Thursday, April 21, 2005


Ok, I already wrote a whole bunch, but just a couple of separate observations:

Spring sprung while I was in Sicily for spring break, and all of a sudden Trento is gorgeous. It's green everywhere, there's all kinds of flowers (tons of tulips for Liz!) and the hillsides are green now, too! Who knew. But it's really amazingly beautiful. And all over Italy, wisteria is in bloom, which is one of my grandmother's favorites and always makes me think of her.

Is it sad that I would cry during an episode of Newlyweds? I mean, it was the one where Nick surprised Jessica on her birthday (he prentended to be out of town, but it was a trick!), gave her a puppy and all that. That seems to warrant a few tears at least. I vote not silly.

I'm pretty sure I'm getting dirty looks from people for typing to loud in this room right now. Typing!! I mean, for heaven's sake. It's a room with computer hook-ups for a reason.

We're still getting weird looks for wearing flip-flops. In mid-April! Very odd.

Our stalker has left me and my friends alone since they sent him a very strongly-worded text message. And my friend's stalker has left her alone since her roommate said heaven-knows what to him at a party one night. So I guess you just have to be really firm with them.

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