Sunday, December 31, 2006

Honor Code Violation!

So I was working on my Note, sadly, and I read an Alaska Supreme Court case and then I read a Washington Supreme Court case on the same subject, and as I read the Washington case, I noticed that the format of the opinions in one particular part were almost identical! And some sentences were literally almost the exact same thing! I mean, how accidental does the similarity between these two sentences look:

"As for proposition (2), a strong showing on one prong should not overcome a deficiency in the other prong."

"As for proposition (2), a strong showing on one prong should not be considered to overcome a deficiency in the other prong. "

The Alaska Supreme Court totally copied the Washington Supreme Court! 706 P.2d 317 and 102 Wn.2d 432, in case you're interested (Eric, I'm looking at you!). I kind of want to put a footnote about it in my note, but maybe that would be bad, especially since I am supposed to meet the Alaska Court in March. Although I'm sure it's the clerks, not the judges themselves. Kind of bad to bite the hand that feeds you, I guess. But I had to spread the news! Honor code violation!

Friday, December 29, 2006

I love thunder and lightning

My town is under a tornado warning right now. Exciting! Now I remember what life was like when we lived here all those years ago. Although in that house, we had a much smaller windowless closet to hide in for the worst case scenario...there are big rooms in this house, which is good, since there are seven of us here right now. Not that that will be necessary, I'm sure.

On the plus side, I finally started writing my Note today, and I'm on page 4! Progress is being made, finally! Only 26 pages to go.

Update: Page 6 now! Hooray! Total crap, but whatever, page 6! And I think the storm has mostly passed.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

More puppy pics!

Merry Christmas, eastern time! (We still have an hour to go here.) Just because it's so cute, I have to show you a picture of new puppy Sophie asleep cuddled up with my mom: And here's Natasha sprawled out and exhausted on the couch:

Why was she exhausted, you ask? Because she just decimated her new Christmas chew toy (a hamburger, once upon a time):

Our poor dogs, their lives are so hard.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bah humbug

Have I mentioned that I'm sick? Because I am, and it's not very fun. Ever since I got mono last spring, I'm always a little worried I'm gonna get that again, even though once you've had it you're done, like with chicken pox. Anyways, I can't breathe, can't sleep, and it's very not fun. Of course, this is a good excuse not to start working on my paper (my head hurts too much...really it does), but that's giving me minor panic attacks now, because it's due January 10th, and I haven't even finished my research, and it's almost Christmas and then my bf is going to be here for a while after that and then before I know it, it's time to go back to school and I'm screwed! I'm just not a last-minute paper person, and it's worrying me.

On the plus side, I sort of finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, so at least I don't have to make my way out in the craziness tomorrow (and didn't have to today, either).

Friday, December 22, 2006

Insane Cuteness

We have a giant hole in our backyard where our pool-in-progress is, so of course when we take the new puppy out she can't be let loose. We keep her on a long leash so she can meander, but not too far. Well, we had her and Natasha out at the same time, and Natasha decided that she could lead Sophie around just fine! So she grabbed her leash and led her all over the yard. It was, as the title suggests, insanely, cute, and I got a picture of it so you can see I'm telling the truth:

SNL has such power

The rape charges were dropped! And she doesn't even know if she was penetrated??? What kind of madness was Mike Nifong trying to bring to the courts? And then on the news, some Durham defense attorney was still arguing that this was a sound case and should have been brought to trial anyway. Some people never learn, I guess.

Oh, and I was so desperate for exercise yesterday that I actually ran on a treadmill...scary.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New family member!

Well, we've got someone new to the family! Today we brought home a new dog, who, after much MUCH discussion, we've named Sophie:She's a chocolate lab, about four months old (they weren't exactly sure at the shelter). She just got spayed today, so when we took her home she was all out of it still...there's nothing cuter than a dog still feeling the affects of anesthesia! Actually, it worked out well because it let Natasha investigate her without having Sophie jumping all over her and freaking her out. Speaking of Natasha, in the interest of fairness, here's a shot of the new big sister:

Monday, December 18, 2006

This was a good week for SNL!

Amy Poehler laid the smackdown on Mike Nifong this week as Nancy Grace:

I think this is pretty great--I don't know how much people who don't actually go to Duke have been following the case, but it's completely ludicrous what has happened, and I'm glad even SNL is making fun of this DA now. Good times!

Speaking of good times, if you want some SNL hilarity, here's something else from this week's show, a digital short as good (if not better!) than the Chronicles of Narnia one from last year...but it's "colorful humor," so be prepared (relatives of mine):

Saturday, December 16, 2006

We can't *watch* the news during class, after all!

Does anyone else find it really annoying the way has a fair number of stories that are only video? I mean, I'd like to find out what happened to the drunk man that fell asleep on a live railway track, but I don't want to watch a whole video about it! Take a note, CNN--promote literacy!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Good research

I don't get too much spam on my school account, just a little bit here and there, but the stuff I find most annoying is when they send emails designed to look like they're from a real business with whom you have an account, and then they tell you that someone's been trying to get into it, they need to reset your password, etc, and "click on this link!" to do it. Scammers. Usually they do it for places that I don't actually have an account with, so it's not exactly hard to tell it's not real, but one sent ostensibly from my bank concerned me briefly, until I noticed that they had me as having last logged in during September, which I knew was not true since I'd paid my bills and all since then. And then they sent me another one, which I found highly amusing, because of the date they used:

Due to the number of incorrect login attempts, your [bank] Account has been locked for your security on 14/12/2006.

Either they can't figure out that we don't have 14 months in a year, or they're European and have forgotten that American banks (especially American banks with the name America in them) don't use that style of date. So, good work guys.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stupid #$*(%#)(

You know what's so annoying? When you're doing something and you know if you mess up, it'll be permanently messed up, so you're super careful and you finish without making any mistakes, and you're all proud of yourself...and then at the very end, you realize you did something totally stupid, like the whole thing is backwards. Yeah, that's not fun. Argh.

Killing time

I'm sitting in the classroom waiting for my last exam to begin, and I'm so ready to be free. Adam has a great recap of our IP exam last night, btw. I totally forgot to mention what a pompous piece of work it was--just like our professor. At least I'm never doing IP again in my life--what a mistake that class was. But it's over and done with, and in about four hours I'll be free of criminal procedure, too! Although I actually like that class, it's interesting material.

I think CNN is trying to help me study, they have this story about the "Playstation murder case" getting dismissed because of a paperwork error. My class doesn't cover the grand jury part, but it does the actual arrest. In this situation, they used a battering ram because police thought it would be dangerous when serving the arrest warrant, and they also shot and killed the suspect's dog--we have cases about both of those things! How convenient.

Ok, time to get ready.

Ha, I just noticed my title...I wrote that before I found the CNN story.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I can see the finish line from here

Two exams down, one to go. Today was yet another that I have no idea how I did. It's funny, one friend said it's the hardest exam that he's taken at law school, and another said it was not that bad, pretty fair overall. I guess we'll see who was right when we get grades back...

Tomorrow is my last one, and I've had a really hard time studying for it today! I'm tired. Too bad it's another morning exam, I could use that time to review my notes. But then I'll be done and free and happy =)

Hope everyone else's exams etc are going well...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

This was a very poor choice of classes

So apparently a guy in Chicago shot his lawyers because he didn't get a patent. I'm thinking that I should refuse to take my IP exam on Tuesday, because frankly the last thing I'd want to die over is patents, of all things. That seems like a reasonable excuse--I'll talk to my professor, I'm sure he'll understand.

California vocabulary

From the Sports' Guy's monthly NFL power poll (and this part is unrelated to football):

23. San Fran
My buddy Hopper says that I'm not allowed to call the 49ers "San Fran" anymore because it makes the locals angry. Whatever.

It's true, people. "Frisco" too, it's just wrong. Take a mental note.


Last night it was about 23 degrees outside, and tonight the low is 20. 20! This is not right. And if it is going to be so cold, it might as well snow! (As long as I don't have to drive anywhere, that would be a disaster.)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bye bye tax

Well, yesterday's tax exam is over, and I have no idea how I did. That's really annoying, especially since I know that material. I actually do! I don't like the thought of getting a crappy grade when I actually know the stuff...but what can you do. I was watching the movie Philadelphia last night (which I'd never seen before), and when they were reading the jury award at the end, I was thinking about how much Tom Hanks can take as an above-the-line deduction for attorney's fees (which is actually different now than it was at the time of the movie, he couldn't have gotten it then)! And how since they didn't allocate anything for medical expenses, he can get the double deduction for that. Maybe I should email that to my professor as a supplement to my exam. Of course, during the opening credits of the movie when they were showing shots of the city, I did briefly think to myself, I wonder what city this is? Then I, you know, remembered the title of the movie.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

They're so helpful

Here's Baxter trying to grab me a highlighter to use while I'm studying.

