Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm gonna learn to freeze time for my own purposes, ie to get more sleep

I bowled a 110 and a 97 tonight. I'm always annoyed when I don't break 100. And I swear that the 5 pin was possessed, because I could not knock it down the second game! And not just me either, one of the other girls couldn't either. Possessed, it's the only option.

And I've noticed that an awful lot of the people here are either engaged or married. Sigh.

Those fascinating updates I promised...still coming soon. =)

How can the day be so short when I get up so damn early??

So I was really productive today, which is good, except now I can't share with you my fascinating commentary on the NC lottery and the norman-saxon tradition of double words (separate issues,of course). So it'll have to wait til tomorrow. I meant to go to bed long the week progresses, so does the bedtime. Oh well.

Monday, August 29, 2005


I am so sore today. It's really incredible, I was fine when I went to bed last night, I even did some more exercises, but today, it's pain all over. On the plus side, our team kicks ass. =)

I was talking on the phone with Mike today, and he starts telling me how the modern tattoo pen (or whatever it's called) came from the electronic engraver that Edison invented. I think he read it on my blog yesterday and was trying to pass it off as his knowledge, though he claims he got it from the history channel. I guess only God will know the truth. Well, God and Mike's conscience.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Section 4 woo!

Today was the softball tournament that opens the season. It doesn't really count for anything, I'm told, since regular season starts this week, but it was super fun. The teams for the first years are done by sections, and my section made it to the semi-finals! I'm pretty proud of us, seeing as we'd never played together before (or even knew who was showing up), and we beat two teams of 2Ls, and finally lost to a team of 3Ls. We made it the farthest of all the 1Ls too. So, we rock. We just need a team name now.

I was watching on the discovery channel a show about tattoos (well, semi-watching) and apparently in Berkeley (of course) there is the guy who is basically the biggest historian of tattoos. He's got records of thousands and thousands of tattoos from throughout history. And the modern electric tattoo needle thing was adapted at the turn of the century from Edison's electric engraving machine! Fascinating.

Friday, August 26, 2005

I remembered more stuff. It's all fascinating.

Oh yeah, and today was the activites fair at the law school, meaning the clubs tabled for like two hours. That's all they do all year--an interesting thing, but I guess with only 600 students total, that's enough. Anyways I talked to the republican group here, and the guy tabling was telling me how he thinks there are more republicans here than will admit to it, but it's just such a difficult environment they don't want to say so. I was highly skeptical. I mean, I have seen no Bush=Hitler posters, and sure, they're liberal here, but they don't seem to have that hostile nature that was so common at Cal. So one of has a skewed set of expectations, who knows who it is.

And I was sitting in class today, and I noticed that three people were wearing purple shirts, solid purple, and I was thinking that it seemed like a lot, and then I was like, well it is a class of like 35, so maybe it's not that many, it just seems like it, and then I was thinking, well, it's almost 10%, that's kind of a lot after all. And then I was thinking about what the most common shirt colors are, and I'm going with black and blue. Anyone have thoughts on that? Anyone follow that? And after I decided on the most common shirt colors, I realized I'd been thinking about something else, and I wanted to go back to it because I remembered it had been pleasant thoughts, but I couldn't remember what it was! Which drove me nuts. That ever happen to anyone but me? Yeah, civil procedure was really interesting today.

I need OnStar

Last night when I was driving to bar review, I noticed that the freeway in the other direction (ie the direction I'd have to drive home) had a huge accident, so I decided to take a different route home. And I managed to get completely lost. I was on the phone with Mike and he had to go online and direct me home. It's so sad. Today I ended up going to the same area where I got lost (cause there was a bookstore I needed to go to there) and no wonder I got lost! It's a maze there. I reject the layout of this town, I really do--the streets are super windy and don't make much sense, and it's nigh on to impossible to see the street signs! Oh, and I got a little lost again today. But I really think it's not my fault. I even have a map in my car. I should probably use it.

I'm so tired. I did nothing productive after I got done with class today--and I'm happy about it! But my professor even told us to. I like her-she's the one that went to Cal =)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

better now

Ok, I'm feeling a bit less homicidal now, so that's good. Devin came into town (and hi Mark, btw =) ), so someone to rant to in person is always helpful...even if he is ignoring you to look at the seeds for the US Open. Anyways, the problem was today with this group assignment I had to do. There are four of us, and half the group needed to get smacked. But it all worked out ok in the end, and I didn't even have to shoot anyone, so it's all good.

