Monday, February 21, 2005


Friday night I went to go see the Merchant of Venice here with my friend. I didn't actually like the particular interpretation that much (because the original play is a comedy and the movie is a super serious "Jews vs. Christians" thing), but it was still really cool because they didn't do a modern version (they left it set in 1596), and since it was dubbed in Italian, I got to see like historical Venice in the Italian instead of just British accents. Which made it very cool =). And then Saturday morning we went to Venice! I went with seven other girls (big groups=not the easiest to travel with), and we spent the weekend exploring, buying lots of glass stuff, and having fun. I actually didn't get a chance to explore the famous palace and everything because we ran out of time! So I'll have to go back again. We did get to go to Murano and see them blow some of the glass themselves, which was super cool. And the awesome part was, I got to see Liz there! She was in Venice with her whole big class, so Saturday night we met up (we met up on the Rialto bridge, and I had to wait for her cause a stupid man took her to the wrong place when she was confirming directions, and when she ran up to me she said, I had to make sure it was really you, you look so Italian! Hehe, score!) and got to hang out for like two hours. Not too long, but it was late. We all went on a nighttime "tour" along the grand canal (basically rode the water bus around to see everything) but it was so damn freezing we couldn't really enjoy it. But Liz is thinking of coming to Trento this weekend to visit, since she has a three-day weekend and my roommate is going to be gone. Yay! It's funny, but being in Venice really made me appreciate Trento (and I know my friends felt the same way). The city is so damn crowded, full of tourists, there's english everywhere. It kinda sucks. I'm so glad I'm in a nice small town where I'm one of like two dozen americans total, probably. And that includes the random Americans I've met here who aren't students but live here for various other reasons (like we met a woman who is living here for a year with her family because of her husband's job...what kind of job transfers you to Trento, of all places?). Anyways, got back last night, and I was really tired so I went to bed early, and now today I start week 2 of 3.5 of my classes =) I'm trying to start the reading for one of my classes, but the books are really big and seem to cover topics not addressed in the class, so I'm going to ask her today if I really need to read all of it or what to focus on or what (because do I really need to memorize the dimensions of all the theaters in elizabethan England? Better not). I really don't want to go to class...but I remind myself, it could be worse, I could be starting work today and be a real adult now... ;-)

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