And here's Charlie making sure my printer cord is plugged in all the way (while Baxter moves over from one side to the other, trying to balance on the highlighters, so cute).

I'm so fortunate to have such good helpers. If only this would translate into good grades.

Disaster is looming

I feel like I should run for Congress, simply on a tax platform. There are a lot of bad things out there that need to be changed! I knew so nothing about taxes before this class, it's pathetic. Did you all know that there is something called the Alternative Minimum Tax, so if your regular tax burden gets low enough thanks to various deductions etc, then you get kicked into this whole other parallel tax universe? I had no idea. And it's screwing over the middle class! It's not adjusted for inflation, there's no exemptions if you have a lot of kids, or home mortgage interest, or any of those important things! It's estimated that by 2010, 75% of people in the $75,000-$100,000 tax bracket will be paying it, too! least I'll know that much for the exam on Thursday.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I love this show

I suddenly have an incredible urge to go see Les Miserables. (Thanks to Adam for the link)

Seriously people, you need to start watching HIMYM. With these actors, how could it NOT be hilarious?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Andy's ringtone of Bye Bye Bye rocks...and if you know why, then you rock too!

Well, Friday was my last day of class for the semester! Which means I'm well into finals study mode, and while for undergrad I actually used paper and pens, now I'm on the computer for about 11 hours a day. My eyes are killing me, I'm going to be blind by the time Christmas rolls around. That's the problem with taking notes on your computer I guess, and then using those notes to make an outline...on the computer. Argh.

But that's not the biggest problem, the going blind. The worst part about it is that Microsoft Word is possessed by a devil that refuses to format correctly for me when I'm doing my outlines! Seriously, I just want it to automatically do the I. or A. or 1. or whichever it is I'm doing at the moment, but it refuses. It changes my C. to a B. for no apparent reason, it moves my 2 to a 4, and spacing is all over the page! The worst is when I'm starting a new big topic, so I do roman numeral I, but it thinks I'm saying the letter I, and it refuses to listen to me and switch it back! Because for some reason when I write "I" it changes it to a "J," and if I toggle with the settings to make it understand it's a roman numeral, not a letter, then it makes it a II or a IV! Every time, a II or IV, I don't understand. Why would I write "I" if I wanted "IV??" The upshot is, I hate it and want it to drown.

But hooray for good football this week! Cal won Big Game, and how about that 55-yard field goal! UCLA beat USC, which was beyond fantastic--we're at the Holiday bowl, so they can just go cry about not getting to be in the national championship! And today the Cowboys won again, with our new kicker and everything (would Vanderjagt have made that last kick? Sorry, but the way he's been playing...doubtful). Sadly I didn't get to watch the game because I was working of fed tax...never ending fed I had to settle for the recap.

Speaking of fed tax, I've actually learned some interesting things this semester. Maybe it's because I knew absolutely nothing about taxes before this class, but man, there's a lot of important rules out there. I may share some of them with you all at some point when I want procrastinate, but still call it studying time (it counts if I'm posting about class!).

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Everyone has plans tonight!

And those plans are, Scrubs premiere, 9pm on NBC. Be there!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Have a happy Holiday

Well, we're back at the Holiday Bowl this year. It's too bad that my parents moved from San Diego, because then I'd be able to go to the game otherwise--it's like 20 minutes from my house! Oh well, I guess tv it is for me. Last time I went, we were so pissed about Texas screwing us over that we completely blew the game. Let's hope that Tedford helps us keep our heads in the game better this time around. Good finish for the year, lay the groundwork for next year's season of awesomeness. Maybe it's for the best that we didn't make it to the Rose Bowl this year, since I wouldn't have been able to go, and I NEED to go when we finally make it back there. I guess we're just waiting for the perfect time.

Yay for being 23

Happy birthday Christine!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Man was not meant to live there!!

Ok, I exaggerate abotu weather a lot, but really, this is insane. I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I'm on the Alaska Law Review, and part of our deal is that we get to go to Alaska for spring break (which would be in March, of course). We go to different cities, and I'm pretty sure at least one person went to Barrow last year. I clicked on the weather chart and they have a cool "what to wear in what season" graphic. But look at this!! The only difference between spring, summer, fall, and winter is that in summer you're allowed walking shoes instead of insulated boots!!! And the average HIGH in March is -10 degrees!! Seriously, not meant for people to inhabit that land, I'm convinced. I'm going to Anchorage. That's crazy enough in March.

I now know where I'll be this summer!

Well, I officially have my job for the summer! Or jobs, I should say. I finally picked where I'm going to be, and I'm splitting between DC and Dallas so I don't have to make up my mind yet =) I'm working 8 weeks in DC and then 6 in Dallas, for a total of 14 weeks, also known as my entire summer vacation. I tried to work it out so I wouldn't be working literally the entire summer, but alas, it did not work. So that's not going to be ideal, but oh well. I'm happy it all worked out though, I had to get permission from the Dallas firm to come the second half, which they don't usually let you do. Apparently it'll just be me and one other person, with 20+ people coming the first half! So it will be interesting, but it might be kind of nice after spending what I'm sure will be a very busy 8 weeks in DC.

You know what kind of sucks? When you're supposed to have an outline of a big paper-type thing due on December 1, and they tell you this on August 31, but literally make no more mention of it until three days before it's due, and that's only because someone finally asked the editor about it. And then adhering to the deadline as a hard and fast rule, claiming all of that advance notice. Well, be prepared for total crap, completely hypothetical editor, because that's all your hypothetical 2Ls will be giving you. So glad we have you to help us out. (And no, this is not for a class. This is extra bonus work. So please, no comments about how I have to keep track of my schedule better. None of us are anywhere near ready to write this thing.)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Bye bye vacation

Back in class...good times! Well, it's good because this is the last week, in any case =) I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, I had a good time up in West Virginia. The weather cooperated and was unusually warm. I was still cold, of course, but I'd much rather have the days be in the 50s than in the 30s! Isaac found a super good deal on a TV at Circuit City that was going on sale the day after Thanksgiving, but they only had 15 for sale, so we went crazy and got there at 3:30 am, for the store opening at 5 am, in order to get it. And by the time we arrived, there were already 100 people in front of us! It was insane. Luckily they handed out vouchers for the tv, and due to some lucky loitering, we got one of them, so the waiting was not for naught! By the time the store opened, there were a good 400-500 people waiting in line--not exaggerating. It took about an hour to make it through the line to check out, it was so crowded and they were so poorly organized. After that, we went to Target, and then crashed at 8am, dead tired. It was a fruitful shopping expedition, but I would not do it again, not unless there was another crazy good deal like on the tv. This is us freezing outside of Circuit City at about 4:15 am:

I spent the last half-hour of waiting dancing around in place, because I didn't wear socks over my stockings underneath my boots, so my toes were pretty much frozen. Eventually they warmed up, though!

My favorite picture from the trip, however, is from the small zoo we went to visit, where I made friends with a goat:

It took three tries to get that picture just right! He was a very friendly goat =)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I drove through Brad Paisley's hometown!

Greetings from West Virginia! Posting will be light because there is just dial-up internet here, but while I'm waiting for the Robin Sparkles video "Lets Go To The Mall" to load, I thought I'd check in. (PS--watch the video. Especially Liz, it's about Canadians. How I Met Your Mother is so wonderful.) It's exceedingly cold up here (and by exceedingly I mean high 30s/40s today, which is exceedingly to me), but very nice. And this part of WV is right next to Ohio and Pennsylvania, so it's funny how your local movie theater can be in another state. Things we don't experience in California that much! Anyway, just wanted to say hello and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope a nice holiday (and break from school/work) is had by all =)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Over the river and through the woods...

It's almost Thanksgiving! Thank goodness, I'm so tired of class. It was much easier getting up this morning knowing that I only have two days of class to make it through this week =) I'm actually not going home this year, for the first time ever! I'm going to WV with my bf instead, which is kind of sad because that means I won't get to see my family and help put up the Christmas tree, but I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun in WV too =) And it's going to be cold, but not snowstorm cold, so that's good, because even though snow is pretty, there's be a good chance I'd freeze to death.

I've had to restrain myself from putting up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, too. I really wanted to, but it seems a little ridiculous...even though I won't actually be here all the way to Christmas (of course), and so the decorations get more limited time anyway... But no, I'm waiting patiently. Plus now it's too late to do it, since we're leaving midday tomorrow (driving up) for Thanksgiving. So next week, it's Christmas decoration time! I actually did a lot last year when I lived by myself, so I think now that I have a roommate (and a whole townhouse to work with), I'll have to do even more. Yay!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I know you're all on pins and needles waiting to hear what happened

Ok, that was a long day. We won all of our games, made it to the finals, and for the finals, it didn't matter who won, we were both going to the big spring tournament. However, instead of just going home like sane people, we decided (and by we I mean other people on my team) to play a fifth game. The compromise was that it was one game instead of two, which we'd have had to do in order to actually win since it was a double elimination tournament and they hadn't lost yet. But we won that last game again, and after five nonstop hours of softball, I'm home! Too bad we didn't play all of these games last weekend, it was gorgeous weather, and today it was pretty cold in the morning and again when the sun started to go down. But it was a good time, we accomplished what we set out to. I even managed to catch a ball "right in the babymaker," as one of my teammates put it, that bounced up from the ground right as I was going to grab it. But I still made the out, so I was happy!