My civil procedure professor has an op-ed in today's USA Today (along with another professor here, mine is Fisk) talking about how saying judges shouldn't make law is stupid because that's all judges do! It's funny, I keep hearing professors say that. Must be a pet peeve of theirs. But I thought it was cool that she had it there, although they kept saying how "both conservatives and liberals" want people to make the laws they want, but all the examples they had were about conservatives. Oh well. This professor was a labor lawyer, and Duke doesn't get labor day off from class, but she decided that we're not gonna have class anyways, due to her labor law roots. Which would be great, except that I have that class in the middle of the day so it doesn't help much. I'd rather have Friday off =)

Yesterday I went to exchange my wrong book and get the right one, and I saw why I got them confused--they look EXACTLY the same. Seriously, no difference except for the authors' names in small print. No wonder I I got them mixed up. And the undergrads are starting to show up, so the student union was full of kids and clubs tabling there. I stopped by a table for one of the church groups, and the woman there stopped me from grabbing one brochure and pointed me to a different one, saying "that one is mostly undergrads..." I was chatting with her for a bit and asked her, so you could tell I'm a grad student? And she said, oh yeah! I was happy =)

I didn't notice until tonight that I don't have Bravo for some reason with my cable package. I don't know why, but my brother actually tried calling them to find out (cause you can't watch The D-List with Kathy Griffin anywhere else!), but couldn't get anyone. I have like FitTV instead. As Elle Woods says, I object!
I don't have time to complain right now why today kinda sucked, but fear not, I will make time later. And I remembered some of the things I wanted to mention yesterday. I'm sure you're waiting with baited breath.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Class is soooo much nicer when you are done at noon instead of 3. Too bad it's only like this two days a week. Today there was an accident on the freeway and I started to panic that I would get to class late on only my second day, but luckily I had left early and made it on time. So, relief. And class was so just like on tv--the professor using the famous socratic method to probe our reasoning as we worked our way through the famous constitutional case. And I was even Ms. So-and-so instead of Reva when he called on me to talk (he cold-calls in alphabetical order, so at least I know I won't have to go tomorrow unless I volunteer). All I needed was the soundtrack in the background. And maybe a montage. (Montage!)

I think of mildly amusing things to say during the day, and then by the time I come here to write this, a) I want to go to bed, and b) I've forgotten everything.

Oh, and I'm still debating the birdie's name. So far the only suggestions have not been that helpful (ahem, Seaborg and Bird1? Come on guys).

Monday, August 22, 2005

Tired...can't only be Monday...

It's been a long day and I'm tired. So I'm doing less reading than I probably should, but I've done everything that's gotta get done for tomorrow, so that's at least ok. I'm annoyed, I bought two books for my civil procedure class, and both of them were the wrong ones! Same title, but apparently different books. Not pleased. I need to check these things more closely, apparently!

So I have four classes, and so far three of the four seem good. One of my profs got her law degree from Cal! So she's automatically cool. And for my legal writing class, we're pretending to be a law firm in San Diego (for writing memos and stuff), which I think is just super awesome. One of my profs seems terrible, and I'm really really not looking forward to sitting in the class of an overly-anal muppet talker for a semester, but oh well, nothing to do about it now. Tomorrow I only have two classes, so I'm very happy, because today was a loooooong day. I don't know about this whole getting up at 7:15 thing. It seems to be trouble. Maybe I should start drinking coffee. But caffeine doesn't really affect me that much (imagine that), so I think I'd have to drink espresso. And is my blog showing up strange for all you guys too? Like, nothing on the right hand sidebar place?

Still no name for the bird. And I saw no suggestions in the comments, people!! It wasn't a request.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


I have a bird! Obviously. I haven't named him yet, but I asked him what name he likes, and he gave a positive response to Baxter. I'm still coming up with options, though. See, I asked him to tweet when I said a name he liked, and he did when I said Baxter. And before you say it's just a coincidence, let me say that that is the only tweet he's made since I got him, so I think it's pretty obvious he liked the name. I even tested him, giving him some bad name options, and he ignored htem. He's very smart. But I'm trying to think of names in other genres, too, like Italian, historical, or literary. If you guys have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments! They'd be greatly appreciated =)

I'm ditching this place! (well, maybe for a bit)

So in October I have a week of for "writing break," aka "fall break." Undergrads just get a four-day weekend, I have the whole week, mwahaha. The Monday afterwards I have this big assignment due, that's why it's called "writing break" for 1Ls. But, I figure that as long as I'm on top of things and don't procrastinate too much. I can probably take at least half the week off to go visit people, say, perhaps in the Bay Area? Hmm? =) Like I'm gonna spend a whole week locked up in my apartment reading anyways.

