Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You know you've been travelling too much when your mom leaves you a message on your voice mail, and says, "It's 2:24 my time"...but she's in San Diego and you're just in LA. I think as soon as she gets used to it I'll be in North Carolina, so I can mess her all up again.

I've always thought that letting high school kids go straight to the NBA was a bad idea, and my opinion is only confirmed after watching the first episode of Spike TV's NBA Rookies. It's like letting me graduate from college and then sending me straight to the CEO position. Um, I think I'd be missing an important stepping stone there. Or, like 14.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Ok, I've been lazy since I've been home and haven't put anything up. Now, how one can be so lazy as to not even post online, when she isn't really doing anything else, I have no idea. I'm at home in San Diego, helping my mom get ready to sell the house, putting off doing stuff for Duke, and not doing so much else. I've basically been ignoring the thought of going to Duke because now that it's getting close, I don't really want to think about three years of school, it being hard, me not knowing anyone in a new town...all the usual stuff that scares me and sends me off to the CIA website to apply last-minute for a job. Just in case.

So you know what I find annoying? When you're looking at job listings, and they require experience for a job that really isn't super hard. Now, we (myself and the people who are reading this) are pretty smart. Not bragging, but in the scheme of things, pretty smart overall. I'm pretty sure that even without a ton of experience we could figure out how to do most jobs with a bit of explanation. And yet, try explaining in your job application that no, you don't know how to work a cash register, but you're pretty sure that seeing as you're not a moron you can figure it out without needing a year of sales experience. I don't think they'd love to hear that.