Ok, time for football and maybe work...oh, and food, definitely food!

I like softball...just slightly less when it runs straight from 11am-5pm, though

Our softball team is very good this year, and we've actually only lost one game. Sadly, that one game came at the worst time, in the opening round of our big tournament to get to the huge multi-school tournament that UVA holds every year in the spring. As such, we got sent to the losers' bracket, and have to play six straight games today. Six is a lot of games, let me tell you! And without a break. It was supposed to be seven, and we'd be starting at 9am, but luckily our competition forfeited (thank God!) so now we don't play til 11am (our one break in the day was the 10-11 slot). It's going to be a long day.

Also, does anyone else think it's retardedly overdramatic that has a "Judgment Day Countdown" leading to the Ohio-Michigan game? I mean, sure, big important game, but countdown worthy? And countdown called Judgment Day, no less? And this isn't just me being bitter that no on cares about Cal-USC now because of the disastrous week of which we WILL NOT SPEAK. I just think it's a bit much.

Ok, softball time!

Monday, November 13, 2006

No Religion, No Problems?

Elton John has a brilliant idea for how to make society better. Luckily, South Park has already warned us what could happen if we try it...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Law in action!

Well we knew this was coming. Dumbasses.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day After Election Day

Well the whole reason I registered here in Durham is for naught. The bad DA was reelected! It's a story we've heard before--a third candidate ran (here, a Republican running as a write-in candidate), and it split the vote, so more people DIDN'T vote for Nifong than did, but it was split between the two candidates and so the DA got reelected. Sigh.

At least Arnold got reelected!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


On Sunday (or whatever day), I was flipping through the stations and saw the last 10 minutes of an episode of Will & Grace which featured guest star Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney from How I Met Your Mother, aka Doogie Howser. He was playing a formerly gay man who had been "fixed" by some organization, and Jack was trying to bring him back to the gay side. Good times.

Then later that day, again flipping through channels, and I watched a few minutes of E!'s "What Hollywood Taught Us About Sex" or something like that, and they were doing a segment on gays and lesbians in tv and movies, and when they talked about Will & Grace, they showed clips of that same episode! And only that episode, too, not a medley. Very odd...

And then that night, we find out that NPH is gay! What are the odds there?

Also, when my friends and I were at that knife class, we were talking about law school stuff (of course) and at one point we were saying how much constitutional law sucks in general, and the woman next to me said, oh no, don't say that, I'm a con law professor! Luckily not at Duke, but still, that's weird!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Thanksgiving needs to get some decorations and songs so we don't skip straight to Christmas

Did you know that the Bible includes the term malice aforethought?

This is the rule concerning the man who kills another and flees there to save his life--one who kills his neighbor unintentionally, without malice aforethought...Otherwise, the avenger of blood might pursue him in a rage, overtake him if the distance is too great, and kill him even though he is not deserving of death, since he did it to his neighbor without malice aforethought.

I got confused, thought I was hearing the MPC there for a minute. Augh!!

Two of my friends and I went to a knife skills class yesterday. Just cooking knife skills, don't worry. It was kind of cool, we learned what a good knife is, how to do some fancy type cutting, and then tips for different kind of vegetables. It was a little simpler than we would have liked, but hey, if I ever have to Julienne potatoes, now I'm prepared! Of course, that is probably never going to happen, but still, I'm ready.

If I go to a sports bar to watch a Cal football game, I don't expect it to turn into a nightclub at 10:30pm. I don't care if you have "Club Varsity" every weekend, you don't own a bar with 20 televisions and the sound boxes, and then turn off peoples' football games before they're done! So Varsity Alehouse, you can suck it. Too bad the better place to watch games went out of business (the TVs were good, but the food was bad). Oh, and we're now officially ranked higher than our preseason ranking, lol. Finally moved up!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

And to think I used to hate pink when I was little

My softball glove went missing a couple of weeks ago, I have no idea where it ran away too. I've had it since eighth grade, so it was pretty old and ratty, but I liked it. I borrowed gloves for a couple of weeks but when it stayed disappeared, I broke down and got a new one. I joked that I wanted a pink one...but I found one!

It's not all pink, of course, that would be overkill...just pink enough to be pretty =) And sure enough, when I played with it at our tournament on Sunday, I played well! I think it's the pink. I just need a pink bat now to complete my softball ensemble.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My mom is hilarious

After reading my blog updates, she e-mailed me to tell me:

You are the cutest slutty pumpkin!

She cracks me up =)

Monday, October 30, 2006

We don't have a mob boss, but we're smart!

Ok, I know I'm posting eight million things today...think of it as making up for last week and the next week when I take an accidental vacation from posting. Adam has one of the Rutgers commercials up on his site, so I of course have to put up my favorite Cal commercial. This is the one they used last year...I wish they kept it, the one they have now is no different from any other college commercial (except for the UConn one...that's a new level of bad--see Adam's post).

Of course, a more useful commercial would probably be one informing the general populace that Cal is the same thing as UC Berkeley, but whatever.

Speaking of Cal football has an interview (thanks Matt) with Marshawn Lynch and Robert Jordan (who are cousins, nifty!) and even the interviewer is a Cal alum! He said he and his wife, another Cal alum, have already indoctrinated their three kids...mwahahaha! It's a fun interview, gotta love the Bears, but there was one disturbing part:

Silver: Last thing -- what was up with those horrendous neon-yellow jerseys you guys wore against Oregon, and will we be seeing them again?

Jordan: I'm pretty sure you will before the season is out. I like 'em.

Lynch: Me too. They're shinin'. It's something new. Maybe for the Big Game.

Now I'm worried about their judgment! This is not a good uniform:

Maybe one too many hits to the head...get those guys an MRI!

Yay for being on ABC on Saturday!

I like how Cal wins last week, and goes down a spot, but has a bye this week and manages to go up. Top 10 baby! College football is nuts. Next week is UCLA, which means I have to guilt my parents into not actively rooting for their alma mater. Definitely doable.

Also, who saw that Cowboys game last night? I know my friend Brandon did, becuase he was going to Charlotte for the game and I distinctly remember some smacktalking on his part. I wish he actually read my blog so he could hear me say HA! to him. And also ha to my friend who was making fun of Tony Romo--I said it before, I'm willing to give him a chance and let him settle into the role of quarterback. Nate Longshore used the Tennessee game to settle in and find his rhythm, and look at him now! Romo's made a lot of headway in just a game in a half, so I have faith he's going to be a much better choice for us than Bledsoe (sorry guy...time to retire and spend time with your kids).


Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are splitting up! I'm heartbroken. Seriously, Reese is my girl! Christine has Drew Barrymore, Liz has Julia Stiles, and I have Reese! This is terrible. I guess this paragraph refers to me:

Although Monday's announcement was unexpected, particularly for believers in the Hollywood happy ending, rumors of marital strife have dogged the twosome for years.

Well I'm sorry for being such a sucker, but I really thought they'd be fine. Sigh.

Oh, and my congressman might run for president. But whatever.

Me? I'm just a homesteader

Since I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera (as you can tell from the post below), I have that picture that I mentioned previously as wanting to post about. Remember how I said I switched my voter registration to Durham? Well, as I was filling out the form, I noticed that the North Carolina one is very different from the California form (the only other one I've seen, of course). In particular, my favorite part of the form is this section here (click to enlarge):

In case you can't see, it's a picture of an intersection, with the words "If you do not have a street number, or if you have no address, please show on the map where you live."

Maybe I'm the only one who finds this hilarious, but this cracks me up. We don't really have this on the California voter registration cards...

And it's not even November yet!

Halloween has come and gone at Duke Law, I've already gone to two parties and I'm done! Good times were had at The Barn (yes, our law school halloween party is at a place called The Barn...we're in North Carolina) on Saturday, and thanks to daylight savings time (which I hate and want to get rid of, and make it permanently spring forward) I got an extra hour of sleep before our softball tournament on Sunday, which we won--back-to-back champions! Here's a pic of some of us from Halloween (sorry it's dark):

I'm the slutty pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother! I don't think most people got the reference, though. They probably thought I was an ORDINARY slutty pumpkin, but nope, I was a special one!