And I was looking at doggies to adopt in the area, which was a dangerous idea. They even have a beagle rescue right near here! Not to mention the usual mix of dogs at regular shelters. I'm trying really hard to resist temptation and not get one til I know for sure that I'd have time for one. So I'm thinking about getting a bird instead to tide me over.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm so glad the week is over

So one of my professors sent us this link to an article about a rule against perpetuities as used in the movie Body Heat. Yes, this is apparently law school.

Today I went on a field trip, optional, and we went to the Duke Primate Center, which is the largest something-or-other of prosimians in the world. It was super cool, I got to learn about various kinds of lemurs. As we're going around, I'm thinking to myself, why am I in law school? I should be getting some kind of phD related to animals. They had some really neat things, for example, one kind is called the blue-eyed black (I believe, and they're one of only three primates to have blue eyes, the other two being a species of spidermonkey (I think) and humans. That's neat. I can't remember all the other things right now, I'm kind of hurrying. But I think I'm gonna go work for a zoo now. Or go back to my vet plan from second grade. Maybe both!

And the coolest news of all--my orientation group, turquoise, won the spirit award! I'm so excited, it's terrible. We won a dinner with a law firm, but I don't really care about the prize, I'm mostly excited that we won! We rock.

I've decided the worst part of living alone isn't the being alone, it's the having no one to tell those random things that no one cares about, but at least if you're living with someone you can tell them all the random stuff that happens. Like when you're brushing your teeth and get distracted and kinda miss the sink when you spit. You'd never call someone to tell them that, but you'd tell your roommate so you can laugh at your stupidity. Or at least I would. If that hypothetical situation ever happened to me. Oh, also, you can take turns being the designated driver. And with that, I'm off to socialize! Woo.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

First day-done!

So today I had my very first class, which was legal research and writing. I think it went well. The professor seems really nice. She did a thing to get to know the class, asked us survey questions and had us raise our hands to get to know us. One of them was, do you have a dog? Then she said, I'm a dog person, so I'm not going to ask about cats. A good sign, I think =)I already wrote my first assignment for tomorrow, but she has us write in 14-point font, so I feel a little like I'm writing a children's book about attorney malpractice.

I went to the Duke gym today, and I find it lacking. The room the aerobics classes is in is very tiny, and the class itself was subpar. Not that that'll stop me from going, I just hope some of the other classes are better.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I was talking about team spirit, and mentioned rooting for Cal (though I called it Berkeley, of course, as we must do for them). And one guy was like, who does Berkeley root for anyways, Cal? And I had to explain that they're the SAME THING. And this was not the first guy who needed this explanation, either. We need better publicity--our suspicion that people thing Berkeley is the academic institution and Cal the sports institution has been validated.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday, this week has been soooooo long. I feel like I've been driving to this law school every morning for months now. This weekend, I think I'll buy plants and a bird!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I always forget things til after I've already posted!

Two things: 1) My bedroom gets so much light in the mornings that, even with the blinds closed, I still can't sleep! And I'm not Christine, I can sleep with light in the room. But this is above and beyond normal sunlight. I think the sun is stationed right outside my window.
2) I wear contacts, but I finally got a pair of glasses as a back-up in case I have to take out my contacts for some weird reason (like I hurt my eyes or something). Liz suggested that I wear my glasses for the first part of law school to be taken more seriously. Or not talk. I was semi-offended, of course, but she may have been right--I've already had one guy ask if I was in a sorority.

Stupid html

I tried to do a post of this quiz result but the html is so jacked up, I couldn't get it to post here. Stupid thing. But the upshot is, my dominant intelligence is interpersonal intelligence: You shine in your ability to realate to and understand others.Good at seeing others' points of view, you get how people think and feel.You have an uncanny ability to sense true feelings, intentions, and motivations.A natural born leader, you are great at teaching and mediating conflict.
You would make a good counselor, salesperson, politician, or business person.
Quiz here.

