Tuesday, April 05, 2005

No more medieval history!

Today I have spent most of the day boringly studying. I'm reading the textbook (finally) for my last exam, but it's not the best I've ever read, plus it's in that crazy language they speak here, so it's kinda slow going. Although I think that's mostly because I'm taking notes as I go (because I borrowed it from a friend so I can't/don't want to mark in it).

So here's your cultural awareness bit for the day: Italians cannot walk down the street in a civilized manner. That's right, they have virtually no comprehension of the standard practices you see in America. Like, when there are three people walking towards you taking the whole sidewalk up, the person on the edge does not hang back a bit to let you pass without walking in the street. They do not move, the whole lot of them. And they have no problems with banging into shoulders and just keeping on walking without a scusi to be had. Which just drives me crazy. But oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Reva!

Welcome back from your spring spreak! you haven't mentioned much about The Pope....you know he died right? so i was just wondering, are there like a lot of people around, even in Trento?