Just for fun, here's the picture of my softball team with our trophy:

Go Fourplay!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I just learned not to get your jury award allocated between future medical expenses and non-medical expenses, so you can deduct the entire award

Scrubs is coming back!!! (Hat tip, Adam) Thank goodness, I'm going through the season 4 DVDs right now, and they are just pure awesomeness. I need new episodes! I don't know why NBC treats Scrubs so poorly...they don't deserve to get kicked in the teeth every darn season.

This morning on Sports Center, they were talking about Tony Romo starting for the Cowboys against the Panthers. There was some sort of nationwide poll, and they had one of those election-style maps, with the states colored red or blue depending on who they wanted to start, Tony Romo or Drew Bledsoe. The ENTIRE COUNTRY (save for a couple of neutral states) said Drew Bledsoe...except for Texas and Oklahoma. I guess I really do belong in Texas, because I agree it's time to give Romo a chance. And I think it's good Parcells decided to go with him, too, since all of his fans think that is the right choice, lol.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm pretty sure he's a 65 year old woman

In case you were wondering, yes, Adam CAN sing the entire Golden Girls theme song. And yes, he felt the need to do this in IP.

Not even worth a title

Sometimes if I don't post for a while, then I feel so far behind that I just don't want to post at all, it's too much to make up. That's why I've been avoiding it the last couple of days. That, and I don't have anything to post...or at least, the only specific thing I want to post involves getting a picture off my camera, which I haven't done yet, so it has to wait.

I'm still working on my costume for Halloween...We have the big law school party on Saturday, and my friend is having one on Thursday, too (which I'm sort of helping host, in a manner of speaking, lol), so I'm running out of time! I was going to be a fairy because I already have the wings, but then I found the necessary items to make my dream costume come true (well, dream of the last year anyway), so now I'm working on that instead. I'll post pics probably from the parties, eventually.

Ok, I've posted I'll be able to get back into regular posting.

Oh, and I didn't hear my alarm go off this morning (sometimes if the reception isn't quite right, nothing plays, so there's nothing to hear...damn clock). I woke up at 9:25, but I still made it on time to my 9:55 class! I'm impressive, I know.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More evidence that dogs are superior to cats

An disabled woman's cat set her house on fire. Then her heroic dog not only brought the disabled woman her prosthetic leg and the phone, so she could call 911, but then the dog (after helping the woman escape) went BACK into the house in order to save the pyromaniac cat. And the poor dog never made it out of the house. Good thing all dogs go to heaven.

Spreading the gospel

When we were driving back up to Durham from Atlanta, we were looking for a place to stop for lunch around Greenville, SC, when I saw a sign for Jack in the Box! I got very excited and so we ended up going there. No one I was in the car with (Eric, Adam, or a girl who drove with us and goes to Central) had ever been there before, so I got to introduce three new people to the deliciousness! Of course, they all liked it. That's one of the closest Jack in the Boxes to us here in Durham (the closest being Charlotte I think). But it's funny, the people out here haven't ever seen the commercials even! I think it's a shame, because they're pretty funny, especially if you're comparing them to the general ads out there (ie taking beer commercials out of the pool).

Here's a couple of commercials to enjoy (not the best ones, but I had to work with youtube here):

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I went to Atlanta for an ABA conference, and the below post is from this weekend trip--I shared a room with Adam and Eric (two of my friends here), who also had to go to the conference. That's why I know that Adam talks in his sleep. And no matter what he says, it's DEFINITELY true.

Also, Cal going down to 11 in the polls is complete bs. I'm VERY unhappy!

I hear the secrets that you keep...

Adam talks in his sleep. And it's complete gibberish too. But loud gibberish.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where oh where is my domicile now?

I finally did it...I changed my voter registration today. I wouldn't have done it at all, would have kept it in San Diego, but we have a really terrible DA here who's up for reelection and I felt forced to help kick him out of office (because I can't complain if I didn't vote!). And I suppose technically I didn't have a good reason to stay registered in San Diego...considering my parents have moved and I no longer have a house there. But it hurt, oh it hurt. Next to go will be my California license and my California license plates next summer. Not by my choice, but because my license will expire ON MY BIRTHDAY next year (on my birthday? Who woulda thought it...right, Weirdness?). Sadness of my heart.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Patience is Rewarded

I have mentioned the show How I Met Your Mother here before as a pretty cool show (even if Adam, Andy and I are the only ones who watch it), but it hit a new level of amazing on Monday. In this episode, 3L Marshall is at a law school party. I tell you, it's as if the writers looked into our very souls, and put it right onto the screen. I'd been waiting to talk about it here because I knew without seeing it for yourselves, you wouldn't understand what it's really like. But my patience has been rewarded, as some geniuses at YouTube have put up the clip that I wanted! I caution all future law students to watch and think long and hard, whether you want THIS to be what your life is from now on. Because you'll never be normal again. (Ok, for the record, Isaac says that this clip is not at all what he and his friends are like, so maybe it depends on who you hang out with, but I'd say it's definitely a fair representation of what at least some of us go through, and Adam agrees with me. We felt violated, like our dirty secret has been shared with the whole world now. It's sad. Now you know how pathetic we are.)

Fast forward in this clip to 7:52 to get to the pertinent part (and ignore the brief "Ted Moseby, Architect" part), and watch it til about 10:10. (If you're really really lazy, you can just go here and watch just the law school party part, but it's crappy quality and doesn't have the entire thing.)

Yeah...that's law school.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Roll on you Bears!

Gonna get knocked around by Oregon, huh? Going to get our asses handed to us as soon as we play a real team? Well, HA!!

It's funny, the announcers on tv were talking about how Nate Longshore had been saying before the game that it would be all about defense today, and the announcers were laughing and saying, yeah, no offense, but I doubt it. And then on the first play of the game, interception!

I am disturbed that Nate Longshore leaves tickets for Jessica Simpson at every game...I mean, the leaving tickets part is fine, but he needs to pick somebody better to be obsessed with. How about Rachel McAdams? I love her.

The uniforms were truly terrible. I was worried that they'd make us lose, but even though they didn't, we still need to get rid of them right away. I tried to put up one of the pics here, but when I right click, a box pops up that says "copyright image"...and I'm reading IP right now! I can't escape it.

I like this last paragraph of the game article, not because I'm glad it's true, but just because that's who we are:

Tedford has turned Cal into a football power -- but it's still Cal. Cosmologist George F. Smoot, who won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday, was introduced before the game to the cheering student section, which chanted "Nobel Prize! Nobel Prize!"

Yeah...sad but true.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I guess money is money...

Speaking of tv actors who have fallen on hard times...I was watching tv and on an advertisement for a local attorney who "fights for injured people against insurance adjusters," guess who is playing the shady insurance adjuster? David Leisure. Now, probably no one knows who that is...he was on Empty Nest, which is where I think of him as being from, but really he's one of "those guys," you know, that you recognize but have no idea really from where. Still, sad for him. It's not even a real company, like Domino's, it's some local attorney!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Apparently I'm not the only one tired of hearing about the Tennessee game:

It doesn't matter that the Bears since then have clubbed four consecutive opponents with an average margin of victory of nearly 27 points.

"I've never seen such a hangover from one game," normally unflappable coach Jeff Tedford said with no small degree of exasperation.

Seriously! Time to move on, people. One game doesn't make or break a season--and given the fact that we've won our games by an average margin of almost 27 points since then, I'd say it's safe to agree with the Arizona State coach who said "[t]he Tennessee game was an anomaly."

In other news, have I mentioned that I'm officially done with my interviews? Last Tuesday (also my brother's and grandpa's birthday--20 and 88, in case you were wondering) I did my last DC trip, and now I'm free! It's funny, I was thinking about what I had to do after bowling yesterday, and when I realized that I didn't actually have to go pack for another trip, I felt like I had the whole world open up for me! Oh, and speaking of what I did after bowling, did anyone watch Lost last night?? Good season opener, but man do I have more questions than ever. But yes, done with interviews, and now I have a couple of months (yay!) to decide where I want to go...including the big question of which city, DC or Dallas.

Fall break starts today at 5pm...this wonderful east coast invention of a week off for no reason in the fall. I love it! I'm not even planning on going anywhere this time (except a conference in Atlanta the second weekend), I'm just looking forward to staying home and catching up on everything I've been ignoring for the last month.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I just saw a guy in my IP class who looks like Dinosaur! My first thought was, is that Dinosaur asking a question? And then I realized that Dinosaur was from freshman year at Foothill, and in not in fact at law school, lol. So I'm sure only two people who read this know who I'm talking about, but still, a Dinosaur look-alike! Except more normal--he's not eating a loaf of bread and salad with his hands right now.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Home Sweet Home

My parents bought a house! Finally (I'm not being mean about it, but it did take a while...lots of very careful looking)...I've only seen the outside, but it looks pretty nice, and it's literally almost twice as big as our house in San Diego (which wasn't that small to start with). Ah, Texas real estate. No wonder I'm looking at firms there!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

On the road again...