So today the theme was pro-bono/public service. We heard from Darryl Hunt, a man who was incarcerated for 18 years for a murder/rape he didn't commit. His story is very sad, there was some shadiness from the investigating cops (there was a very similar crime committed while he was in jail, and they got the raped and stabbed (but still alive) woman to not press charges so he wouldn't find out about the similar crime, etc etc). So he got seriously screwed (DNA evidence eventually cleared him). But, part of the theme of his and his lawyer's talk seemed to be that there are just huge numbers of people in jail right now that are innocent. Sorry, I don't buy it. There are some people in there that shouldn't be, sure, I believe that. And I know there are organizations working to help those peopel with there are cases, like the Innocence Project. But they're not gonna convince me that the vast majority of people in there aren't guilty. So I didn't really love that talk, not because his story wasn't touching, but because I thought they were focused too much on the "huge population" of wrongly convicted people.

Afterwards we did our in-the-forest community service, which turned out to be a lot better than expected. It wasn't weed picking, but rather "surveying," or more exactly, looking for old surveying landmarks and re-markng them. We finished really early and got to leave before three! So that was yay. I came off as such a city girl, though, I was like the only one practically who didn't know what poison ivy looks like (I have a generaal idea, but I couldn't identify it when I'm surrounded by a bunch of plants, which I was in the forest!!), and I ended up making Reva shrieking noises when attacked by bugs. So I think they were kinda laughing at me. Oh well.

Oh, and one of the tech guys in his powerpoint presentation had a slide telling about himself said that he worked at Cal before, and he had a picture of the Campanile! I restrained myself from cheering, though, cause it would have been really inappropriate.

Tomorrow's my first class! Fingers crossed it goes well (I'm not too worried, it's the legal writing class, and just the first day, so I think I'll be ok).

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

There's thunder outside right now. Yay!

I don't know how orientation can be so tiring, but it is. We've spent good chunks of the day listening to speakers, some interesting, some not so interesting. One guy told a story that nobody, I mean nobody, understood what the hell he was talking about. Somebody made fun of it in a presentation today, which was funny. The best part of today was this activity we did that involved doing a bunch of cool small activites and trying to win things from them, and whichever team's things they won added up to the best package won overall. There were things like sumo wrestling and jousting (neither of which I participated in), and some other ones that are a little harder to explain. They were all vaguely tied to being a law student. One of the events was this giant inflatable slide that you had to run up one side with the little ladder/rope, and then slide down the other, and the whole team had to do it (we went in pairs, so one pair would go, then the next once they'd cleared it). It was super fun, and my team won that event! Hell yeah we did! That was pretty awesome. We were finalists, but ended up losing the overall competition. But it was subjective, not just based on numbers or anything, so I figure it's ok, we really would have won.

I'm meeting nice people, but you know, they're still strangers. I guess it's a lot to expect best friends after two days...but I miss you people =( I'm gonna have to start my "Move to North Carolina" campaign again. Oh, and my mentor (the guy from Stanfurd) is getting into town later than he thought, so I won't get to meet him at the big party thing tomorrow like everyone else is. What can you expect from someone from the Farm, eh? Oh yeah, and I met this guy from outside Toronto, and I super impressed him (no joke!) with all my Canadian knowledge. Thank you Liz!

Tomorrow we're doing community service stuff in the afternoon, and my group got assigned to plant something or other working in the Duke forest. Which would be fine in, say, November. Tomorrow, it means I'm gonna die. It's so humid outside, I just turn into a puddle. Except for my hair, which turns giant. Woe is me. I really just want classes to start, because I want to have my routine and my schedule. Right now it's always running about doing something different, I don't really have time to go to the gym or do anything else, and I don't like it :-p

Ok, no more whining, I promise. For, you know, tonight. =)

quick recap

Ok, I was gonna tell you all about my first day (and fascinating it would have been), but I didn't do it earlier, and now it's late and I'm tired. So I'll just say right quick, the people so far seem ok, some of them just ok, some better than just ok. I didn't meet anyone I can imagine becoming bff with, but it was only the first day, I suppose I have to give them a chance. But, overall positive first impression. They told us we'd have free time to pursue activities that weren't just studying, so that sounds good =) Especially since Lord knows I can't actually study that much without going nuts. Oh, one of the girls who is a third year went to Cal, and when she said it I kinda raised my hands and clapped, before I realized that that would draw a lot of attention to myself. Everyone turned and looked. Oh well, I got school spirit, that's right! Yeah. Ok, I'll tell you anything else interesting tomorrow. But the good news is, I survived, and people seemed to like me ok. =)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Good news-bad news

Apparently Tim McGraw's song I Like It, I Love It is going to be used for Monday Night Football this year during halftime recaps. Which is awesome, because it's one of my absolute favorites. The only thing is, it's going to be rewritten with new lyrics for every show, plus a new one to use on the show regularly. I generally don't like it when they change the lyrics to songs I really love, so now I'm skeptical. (This is me, skeptical.) I'll see how it goes over, but I know I'm gonna be trying to sing along with the real version, and then I'll just get disappointed that it's a bizarro version. Even if it is about football.

