Thursday, March 24, 2005


Ah, another day at the castle. So there's this other intern there right now, but she's in like her 40s, and she annoys everyone. She never ceases to ask questions, silly questions about things that are none of her concern. Even the super nice, calm girl that works there can't stand her! And here's where she won my disfavor: she doesn't speak english, not even a little. She had me write down a few sentences for her to explain something, but she can't even pronounce it, let alone remember the words, so basically she can say "hello" and I don't even know what else. So some Germans came in and I was talking to them in English, and what does she do but try to butt in and talk to them in english! Like, she talks over the rest of us all the time, but at least she does it in Italian, which she speaks. But she was trying to talk in freakin english and all she can do is point and say "there," I mean, what good is that when I'm right there talking to them and explaining things, I ask you?? So she had found not a friend so far in that castle, as far as I can tell.

But, who cares right now. Tomorrow evening I leave on the overnight train to go to Sicily (well, the train actually takes me to Calabria, to the very tip of the boot) for spring break! I'm meeting Liz and a girl in her program down there, and we're going to Catania, Palermo, and the Aeolian Islands (doesn't that sound so exotic?), and wherever in between. And some of my other friends from here are gonna be down there too, so we'll probably meet up with them. Woo! Of course, I probably will be completely without internet while I'm over there, so there won't be any updating or responding to e-mails (try to contain your despondency). If there's super fantastic or super awful news, you'll just have to call me. At least this time I'll speak the language of the place I'm travelling to =)

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