Back in Dallas, with yet another hotel that charges for internet. For shame! My interview is at 8:30 am tomorrow, which I'm not that happy about--the DC norm of starting around 10 is much better! Dallas, better start shaping up...

At the airport today, I saw some people who had been on the flight back to Durham last Saturday when I flew home! That was pretty random, because Saturdays and Wednesdays aren't the most common days to fly, but there they were, same lesbian couple, same little girl who, sad to say, really wasn't that cute. And I think most kids are cute--that's why I remembered them in particular. The kid. Sad but true.

Oh, and I got my next citechecking assignment. Hooray. :-p

UPDATE: Ok, it just took three tries and over five minutes to get someone to pick up the damn phone so I could set a wake-up call. That's two strikes!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Not my SBTB!!

I got this from my friend Cat (who doesn't read this and won't know she got credit, but I'm saying this anyways), and it's quite disturbing. You're warned: Screech is in a porno movie.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Good commercial

I really like the Coca-cola commercial where the Notre Dame fan and USC fan watch the football game together in the middle of the night, because they're in somewhere in Asia (I didn't notice where). Probably because I remember looking for the Superbowl on tv in Italy at like midnight (and not finding it, unfortunately...damn soccer fans). Football brings us together! That's the message I get.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


We kick ASU's ass and we only move up one spot in the polls? That's BS!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

In the central time zone now...

So I finally did my first Texas interview, and it's interesting to note the difference between those and the DC interviews. I've only done one so far, so we'll see after next week when I've done a few more if this firm was representative of all the firms here. But it was much more low-key, I think. Which isn't bad necessarily, just different.

I do have a new official pet peeve though: people who say they want your "autograph" when they ask you to sign a credit card slip. I'm sorry, that is retarded, and I've always thought so, but yesterday I decided it's become an official pet peeve. So I will not tolerate this anymore. I don't know how, but I'm going to work to stamp out this plague upon our society!

I'm going to miss the end of the Cal game because I'll be flying home (unfortunately...the missing part of the game part, not the flying home part, and by home I mean Durham). But I'm sure enjoying the first half! Mwhahaha.

UPDATE: I need to learn to shut my #$^*!&@ mouth. Now my plane is delayed.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Is this dog cute? I've got two votes for and two votes against right now. And I reserve the right to discount any vote that doesn't seem sufficiently serious or honest. :-p

Sounds like the start of a torts case!

Yesterday I was getting onto the 15-501 South(freeway) at the Duke exit, waiting to make a left turn onto the entrance ramp. (I describe so the people who live here know where I'm tlaking about) As I'm sitting there, I see this car coming the opposite direction, slowly make a left turn and go up the ramp. The problem with this is, that was the EXIT ramp off of the freeway! The people behind him were honking, there are four signs that say in bright red "Wrong Way", so I don't know what this guy was thinking. But he goes slowly up the ramp, which is a hill so I couldn't see him anymore after a certain point. Then I heard horns honking and then saw either smoke or dust flying in the air. I didn't hear any big crash, so I don't know what happened, but it couldn't have been good.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

IP is not my favorite class

Back in class, finally! It's been almost a week since I was here, but we got Monday and Tuesday off (and I don't have class on Friday), so I still haven't actually missed any classes.

I've decided that airline travel has gotten ridiculous. Out of four flights, only one was on time, and for two of those three delays, the delay was longer than the actual flight! And yes, that *does* make me cranky! You should not have to be surprised when your flight is on time--it should be expected! And don't tell me that it has to do with new security issues, I really don't think that taking perfume out of your carry-ons is the cause of the delays. I don't know what it is, but regardless, airlines are on my list! Which means they're on notice.

You know who else is on notice? Hotels that charge and arm and a leg for a room, but still don't give you internet or even a newspaper! What kind of cheaopos do that? Seriously, I can carry my bag up to my room on my own, it's small and has wheels. I'd much rather have the internet and a Washington Post then a bellhop.

Other than that, the trips were good though. I got to see Mike [who, off-topic, I just saw as I went to get the link to his blog that he's moving to frickin' VERMONT! Good thing I saw him this week!], which was of course very yay. I also saw like 50 Duke people, on my flights or at the firms themselves. DC is a big market for us.

Also, remember how some guy marked me as "not a prospect" on his on-campus interview evaluation form? Well at one of my callbacks this week I saw the on-campus interview form that the woman had filled out on me, and I got the highest mark on that one! So take that, Mr. DC Fancy Lawyer Man! Ha!

Not much else to report...leaving again tomorrow, but this time for Dallas, which is good since then I get to see my parents (and my puppy!).

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jobs jobs jobs

I just got a rejection letter from someone I didn't even interview with! I have to say, that's a little excessive, people! I actually had signed up to interview with them, but I cancelled it. They must have gotten the list waaay in advance of their interview time (because I cancelled it in plenty of time) and just sent out letters to all the people who weren't on their "yes" list. But seriously, you'd think that they'd at least double-check the people they were rejecting! I want to write these people back and tell them that I'm glad they "very much enjoyed meeting with me," but if they're as careful practicing law as they are in their recruiting practices, I'm glad I'm staying far away from them. Hmph.

Speaking of, I just got back last night from my first foray to DC, which went very well, yay. Today I had a bunch of citechecking to do for my journal (hence the aforementioned begging to get back into the library), so that pretty much killed the daytime, but at least I have all of tonight, and then part of tomorrow (until I get back on a plane and return to DC). Oh, and I made it out of the library in time for the Cal game, which unfortunately I have to monitor on GameTracker, but I suppose it's better than nothing. But speaking of flying, how come these planes are all delayed?? It's really annoying when your delay is twice as long as the flight itself!

Sadness of my heart

I just got locked out of the library, and had to bang on the door til someone let me in. My life has hit a new low--begging to get into the library!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I miss pacific time

I meant to mention, what kind of football game starts at 10:15 pm?? I fell asleep watching it, woke up just in time to hear Al and John mention that it ended 27-0 (go Chargers!), and then back to sleep. That is ridiculous--I blame the east coast and it's crappy time zone. And don't tell me that it didn't matter because the only people who wanted to see Oakland-San Diego were west coast people--obviously not! So blah to the east coast and blah to eastern standard time!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I want it to be spring semester

It finally happened that I got my first big journal assignment yesterday. The short things I've been doing all semester, but those don't count. Most of the people on my journal got their first assignment like two weeks ago, but I won the "lottery" and got the late assignment. Or so I thought! Turns out this article is late because it's barely coherent. And of course I start flying around for interviews this week too, so basically I'm having mini-panic attacks as I try to figure out when I'm going to get it all done. Even though I know it all will get done and it'll be fine, etc etc. The 2Ls last year were right--class does become third on your priority list! It's just too bad two of my profs have a habit of assigning a ton of reading--so far I've kept up, but I see that failing in the near future because I can't do 60 pages for one class every night!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

We won!

Yesterday marked the opening of softball season here at Duke Law, and I'm proud to say my team won the opening tournament. We've played more than four games in a day before, but even four was pretty tiring, especially since we had three back-to-back-to-back. Long day. But victory was ours!

And, of course, victory was ours in the Cal game too! I said I wanted to win by at least four touchdowns, and we came close to that, so I'm happy. Now THAT was the Cal football I was expecting to see this season. And it's always so nice to see a home game...we can hear the mike men on tv, so I of course have to do the cheers along with them from the comfort of my living room. My Cal spirit can be felt even over there, of that I'm sure!

Three weeks of class already over...and now that on-campus interviews are over, callbacks begin. My life will become a series of flights as I go back and forth between here and DC, with a bit of Dallas thrown in there too. It's gonna be interesting. I think it'll be fun like the first time, and after that just a drag...but we'll see.

Oh, and apparently the birds like meatloaf.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fun at school

On Wednesdays I have a seminar that meets for two hours, we read books about constitutional theory and talk about it. It's pretty laid-back, we're supposed to take turns leading discussion each week. Yesterday was my turn to lead discussion, but the professor didn't show up! We decided to just start talking on our own anyway (in the hopes that we could just go through the discussion, thereby staying on track, but perhaps not be there the *full* two hours). We made it like 45 minutes through class before the professor finally came, and he was limping, so it seemed like some sort of disaster had befallen him recently. And, sadly, we had to stay for the whole time. But I was pretty impressed with us that we didn't follow the 15 minute rule (or whatever it is) that you can go free if the professor isn't there by a certain time. We're so dedicated!

Also, my criminal procedure yesterday was talking about cops that go undercover to bust people for drugs, for example. He's from North Carolina, has a pretty thick accent, and speaks very slowly and evenly (think Darryl Hammond's Al Gore, but with a thicker accent and less retarded sounding). So he was giving examples of what a cop would say to someone he was trying to buy drugs from, and I don't know if anyone else thought this was hilarious, but imagine someone with the aforementioned accent saying this:
The undercover police officer could say, "I'd like some dope," or "I'd like to help you sell some dope," or “I’d like to get to know you, and later work on the dope.”