Sundays are spoiled by being right before Monday

Today my dad left, so I'm living in my own apartment for the first time. As in, alone. Not with Liz (or Christine in the dorms--shout out to the best roommates ever! =) ). So far it's not so bad, but it's been about three hours. So we'll see. I have my first day of orientation tomorrow, bright and early at 8:30. I really wish I lived in walking distance from school, cause I don't want to have to always worry about parking, but it's not really feasible. I will provide a full report tomorrow. I know there is at least one other Cal grad there, though--she facebooked me! Woo. She graduted a few years before us, though. But hey, maybe she wants to watch the football games with me. I still need to pick out an outfit, though--I've discovered that when I know what I'm going to wear, my getting ready time in the mornings is drastically reduced. And I want as much sleep time as possible. Damn early classes.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Making progress

Beer is quite cheap in the South, I've noticed. I approve.

And I absolutely have to send this to Blake. I'm sure he doesn't read my blog. But I know who he'll be voting for!!

My apartment is starting to look like an actual apartment now. My dad finally finished putting my desk together (it has like a million parts), I have a sofa (aka the guest bed-it's a futon), dresser, basically everything except bookshelves! It's terribly exciting. I came home tonight, and it didn't look like a total mess, but rather like I actually live here.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Are you ready for some football!!!!

I turned on the Packers-Chargers exhibition game tonight and who is quarterbacking at the very moment I turn it on but our very own Aaron Rodgers? Oh yes, he'll always be California to me, never a Packer or anybody else whose jersey he may wear. (unless it's the which case, it will be both) Anyways, as luck would have it, as soon as I turn it on they start talking about how he went 24th in the draft when talk had been going on that he'd go first, and one of the announcers said that as far as he was concerned, Aaron was a number one draft pick. Then they went on talking about his awesome stats, showed footage of some of our games last year, and talked about the USC game we SHOULD have won. They had nothing but good things to say about him, and I realize, I'm really gonna have to start watching Packers games this year. Of course, I don't know when I'm gonna do this, cause I have to watch Cal games, Cowboys games, and go to law school. Oh, my life is so rough.

And they had an interview with T.O. during halftime. He used the word belligerent--I was impressed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Day one...

I just moved into my apartment today! Woo. It's all a mess still, but I already have super cute matching stuff ;-) As my dad said, you definitely know you're in a girl's apartment!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


here's some weirdness. I'm used to looking at east coast friends on my buddy list and adding three hours mentally. But now, when I look at Cate and think, she's up late tonight, I realize that we're in the same time zone! Which is just very odd. And now I have to subtract three hours for everyone else!! I disapprove. The time stamp on this blog is now finally right again, too, since I set it to eastern time like two weeks ago.

I made it!

Wow, four days, 2500+ miles, and I'm alive in North Carolina. This was a loooong trip. But, it was more fun than I expected. I had internet at every hotel we stopped at, but frankly, by the time we got there each night, I was too tired to get online. Tonight we're at a hotel, and tomorrow I actually move into my apartment! Woo. Here are the highlights:

