Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You'd think class being cancelled would be a good thing

Property class was cancelled again yesterday, making that 3/10 that we haven't actually had. Which would be fantastic, except that we're going to have to make these up eventually (unless we really have the best professor ever)and that's going to suck more than having our regularly scheduled Monday class. :-p

Monday, January 30, 2006


A hypothetical from our Torts book:

May a social outcast use force to protect himself from attack by a prominent businessman or scientist, temporarily gone mad, if both are trapped in an elevator?

Even rereading this makes me laugh out loud.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chuck Norris has counted to infinity. Twice.

Ok, I don't know if I'm the only one who hadn't seen this, but this website is awesome. Almost as awesome as CN himself.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Aw jeez

Lesson learned the hard way this morning: don't use the wiper fluid to "wash away" the frost on your windshield. Apparently it freezes, and you won't be able to see anything in front of you, especially if the sun is in your face too. Including cars.

Don't worry, no permanent damage =)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The things you learn in law school

Apparently, this is a whole country:

Some British guy took an abandoned "island fortress" and decided to make it his own country, and named it Sealand. It's known for being a tax shelter, I'm told. Imagine that. I don't know why you wouldn't just want to live on an oil rig. Seems great. Oh, and people are forging Sealand passports to commit crimes, because there's only about 300 of them so no one knows what they really look like. And there are 150,000 fake ones floating around out there. Oh, the craziest thing is that somebody actually tried to take over the "country." Who would do such a thing? Too weird.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Too bad I can't control these powers

Ok, so I think I may have mentioned before that my friend Adam and I are like the only two people in America who watch the show How I Met Your Mother on CBS. And if I hadn't mentioned it before, then go watch it! Monday nights, 8:30 pm. Anyways, tonight there was a guest star who we hope is the "mother" referred to in the title. And so Adam is looking her up on IMDB or something and says to me, her name is Ashley Williams. That name was familiar to me, and I realized like a minute later that I think she starred in an ABC Family tv movie with Tom Cavanaugh playing Santa. Sure enough, it's her. Now I know the rest of the world thinks that knowing this makes me a sad, sick person. But I'm proud of my random knowledge. And when grades come out within the next week or two (FINALLY!!!) then I'll know why I did poorly--because I remember Ashley Williams was the costar in "Snow," instead of keeping track of which cases deserve heightened scrutiny in con law. It's just my gift.


Apparently North Carolina is one of seven states which has alienation of affection laws. So if your spouse leaves you in NC, Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota or Utah, then you can sue somebody and get punitive damages. Just a little FYI for anyone living in those states and thinking about cheating.

And did other people know that the Red Cross sells the blood we donate to them? It came up in torts today. I had no idea. I'd still donate anyways. But they can't have my spleen!

I love this game!

This is when it's nice to be a Lakers fan =)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Educating the world about Liechtenstein

I forgot to mention, I gave blood a like a week and a half-ish ago, and the guy wanted me to list all the countries I had been to lately. I was going down the list of where I'd gone when I was abroad last semester, and I of course mentioned Liechtenstein, the coolest stamp in my passport. But the guy had no idea what I was talking about. First he asked me if that was Germany, and then I tried to explain that it was a real country, etc. But it was in the database as an option, so at least the Red Cross gives Liechtenstein some respect by including it. =)

Friday, January 20, 2006


This class all day on Fridays thing is killing me. It's not just the 8:45 am class (though that's really bad), it's the fact that my next classes are from 1:20-4:20, so I'm here pretty much the entire day. I can't leave during the break cause I'd lose my parking. So I'm sitting here all day trying to get reading done, and just the thought of going to property makes me fall asleep. Next week is our last week of regular Friday 8:45s, though, thank God. That will be much much better. Even though being here til so late sucks (and PS our professor for the last class was willing to move it to earlier or Thursday, but little bitches complained and now we're stuck, even though like 90%+ of people would rather it move...grrr), at least I won't be so exhausted. And in case you hadn't noticed, this is me trying to stay awake right now =)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So cute!

