at the post office. Kinda strange, isn't it? And I'm back at the computer lab today, of course, so no more pics or anything interesting...but I am glad you guys got to see some of them. Not much to report on since I blogged so late yesterday and it's early today. Oh, here's proof I've been studying too much history--in the book I'm reading on the Reformation, I am totally recognizing woodcuts and paintings they have there from previous study of the subject! Definitely need to change it up here. Ok, off to class now.

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