It's probably less funny if you can't hear it in the accent. Just try hard to imagine.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Didn't you miss them?

So the birds found a feather on the floor one day while they were out of the cage playing. Somehow this turned into a very fun toy, and they both took turns picking up the feather and running around with it. This is the best picture I could manage to get of it--you can see Charlie (the blue one) has it in his mouth:

This picture is from the summer, when the birds decided that standing on cords plugged into the wall would be super fun:

Hmm, that looks like a fun place to be.

I was right! Charlie, come up here, it's fun!

Yup, we're cool.

Monday, September 04, 2006

This should be an episode of Law and Order

The law actually does some good! Hooray!

They're watching me!

Well this was exceedingly random! I googled "law firm gossip" because I know there are sites out there that talk about what lawyers think of their firms (seems like I should know if I'm interviewing with someplace that isn't stellar) and I randomly came across a blog called LegalUnderground. I'm started reading the most recent post, and it's all links to a bunch of law blogs around the blogosphere. I almost finished the post when at the bottom I noticed something familiar:

The Perils of Upside-Down Reading From two tables away, a job applicant was told she was "not a prospect." [Welcome to Margarevaville]

Someone found my story and randomly linked to me! And then I randomly found it. How weird is that? I feel kinda special, and kind of worried. This is why I don't post about things I don't want the whole world to know (not that I'm thrilled that the world knows I'm "not a prospect" for some law firm, but other people post much wose stuff about themselves).

I'm (going to be) in the money!

This is old news for some of us, but I thought I'd share it with the normal (read: non-law student) people who still come here. Basically we're going to be horrendously overpaid, because law firms all compete with one another to be the best, and the best pays the most, but if you don't pay as much as everyone else then your firm sucks and no one will go there, so everyone is stuck at the same level! It works out pretty nicely for us, I have to say. Unless they're expecting me to work nights and weekends, I really have a problem with that. But all it takes is one firm to decide that they're going to outdo the rest and raise their salaries (Rory's firm in LA is the one that started this latest round of raises, lol), and the rest have to follow suit! I'm waiting for mafia-style hits to result from this one of these days.

No respect for the working man

So who has Labor Day off? Not me! Not anyone at Duke!! I'm very very sad.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

At least Gunners would be creative!

Ok, I admit I haven't actually seen it, but is anyone else convinced that the new movie Accepted is really just Camp Nowhere for college?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fake liveblogging

5:28 pm The announcer for the horse race event which is just ending on ESPN says that "Tackle football is next." I didn't realize ESPN generally showed flag football, but good to know that it's tackle coming up next.

5:36 pm Tennessee kicked off, Marshawn had a decent return, and we're getting ready for the first snap of the game. All of a sudden, the video goes out! No video! I have audio, and I hear the snap, and then I can hear shouting and the announcer saying "what a way to open up the ballgame," but no video! I almost had a heart attack, it was like a tv show where the tv channel gets changed and when you get back you hear, "Well I have never seen anything like that before in my life!" So ironic. I got back to video when the play was over and luckily caught the replay, but I was very upset for like 30 seconds of blackout.

8:30ish Well at least the nachos I made were delicious. In other news, a) I want to go bury myself in a corner somewhere and never come out, and b) people, please stop texting me to tell me how bad my team did! I NOTICED!!

It's today!

So who's super excited about the Cal game? I am, I am!! =) Yesterday on SportsCenter, there was a coversation that went like this:

Man #1: So the question is, can Cal challenge USC for the Pac-10 championship?
Man #2: I think the real question is, can USC challenge Cal for the championship!

Awesomeness. Although Kirk Whatshisname just picked Tennessee to win, but whatever, they're going DOWN!

Also, yesterday the temperature managed to drop like 25 degrees overnight. It's the tropical storm/depression, but come on! It was downright cold. I had been hoping the temperature would drop down to like 80 or something, but 66 was a lot much. It better warm back up soon!

Only two more on-campus interviews to go...thank god! Of course, I still have interviews at the firms to do, but at least then I already know they like me!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a bonanza today!

There's so much stuff going on! I just discovered (and maybe everyone else already knows about this, but I doubt it, because I think Adam would have mentioned this) that Scrubs is coming to Comedy Central in syndication!! And of course, don't forget that season 4 is coming out on dvd on October 10th. All I know is, this is fabulous news. Syndication is the key to getting people to know and love this show! Look at the good work it's done for Saved by the Bell--generations still know and love the show! (Of course, I still remember when an eight year old I was working with like two summers ago started telling me about this "old show" that she likes to watch called Full House...that hurt.)

Oh, and I also just looked it up and found out that the Cal-Tennessee game is going to be on ESPN this Saturday at 5:30 (EST). So there's no excuse for not watching, you only need basic cable! Of course, anyone who went to Cal(or if your girlfriend went there, ahem) will be watching, but EVERYONE should! =)

Perhaps something more interesting than punctuation

Ok, here's a funny story. I was in an on-campus interview yesterday and the interviewer was filling out the evaluation form in front of me. He was actually two tables apart from me, but I'm a good upside-down reader, so I was still able to see what he was writing. It was a little disheartening when I realized that halfway through, he checked the "not a prospect" box on his form. I was kind of annoyed, especially at the end when he told me that if I don't hear from them for a few weeks, it's because they're checking references, so don't get discouraged. Liar! Oh well, I knew I wasn't interested anyway, but we're not allowed to cancel fewer than two days prior.

My life is just full of disasters

Remember how I was taking it upon myself to learn how to put two spaces after every sentence instead of just one, which I've done for my whole life? Well apparently I've done too good a job, because now I not only put two spaces after each sentence, but I also do it every time I do a colon! So ":" somehow in my head is equivalent to the end of a sentence. I'm just getting all messed up here.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm still here, but barely

Ok, these have not been a fun couple of weeks. I'm still interviewing, doing class, fitting in receptions and reading and journal things and all this stuff. There's no time! I feel like Jessie Spano on caffeine pills right now. Not that I'm on caffeine pills, just that there's "No time! Never any time!" Hence the insane lack of posting. And the fact that Christine and I have been playing phone tag for like two weeks now! Which I hate. I had lots of 2Ls tell me that once you make it through fall semester, you're fine. I now see why they hated fall semester so much. And it's only the second week of class! And in a couple of weeks I'm going to start flying to DC and Dallas on the weekends for interviews--even more fun. At least I'll get to go home and see my parents when I'm interviewing there, and see Mike etc when I'm in DC. Ugh. Thinking about this makes me tired, so I'm going to just go back to trying to make it one day at a time. And maybe I'll find something to post about not related to what I'm doing right now.

Speaking of unrelated, I didn't see the Emmy's yet, but I recorded it. I hear Conan was hilarious. And my friend Cat got to go! How cool is that? I'm just bummed Scrubs didn't win...oh well, at least a nomination is a step in the right direction.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh no you didn't!

Ok, I refuse to accept this. Pluto can't be demoted from a planet! It doesn't work like that! All of a sudden, all of those solar system projects from my childhood are wrong, wrong! Which cannot be. And perhaps even worse, this will date Saved by the Bell! Am I the only one who remembers Screech's patented mnemonic device to remember all the planets, MVEMJSUNP? And then Zack used the mnemonic to help win the Quiz Bowl, which he had to do when Screech got sick? See, now when people watch Saved by the Bell, they'll think, hey, that's an old show! It's not modern! Now sure, maybe Zack's cell phone, or their clothes, did the same thing. But this really goes too far. Since Adam refuses to blog about this now that I did, I'll say it for him: Inernational Astronomical Union, you're on notice!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This sucks

Waiting for firms to call you for callback interviews is worse than waiting for a boy to call you. With a boy, it's probably just the one guy, and if he doesn't call, then oh well, he's just dumb. You can tell yourself. But with firms, if you've interviewed with like 15 of them, it's hard to write them all off as retarded or looking for something else. At some point, you have to admit it's just you. Thankfully, I'm not there yet (it's only Tuesday). But this waiting is terrible. Especially when some people ARE getting the phone calls. In my case, it's mostly with different markets, so I'm not panicking. But this is not the funnest thing ever.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I even packed a lunch for today

Today was the first day of school! Very exciting. I feel like I've been here so long, they should have already started. It's funny how last year I remember all the 2Ls and 3Ls saying that classes become like the bottom of the priority list, and now I see that it's so true.

Today I had three of my four classes (the only one I didn't have is a seminar that only meets once a week). Fed Tax, IP, and Criminal Procedure. It's still kind of early to tell, but so far nothing seems disastrous. Of course, I looked at the first fed tax problem and had absolutely no idea how to do it, but I figure that he'll explain it tomorrow and then I'll understand better. Hopefully.