I present to you more evidence that, were I to go into the polar bear exhibits at Sea World or the zoo, they would play with me and be happy to see me, NOT eat me or maim me or something else terrible. So there.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

tricky business

Oh, and isn't this weird? I was flipping through a magazine, and in more or less the whole thing they mentioned four schools: Cal, Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, and Durham University in England. I think that's weird...cause, I go/went to two of them, the third is right nearby, and the fourth has the same name as the town I live in now. Seriously, I think it's a sign...but I have no idea of what. I need to think about this more.


Apparently I forgot to tell people that I haven't checked my Berkeley e-mail in like three months...so if you've e-mailed me there and I haven't responded, that's why. Ask me for my new one and I'll pass it along happily. Sorry!

Monday, January 16, 2006


Me: thank you much =)
My friend: i like thank you much
My friend: without the very
My friend: it makes me feel cooler to say that
My friend: like i dont have time to say very
My friend: im too important

Some things you just shouldn't buy from the dollar store

I was at the dollar store today, and I noticed that they sell pregnancy tests there. Now I'm not going to say that their products aren't of the highest quality, but it seems like a pregnancy test would not be something you want to go with the cheapest brand on. Maybe it's just me.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Haha, Redskins lost :-p

I keep meaning to post stuff, but then I get busy and I forget, and now I can't remember half the stuff I was going to write about. Fascinating stuff too. Speaking of fascinating, my Property class definitely is not. I paid attention as long as I could, but then it was off to internet land. At least I had my volume off. And after a week, torts is my favorite class. I did not see that coming. But it's only week one, things can change a lot.

In criminal law class, our professor really did spend the entire hour talking about the philosophy of punishment. Apparently he has a PhD in philosophy in addition to his law degree...so that really sucks for me, since I don't really care. And he said that this stuff won't be on the exam anyways, so I'm not sure why we're wasting our time spending 30 minutes talking about Kant instead of something substantive. But apparently he changed his name from Emmanuel to Immanuel. So I guess I learned something interesting.

Anyways, during that class our professor made a comment about having discussed something with my friend, and I was really surprised because I didn't remember him mentioning talking about our professor at all. So I asked him what the heck the professor was talking about, and he replied via e-mail, "He thinks someone else is me! My plan is working! He thinks he talked to me!! Now he won't call on me!" So I guess Mr. I Memorized All Of You Before Class Even Started isn't so perfect after all.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Oh, and crim law reading for today: another 20 pages of literally no cases, just philosophy.


Forgot to turn off my volume today so there was a loud IM sound in class. Second time I've done this...though overall, not just this semester of this class, so I figure I'm doing ok really =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Time for a book burning

OMG I hate my criminal law casebook so much. We all do. It's such crap. Instead of going through the cases and talking about statutes, what are we reading? Kant! Marx! I'm in the middle of like 20 pages on the freakin' philosophy of punishment. Ok, I'm a 1L, I haven't read too many casebooks so far, it's true, but this seems to be totally pointless! A paragraph, a page, fine, but like half the damn book is essays written by other people. Hate hate hate hate it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


On the Social Security website you can look at the most popular baby names throughout the years, which I think is cool. I don't know if it's a new feature or I just hadn't seen it last time I was on their website (some years ago), but now you can do this thing where it searches for a particular name and tells you where it was in the top 1000. I of course looked up Reva, and apparently the name peaked in 1921 at spot number 352. It was gradually increasing until then, but after 352 it started its decline. The last year it was on the top 1000 list was 1962, when it was 899. (Somehow it jumped from 992 in 1961 up to 899, then just disappeared.) Just for some perspective on how insulting this is to my poor name, some of the names which were included in the 2004 top 1000 list are Jazmyne (955), Kourtney (975), Aylin (912) Jakayla (762), Deja (594), Precious (564), Nataly (462), and Kaydence (373). All these names are that much more popular? Really??

