Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More computer time...woo

My Elizabethan Theater professor is so super nice. I went to her office hours today to talk to her about the exam, cause I have no idea what to expect and all. She was telling me I could do the test in english or Italian, but "I have perfect Italian" (which, sadly, is totally not true, but it was nice of her to say so anyway) so she's sure I'll be fine. I would totally be taking the second module of her class if it did absolutely anything for me, but sadly it doesn't (of course, this one doesn't do anything for me either, but I wanted to take it anyways). But I totally love her.

My Medieval history professor told us the date for 0ur exam would be late April/early May, which gave me a heart attack because he told us before it would be April 15th or 18th, and I made plans around that. But I talked to him after class and he said I get to be a special case (thank you study center for sending him paperwork that makes it seem more complicated than I think it actually is!) and will let me take it early; I have to talk to him in office hours next week to set a time for sure, but hopefully I'll still be able to do it around the 15th.

In my Cold War history class, the test was supposed to be Wednesday the 23rd, but apparently she's only allowed (side note: I just wrote that "aloud" instead of allowed, and I just asked my friend, and apparently it's not just me that has this problem of writing the homonym...this italian is messing up our english!) to have the exam on a Friday, Saturday, or weird is that! So it got moved to the Monday before, which luckily doesn't mess me up any more than losing two days of studying, which is ok.

Packs of cigarettes here are funny...they all have these huge stickers on the side of each pack that covers like half the pack, and they're are totally plain except for some written warning about not to smoke. But instead of like ours that say that the surgeon general says it's bad to smoke, etc etc, they have funny blunt statements, like "Smoking kills," or "Smoking ages your skin." I just think it's really funny. And, I have to say, not that effective a deterrent.

Lol, I forgot, I got an e-mail from a guy from my Russian class last semester (one of two, poor guys), wishing all the girls from russian class a happy vosmoe marta (otto marzo, march 8th), which was nice. (he was cool, but then, so was our whole class) So I e-mailed him back to thank him (and tell him my russian is so bad now!) and he e-mailed me back this:
I met some College Republicans at the Bear's Lair and since you are the only Republican I know, I asked them if they knew you and they said of course and we talked for a long time and they showed me pictures they had, but I totally forget their names because I had been drinking all day!
So I don't know who he talked to, but if you are reading this you can tell me. I find that so amusing, especially the part about how I'm the only republican he knows. =)

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