  • My dad went to Wal-Mart Saturday morning at 6:30am to get a new battery (I wasn't allowed to go after a joke about wearing a low-cut shirt to get faster service that apparently didn't go over well), and the store opens at 7, and there were already people in line!!!! These are sick sick bastards. I gotta say.
  • The "medium" drinks at the Dairy Queens in Texas are the size of a bathtub. I thought they gave us the extra large cups accidentally, but no.
  • The Exxon in Hope, Arkansas, has the best squeegees. And soapy water, while most places just have fairly useless plain water.
  • I have to go back to Nashville. It is sooo cool.
  • There are not one but TWO drive-through liquor stores fairly near where I used to live. And drive through like, there's a car-sized whole in the building, and your car literally drives through the building.
  • My house in Texas is smaller than I remember.
  • Trucks (ie 18 wheelers, not pickups) that have shark teeth painted on their front grill are scary as hell when you see them speeding up behind you in the rear-view mirror.
  • North Carolina has the nicest rest stops.
  • Texas has "picnic areas" that are rest stops without bathrooms. Tennessee calls them "parking areas," but they're just for trucks.
  • The more east you get, the bigger and more plentiful the trees.
  • There are some super cool things that I passed on the drive like a presidential museum (ok, that might suck, I don't know if it's a good one or not) and Civil War historical sites. I have to go back and actually see them! PS I'm a very cool person.
  • Exciting news from Bill Simmons: There's an alternate movie out there called "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy" -- same premise, different plot. Apparently they shot two subplots (with the Panda/Zoo angle being the one used for the real movie), so the alternate movie replaces the Panda/Zoo angle with the other subplot. Also, the only place you can purchase the alternate DVD separately from the real DVD is Best Buy. So there you go.
  • I need to buy a TV, ASAP!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Moving out

My sad empty room. All the drawers are empty, the furniture just stays there for show when the house is for sale. =( (It just occurred to me a few days ago that I never get to come back to this house again...that kinda sucks)

You know that phrase...

...if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans? Yeah, so true. My room is finally all packed up, and today my dad spent all this time getting as much as possible fit into the car. He's a master at that, btw. Anyways, at 8pm tonight, my mom and I get into the car to go to my grandparents', so I can say goodbye, and the car won't start. Yup, the battery died. It was fine this morning when I used the car, but somehow it decided the night before we left would be a good time to go on strike. So we're going at 7am tomorrow, when Wal-Mart opens, to get a new battery. Hopefully that won't set us back too much time, but if we left at 7 we were already going to get to El Paso at it's not ideal.

I watched Anchorman again today, because really, after reading Bill Simmons' quotes, I had to. Part two is up, btw. And yes, he did miss out on some prime quotes. But, he also had so many great ones, we forgive. Even Jonah noticed the piece! So you know it's good.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee!

Bill Simmons' latest column has him taking Anchorman quotes and using them to give out awards to various NBA personalities/teams/actions etc. He had just been complaining about how there are no rewatchable movies anymore, when he discovered Anchorman, and realized, it's fan-tastic! And highly rewatchable. I have to say, seeing as it's on HBO every half-hour now, I must agree. Even if you don't care about the NBA, the column is fun to read because he's got little bits of commentary about the movie in there, too. The above quote wasn't in the column, which is unforgivable unless he uses it in part two tomorrow, which I suppose would be ok. Actually, he left out a lot of funny ones, but I guess when you're trying to pick out the shiniest pieces of gold from a treasure chest, sometimes it gets tricky. (I'll give him til part two...)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Go Bears!

I got my mentor assigned for law school. I had to fill out this big form, naming favorite movies, adjectives describing me, etc etc, so they could match me with someone with whom I'd mesh well. Anyways, I got my mentor assigned to me, and I'd said that someone from the same school as me (Cal) would be my first choice, and you know who they assigned me to? Somebody from Stanfurd!!! That's right, Stanfurd. He seems really nice so far, so we'll see, perhaps this could work out ok...maybe he'll go see Cal games with me! ;-)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm contributing here!

I've just been informed that I've used more cell minutes this past month than the rest of my family combined. I'd rather think of it like, I'm doing my best not to waste all those minutes we're paying for anyways!

Monday, August 01, 2005


Apparently my Real Rhapsody account, which I had through Cal, expired. Nice of them to let me know ahead of time :-p

Facebook me! ...Again

I created a new Facebook account for Duke since, as Kevin pointed out, otherwise I can't see the profiles of my new classmates! I didn't want to change my Berkeley account, so I just made the new one. Anyways, so far the only three people I have as friends are listed as neither Duke people nor Berkeley people! Candace (SF State), Kevin (who has it for his grad school, Maryland), and my friend Ashley (who goes to WVU). I find that funny.

Last night I was watching Pet Star on Animal Planet, and wow, those are some smart pets! The lady who was just putting her rats in her mouth and calling it a dental exam, not so much those. But dogs who can balance on one leg, dogs who can do math, parrots who can sing complete songs or do all kinds of sound effects on command--it's very impressive! We've told our puppy she needs to learn something cooler than "lie down" if she's ever gonna make it in Hollywood.