Our IP professor told us today that he doesn't like the socratic method, and doesn't use it, because he already knows the answer, so why on earth would he try to get us to figure it out and tell him, when he can just cut to the chase? I couldn't agree more. It wastes sooo much time, and is really annoying, I think.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I've been meaning to update, but these last few days have been crazy busy. 15 interviews, plus meeting with the firms after hours, plus other law school stuff. I just want to sleep and relax! And classes haven't even started yet! Sigh. And tomorrow morning I have orientation at 9am for my journal, too. (And why a three-hour orientation had to start at 9am, I'll never know).

So, to tide you over, here's some great news to enjoy (courtesy of Isaac).

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So today I went and made my room look presentable. Lots of unpacking!!! But now it looks like a real room again and I'm happy. But as I finished putting all my summer stuff away, I realized I was missing two key items--my pillows!! I don't know how I could have forgotten them, but they don't seem to be here anywhere, so the only thing I can think of is that I somehow didn't notice leaving them behind in DC (which is weird because I remember stacking them with my things, so I don't know how they'd get stacked with my stuff and then not brought to Durham). But I don't have that big a place, they'd have to be here somewhere!! I'm confused. And perturbed. Hmph.


Mom and brother made it home safe, yay. Apparently on American Airlines (which they flew), you can buy books in the airport and bring them on the plane with you. But British Airways doesn't even allow that! So seriously, what do those people do for ten hours??

Finally back in Durham. Time to make the place look presentable! But that'll happen tomorrow =)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bad time to be visiting London

So this whole crazy plane thing is making life difficuly for US-UK travellers right now. And that's bad because my mom and brother are actually in London right now, of course. Bad timing for them! So hopefully they'll get back ok. Mostly I'm wondering what they're going to do for an 8(?) hour flight, because the list of carry-on items is so restricted, American Airlines doesn't even say that they can bring on a book! So what do you do for all those hours, talk to the people sitting in your row? Fun.

Headed out from Dallas tomorrow to drive back to Durham. I'm just glad I end up being a passenger more than a driver! All I have to say is, all the people who told me Dallas really is humid, you were wrong! Ha. It's *much* better here than in DC.

And tonight is the first preseason game for the Cowboys. Woo! Yay for football season =)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Well, I'm done!

Well yesterday was my last day of work! I was very sad to have to turn in my Pentagon badge, I really wanted to keep it! And while it would have been easy enough to "forget" to turn it in, it seems like you really don't want to piss of DoD. So I restrained myself.

Today is packing and getting ready to leave day! Have to gather all my stuff, which shouldn't be too hard seeing as I only brought a fraction with me up here, but of course I did accumulate some more stuff this summer, so it always takes longer than it seems like it should.

Then Sunday it's drive to Durham time, then Monday it's drive to Dallas (which will take two days, whee), where I'll kick back and relax for four days, then back to Durham, and interviews start on Thursday! So lots of transit in the next week+, lol.

I just can't believe summer's pretty much over already! I worked with some good people this summer, it was fun. I mean, what are the odds that the guy I share my "office" with and I would BOTH be able to sing along with songs from The Muppets Take Manhattan?? Quite slim, I assure you. But I'm happy to get back to Durham and my real place, with all my stuff! It's hard to cook in a sad little kitchen like I had here. Oh well.

And now, to pack!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

And also...

...did you guys see that Devean George just signed with the Mavericks? I didn't know he was going to leave the Lakers! Interesting.

Cal football--it's looking good this year! If we can just get Longshore to be a relatively decent QB, we'll be sitting pretty, because we have so much talent just waiting to have a chance to shine.

Can you guess what websites I've been visiting with my extra time here?

Don't mess with Officer Midge

Here's a much happier story about dogs than the last one I posted! Now I'm not a huge chihuahua fan, but this dog is pretty cool. I wouldn't mind having a drug-sniffing chihuahua-rat terrier mix! As long as I got the big german shepherd too of course. I have to have standards, after all.

That's outrageous!

I forgot to post this story yesterday. Apparently the Chinese have decided that if there's an outbreak of rabies (and by outbreak I mean three deaths), the best way to cure the problem is to beat 50,000 dogs to death. Yes, I'm talking about doggie genocide. Now you'd think maybe instead of taking dogs from their owners while they're being walked, and bludgeoning them to death, perhaps they could think outside the box. Like, say, rabies vaccinations, which only 3% of the dog population is getting. Now I know, it's probably cheaper to just kill all the dogs, but hey, the point is to do what's right, not what's cheap!

In other news, this is my second to last day of work. Problem is, I've finished everything I can do right now on my own, and the attorneys I'm waiting to hear back from have yet to respond, for various reasons. So now I'm just sort of twiddling my thumbs...which makes the day pass reaaallllyyy slowly. Sigh.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bad Blogger, bad!

Apparently my blog is not showing up right sometimes...I gave it a stern lecture, we'll see if it behaves itself now. And if not--no dinner!

Today at the gym, I went to this class that was all conditioning, no cardio, and at one point it was like twelve of us standing in a circle, doing arm exercises. Most of the women there are regulars, so they all know each other, and they were talking about one of the women there, and apparently she's going to go work on the Lieberman campaign and so they were going through the whole story of how this happened. Anyway, so they're talking about politics and democrats etc etc, and then someone says, hey, did you notice like two weeks ago there was a girl here with a republican shirt on? She hasn't been back since--I wonder if we said anything to offend her? Of course I had been silent throughout all this conversation because I didn't know any of the people and they were having their own thing going. But the instructor woman says, hey, is anyone here a Republican? And I raised my hand (the only one sad), and she was like, did we say anything to offend you? At which point I turned around and showed them the "Berkeley" written across the back of my shorts, and said, hey, I went to Cal, the political discussions I'm used to are Kucinich vs. Dean, no Lieberman allowed!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Speaking of which...

Scrubs season 4, October 10th!!!

The dream finally comes true

Years ago (like three maybe?), when lots of shows started coming out on dvd, I was excited about two shows that turned out to be not available yet. One of those shows was Scrubs. And after years (or maybe a lot of months) of waiting, I finally got an e-mail from Amazon saying, hey, guess what, you got on a list and now the Scrubs dvds are available! It was a beautiful day, and since then I've bought all three seasons that have come out.

But still, there was another show I wanted. Another show that was not available. And I waited and waited. And then just now, I saw an ad on tv that told me what I've been waiting to hear all these years. Yes, Pinky and the Brain is finally out on dvd!!

It's a happy day.

Wait a minute...

Was that Jason Day that just left a comment, perchance??

Monday, July 24, 2006

Vital information I must convey ASAP

Also, yay for the train conductor that let me sit in business class on the way back down to DC yesterday. Had a big roomy row all to myself, instead of being squished next to somebody. =) Good karma to him!

I watched the pilot episode of this new USA show Psych on my ipod on the train (I don't like to read a lot on moving vehicles, so watching tv is perfect). You can dowload the pilot for free on itunes, which is why I was watching it. Anyway, I think it has promise. Fridays at 10 isn't such a great timeslot, but there was some definite comedy there. And Charlie from West Wing is on it, which I know a lot of you people will like. ("you people" referring to my friends who watch WW, of course)

Big drops are bad news

Isaac and I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey last weekend, and let me tell you, they have some scary coasters! What I don't like is that feeling when you're going down a huge drop, and you kind of rise out of your seat, so basically you feel like you're about to fall out. One of the coasters had something like the size of a large plate holding you in--that was it! I'm surprised I didn't die, frankly. There were some fun coasters too, the kind that does all loops and cool stuff like that. You know, the ones where you don't have to hold on for dear life so you don't fall out. But they were kind of incompetent there, they couldn't manage to keep their coasters open, or tell people what was going on when they had to stop letting people on! Which would have been nice.

I was proud of myself, though, I won a puppy at one of the games:

Of course, it was one of those games where you shoot water at a target, and the first one to finish the race wins. And I played against a kid and like his grandma. But hey, I'm good! lol

And Isaac won a puppy for me too: you may guess, his victory involved more skill than mine did.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Talented? Sure. Jackass? Definitely.

According to PTI, T.O.'s new Cowboys jersey is the best-selling jersey in the NFL. Blech.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My poor neglected education

No one ever taught me to put two spaces in between sentences when I type. I don't know how such an oversight occurred, but it did. And once I did learn the rule, in high school, I ignored it because, hey, I'm an individual, I do things my way! But now I've decided it's time to break down and really change my typing ways. All I can say is, it's a good thing we all send like eight million e-mails back and forth from work, because I need the practice! Although for only trying for the past two or three days, I've made a lot of progress. But it's still a slow process of retraining myself. Luckily, I'm kind of used to doing this, because I like to change the way I write by hand periodically--like I'll decide to change my As, so I'll just retrain myself. I like variety, what can I say. But yeah, been hitting backspace a lot lately. Oh well.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Bad weather, good parking

It's so hot here, it's disgusting. The gym was so hot, I wanted to leave halfway through my step class. When I went to Safeway at 9pm, it was still 90 degrees. This is madness, people!!