Day Two

I meant to post yesterday about the first day of classes, but I forgot. I'm sure you're crushed. But yes, yesterday was back to school for me. 8:45 am, back to the grind. So we walk into our first class of the day, criminal law. The professor is new, this is his first class. And the first thing he says is, Mr. So-and-so, why do we have criminal law? Just to make this clear, he has us all MEMORIZED already. Not just the names, but who is who. He had flash cards with our pictures, apparently. I spent the entire hour in fear of having my name called, it was horrifying. And discussing philosophy behind criminal law, not my favorite. Last night I was just thinking to myself, I don't wanna go back, I don't wanna go back, but today was actually much better. He likes to go off on tangents a lot, but he's really enthusiastic and it's a good thing for keeping you awake at that hour. So we'll see, it could be ok in the end.

My Torts class seems ok so far, the professor seems pretty nice but the class is an hour and a half which is loooong. I got cold-called there, didn't even have a chance to hide (why on earth when he told us to make name placards did I specifically write my name in bold so it would be readable?). Normally I have Property after that, which means three hours straight of class (agh!) but the professor was sick and class was cancelled. So she's currently my favorite professor =) Those only meet three times a week, so I haven't had them today.

I'm currently in a lunchtime lecture about legal writing (my fourth class, still sucks), which is optional but "highly recommended" and we had to sign in so it's good I'm here, but I'm obvioulsly not paying much attention because it's all abstract notions now! I want actual sentences and tips, mister. Oh well. Half done...and only two more to go after today.

Oh it turns out that my Christmas lights weren't dead, there's just a reset button on the outlet that needed to be pressed =) And yes they're still up. And Baxter is back, he seems to have had fun over break. And apparently he had a birdie crush on one of the birds of the guy who was watching Baxter. I've been thinking about getting another parakeet to keep him company, but it would be a boy so they'd just be buds I guess. The pet store only sells male parakeets. I was worried he wouldn't get along with another bird, but they're social creatures and I'm not home very often so I'm thinking he'd like to have someone to hang out with.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

In the eastern time zone once again

Back in Durham, and luckily everything is as I left it. Except for the Christmas lights on my balcony, they're dead for some reason! I'm very disappointed. I was going to keep them on for a while, since I couldn't for actual Christmas. Stupid rain probably killed them or something. Speakinkg of killed, my plants look pretty dead too. I guess you're supposed to bring them inside when it gets cold?

PS I already hate my classes just based on the readings for Monday. My torts reading has some guy comparing it to physics...of all things to get me intrigued by the subject, that's really really low on the list.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Quick Thoughts

It was 80 degrees here today. 80! I can't go back to the cold weather. I just can't.

I hate Mack Brown.

Why can Southwest fly directly to Baltimore but not Durham? Really that much farther?

Two of my four professors have already e-mailed us with assignments for Monday, the first day of classes.

Jack in the Box commercials are awesome.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Death becomes her

Ok, I think I have to kill Liz. She got me a book for Christmas written by this guy who went to law school, talking about the experience. It starts off with his job search for his 2L summer. Fine, no problem. It sounds somewhat evil, but he goes on and on about how being from a "tier one" school is so important, so I'm using it now for false hope. And studiously avoiding the part about how the first year grades are the really key thing.

But then I got to the second section of the book. On the bar exam. I think that's like showing a pregnant woman a video of childbirth. By "informing you" it's really just scaring the crap out of you. There is no way I can do that exam. No way I can spend months studying for it. Just no way. I might as well quit law school now. I need a non-hard career. Wedding planner it is. No offense to wedding planners, ie me in the future, but you don't have to take a two-day exam for that. I feel exhausted just reading this damn book.

*choir of angels singing*

I'd been waiting for this day all year. Not Christmas, not New Years, and not even the last day of finals. No, that day was the day Scrubs came back. That day was today. And it was a good day. Two brand-new episodes in a row!! Now, I won't forgive NBC for taking away my Scrubs for the fall season, but giving me two new episodes is a good step on the path of repentance. Oh, and I also started watching my season 2 DVDs, and they are also good. Especially with the commentary on. Did you know they call one of the extras "Colonel Doctor" because the actor who plays the doctor looks like Colonel Sanders? Well they do. My new goal is to become the show attorney. Does that exist? I'm going to make it exist.

Going back to Durham on Thursday...