Friday, April 08, 2005

Five weeks from today, back on CA soil

I had all these things (well, like several) I meant to blog about or e-mail people about yesterday and somehow in the rush of things I like totally forgot them. Hmph. So anyways, yesterday I was talking with one of the girls who works at the castle, who is French, actually (she moved to Italy because her boyfriend is Italian, and she studies art history, so Italy is a pretty good place to be). We were talking about hours of work and vacation time, and she was saying that her mom, in France, works 39 hours a week instead of the prescribed 35, so that means she gets extra days of vacation, so she gets 6 or 7 weeks instead of just 5. Can you believe that?!?! She was asking about the american style of doing things, and she cried for us when she heard people only get like 2 weeks vacation, and they work unlimited hours when the project calls for it. No wonder our economy is so much better than theirs.

Today I got to watch some of the Pope's funeral on tv. It's kinda cool being able to see it live. It was quite a bit in latin (which reminds me: in my medieval history class the professor gave us handouts with excerpts from sources, and one of the times he didn't bother having the translation in italian, he was just like, yeah, I left it in Latin, but you guys can understand it anyways), and just packed with people. I saw President Bush on tv, too. I got two text messages (or SMS, as the call them here) from the protezione civile, which I assume is a branch of the government, advising me on things for if I go to Rome for the funeral (ie don't go alone, it's hot during the day and cold at night, etc). Which seemed kind of funny to me, the government sending me text messages and all.

(ah, my computer just shut down randomly on my again, but I hit "publish post" as fast as possible and I got to save all of the above already written stuff. Yay!)

At my gym there's a break dancing class some nights (I guess it's a class anyways) and last night they were in the room next to me, and they were dancing to "Let the music play" by Shannon (a song I'd heard many a time but never knew the name of before I just googled it). Which, if you don't know the song off the top of your head, I think is a really weird song to be breakdancing to. Not really a good "18 year old guy" song, says I. But then again, they're italian...they don't know any better.

Oh, guess what I've discovered is good? Cereal with milk. Yes, I've spent almost 22 years eating it dry, because I don't really like milk, but it turns out it's pretty good! Especially with the frosted cornflakes because then you don't have to add any sugar. So yeah...I guess there's something to this. Perhaps I should have tried it before. But then again, this is why I periodically try foods I don't really like, just to make sure I still don't like them. And what do you know, sometimes things change. Like cereal with milk. What a concept! This could revolutionize breakfast!


Anonymous said...

You are such a Republican, Reva.

<3 your brother

Anonymous said...

Cereal with Milk...honestly...cereal with milk. Should I be concerned that it took you this long to discover cereal with milk as being a good thing.

I's cereal and milk