And I forgot to mention, when I was in Philadelphia, guess what I did all by myself? That's right, I PARALLEL PARKED! Yeah I did! I'm so proud of myself. Sure, it was a really big spot, but hey, I still did it! With minimal trouble, too. Just one redo. Small victories, but victories nonetheless.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hooray for history

So I went to Philadelphia this weekend, which was pretty fun. I had a cheesesteak at one of the original places that started it, but I learned a valuable lesson--never add hot sauce until you've checked how hot it actually is. I have a pretty high tolerance for hot stuff, but I covered my sandwich in the hot sauce they had there, and I was reduced to chewing ice by the end, because my mouth was so on fire. That was less fun.

I wish we had cool historical sites in my city! I don't exactly know which city is "my" city anymore, but unless I'm moving to like Philadelphia or Boston (which I'm not), there's not much there, wherever it is. And I think it would be really cool to work at a place like that, getting to be a history expert telling tourists things. Lording it over them that I get to go to the special behind-the-scenes places, and they have to stay on the other side of the rope. Oh yeah, I'd enjoy that. It's the simple pleasures in life.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I love the blue and the gold!

Adam Duritz kicks ass! (And you'll notice that he's ranked above James Gandolfini for Rutgers in the top 12 list. Ha!) Nothing like a real Cal fan to get you pumped for the upcoming season =) Still hoping to make that TN game...a mere five hours away from Duke! But we'll see...stupid "interviews" possibly making life difficult. Like those are important.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's the Stapler!

Yes, this is our lovely stapler. Sorry it took so long to post the picture, but, I know, it was worth the wait. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's game time!

Two of the following e-mails are by the same person, and one is Adam pretending to be that person. Can you tell whose is whose?

Hush up, JACKHOLES! Charlotte's da shit. I HATE Y'ALL MOFOS! I drunk. I drunky all the time. BLACKBERRIES!!!! BLACKBERRIES!!!! I BE DRUNKEN. I DRUNK NOW. I GOLF TOO!!!!! DRUUUUUUUUUUUUNK ************************************************************
i have a blackberry i am cool too yayayayayayayay

all this talk of blackberries makes me wanna get a beer

i AM like the USSR my primme ws years gao but i still have an alluring drunk-been-around -the bloock-with0-a-handle-of-vodka feel to me.

on yeah and if tghis north lorea guy fires one more missle at the usa and accidentially sjoots it my way, i'll blow his ass off the face of the earth. yesy yes i take seconds yaya

Monday, July 10, 2006

I knew something would go wrong last night, somehow I just knew

My alarm didn't go off this morning, so I woke up at 8:15, aka the time I get to work. That was fun. But I made it out the door in like 11 minutes, which is amazing, considering that's how long it takes me to wash my face and brush my teeth alone, lol. Not the best morning, but I was at my desk at 9am, so I felt like I accomplished something, even if that something was only being minimally late.

Tomorrow we have another field trip, to Andrews Air Force Base. It's going to be like the whole day, we get to look at planes and helicopters, yay. That's actually the base where the president flies out on Air Force One, and all the dignitaries fly into DC there. So it's kind of cool. Or at least it's better than just a regular base, lol.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weird people

So I went to Macy's (high five Christine!) today to buy some new work clothes, and I was really happy because the one in Pentagon City has a large collection of petite suits (high five again Christine!). However, my fun time shopping was cut short when I met the dumbest woman ever working the register. She was the kind of dumb where she doesn't know if "area code" is part of the phone number. Or can't find letters on a computer keyboard, and needs the woman at the other register to find it for her. Yeah, that kind of dumb. And yeah, those really were some of her problems today. Put me in a bad mood, I can't stand that kind of incompetency.

In other weird news, last night Eric (my roommate and Duke compatriot) and I were at a bar with some of his friends, and we notice that there's a really weird asian guy who just keeps meandering around all by himself. That would be a little odd in and of itself, but he's also wearing a long coat and eskimo hat, the kind with ear flaps that keep your head warm. Keep in mind it's 1am and still like 80 degrees outside. So he just keeps wandering around, and staring at our table, looking at Eric like he's his long lost brother or something. He meanders closer and closer to our table, til he's right next to us, then turns to Eric and shouts, "Dis!!!!" Getting no response other than stunned silence and people trying not to laugh, he says it again. Finally, not getting the answer he wanted, he finishes the freak mating call himself--"Co!!!!!!" Apparently he thought he and Eric had some sort of disco connection or something. So Eric just says, yeah ok, and the eskimo wanders away. Then a half hour later, he does the exact same thing! And one of the guys at are table just says to him, yeah we're fine here, thanks. And disco eskimo spent the rest of the night wandering around and staring at Eric, and we just kept trying to keep him away and hide Eric.

So strange.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I swear I did some work too!

Conversations I had today at work with the guy I share my office with:

*What differentiates and enchilada from a burrito: the sauce/way it's cooked, or the tortilla?

*The possibility of creating "metric time"

*Convincing Kim Jong-Il to show off his power as dictator by creating a new time standard (ie instead of 24 hours in a day, make it 26, and be a month younger than the rest of the world after a year)

*Whether "heat peanuts" were a subset of "party peanuts," and if you were having a party, which kind of peanuts should you get.

There was one other one but now I can't remember it, drat. Oh, and I took a pic of our stapler, but it'll have to wait til later for me to post, because I haven't uploaded it yet. Try to contain yourself.

And obsessive hitting "refresh" worked, because I got the super awesome parking permit today--yay! As did four of my friends! What are the odds? Especially when they said there were only nine of these spots. So...we're obsessive, but successful!

Oh, I went to a Cal alum happy hour today, and we sang the drinking song! I love our drinking song =)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Word continues to spread!

So I was browsing the personals on Craig's list (I actually had a purpose this time, doing research for a friend, but if you've never done it just for fun, you definitely should. It's hilarious), and I came across a rather unremarkable ad. Guy sounds very forgettable, I'm not overly impressed. He's just trying to get a girl to meet up with him for The Devil Wears Prada, and maybe dinner after. But, at the end of his post he has this gem:

You may use the lemon law if you wish (and if you know what TV show it is from).

Now, as we all know, the Lemon Law is perhaps the best invention from Barney, aka Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother. Within five minutes of beginning a date, you can say adios to someone, no harm, no foul. And this guy who invoked it on Craig's list just got way cooler. The dream becomes real! Now we just have to see if the Get Psyched playlist catches on too...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's see, there's a bunch of little stuff I wanted to say. Which I've forgotten most of.

*At a restaurant on Saturday, this girl (who is 26 and looks and sounds almost exactly like Andrea I., and only BCR people know who she is but there you go) and I were getting a pool table while her husband and my bf were putting money in the meter. So we go to the bar upstairs, and are just waiting for them because the pool tables are rented by the hour. Anyways, after he comes back, Isaac goes to get a table, and apparently the girl behind the bar asked if we were underage! I was outraged. It's one thing to be younger, it's another to be 20!

*Does anyone watch Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo? So the poker expert there is someone different this season, Phil Hellmuth Jr. I thought he was like 30 maybe, but then on the championship episode (currently on) Dave Foley said something about him winning the World Series of Poker in 1989. 1989?? So I looked him up and he's 41!! I guess all the casino time helped him keep his skin away from sun damage.

*Superman--a disappointment. Thin storyline, I think. The Devil Wears Prada--funny. Go see it instead (sorry Adam).

*So for the Fourth of July, Mike decided to go all out and go to the Capital to save a really good spot, right on the steps! And so he got there super early, got rained on by a huge storm and had to flee, then came back and got almost the exact same super great spot. So he held down the fort for hours, and then Isaac and I met him (and the girls he was with) like right before the fireworks started. So it was pretty neat, just like on tv, seeing them up against the Washington Monument. But Stevie Wonder is not fireworks music, I'll tell you that much.

*I'm so important that I get to give press conferences at the Pentagon.

*I was at Safeway last week and the guy in front of me didn't have a Safeway card, so I offered him the use of my Vons club card, which works at both stores. I hand it to him, and the cashier just looked at me as if I was insane, like I had just handed him my Blockbuster card or something. I tried to explain to her that Safeway owns Vons, so it'll work, but I don't think she believed me til it actually ran through.

Big News

Ok, I have a lot to say about the four-day weekend (well, four days minus 1/2). And I'll have pictures too! But that has to wait for later, because I'm at work and I just have time to share the big news with you all--after 5 1/2 weeks of waiting, our dream finally came true. A stapler of our own! It's not the prettiest stapler, it's not the newest stapler, but it works and it's all ours! We're thrilled. Hopefully I'll bring in my camera tomorrow and I can take a picture of it so you can all see him.

Ok, more blogging to come (if I don't fall asleep was a rough morning).