Monday, February 27, 2006

Maybe math doesn't suck?

See, maybe I'd have done more calculus if I knew I could research stuff involving dogs.

Employed woo!

Well, I officially have a job for the summer! I'm going to be in Washington DC, working for the Air Force JAG program. The cool things about this program are that I get to work at the Pentagon, and it's paid. And no, I don't have to join the military to work there. In fact, I think I'll be with civilian lawyers, not military lawyers, though don't quote me on that. They only took five people this summer, so I'm pretty happy. And I already have people who told me they're going to come to DC and visit, so you people should come! It'll be fun. But I'm very happy to be able to leave the job search least until August, when it picks up again. Yup, August, for summer 2007. Fun!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Quick Updates

I forgot to mention, I got my highest score ever bowling this week, a 164! I was so proud of myself. I got two strikes in a row twice, but couldn't pull off the turkey (first time around, I got a 9 after the first two strikes, I was sad). I'll never come near that high again, I'm sure, but it was a good game. My friends said I should have mono every week.

Potential name for NewBird: Charlie.

Actually slept last night, so it seems I'm getting better! Slowly but surely.

I cleaned this afternoon instead of working my appellate brief assignment. I figure, it counts as doing work because it's not like it's goofing off, it's cleaning. And had to get done. Yes, sad indeed when cleaning is your fun alternative to work.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I am so damn tired of being sick. I'm tired of not being able to sleep, tired of hearing people say "don't go near Reva, she's got mono," tired of having a really sore throat and not being able to breathe. I'm ready for this to be over NOW. I don't want to deal with this anymore. I'm glad I'm not bedridden or anything like that, but jeez, this is ridiculous. Get the %#@& out of my system already.

(And happy birthday Mike!)

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I went back to the doctor yesterday because my throat was feeling more swollen, and I had another very nice nurse (who was from California! After she heard I went to Cal, she walked into the room and said "Go Bears." No wonder I liked her) and she gave me some meds which were supposed to help the swelling. She said there were two main side effects, they either make you hyper or make you depressed. And for me, I definitely fell into the hyper category. I was seriously bouncing off the walls for a few hours, it was awesome. I didn't realize how much less energy I'd had lately until I got some artificial help. Apparently it was quite amusing.

Did you know that if you decide to steal something, but then change your mind before you leave the store and buy it after all, you just bought something you already stole? Apparently it's larceny the moment you decide to steal it, and it's already complete, even if you change your mind and buy it in the end. We've just spent the last 20 minutes trying to make this make sense. Yeah, I really wish we didn't have class this morning (it's a make-up, we usually don't have this early class on Fridays, which is sooo nice).

Oh, and the nurse I saw on Tuesday said it didn't matter what I drank, even beer was fine as long as I kept drinking fluids. But the nurses yesterday were ADAMANT that I not drink alcohol, because apparently your liver is weakened when you have mono. I didn't tell them the other nurse said it was ok, because I wouldn't want her to get in trouble. They also told me not to go to Florida for spring there go those plans.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Is it weird to have mono and not be able to sleep? It seems like that should be the one problem you don't have, but I haven't been able to sleep too well the last couple of nights. Weird. And I'm still not sleepy. Tired, but not sleepy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fixed it!

So the birdies kept fighting over the swing in the cage, and it was getting not good. But I fixed the problem! Behold, two swings:

And the best part is, each of them matches their swing! I think that's adorable. I just got it today, so we'll see if they always go to their matching one or if they switch sometimes.

So, in other know how I said I was feeling sick? Turns out, it's mono. Yeah. Yesterday and today I felt so crappy, I broke down and went to the health center. Luckily there's a nurse there til 10pm, and this woman was the nicest lady. It was so cute, she was on the phone with someone describing my symptoms so they'd let her do the mono test tonight instead of making me come back, and she was saying, "She says she's more tired than normal, but not so tired she can't get up in the morning. But I think that's just because she's a motivated person."

Anyways, there's nothing to be done but take ibuprofen for the pain and ride it out. I'm hoping, based on the progression, that this is the worst of it and I'll be climbing my way out of it starting tomorrow. Luckily just being around me isn't going to get you sick, so nobody reading this has to worry (except Isaac of course--sorry about that!). I was kind of hoping for strep throat, just because that would make four times I've had it, but I guess something new is...well, something new. I was really hoping it'd go away, though. Of course. Upshot is--so far, I highly recommend the Duke Student Health Center. =)

For Liz

I forgot, like a couple of weeks ago in my Torts class, my professor went on a slight tangent and talked about how at things like baseball games, it is assumed that you know that a foul ball or whatever can hit you when you're a spectator at the game, so you can't sue them for injury. However, this doesn't apply to hockey games. Apparently we Americans think it's one of those "crazy Canadian games" and we can't be expected to know the rules--"what, the puck comes off the ice??" I just thought that was funny--hockey is too foreign for us to be expected to understand it.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday sucks

Ugh, ok, so I'm sick, which means life seems like such a trial of course, but I have internet in Property--finally--so now I'm happy and don't care as much that I'm sick. Yay!

Alright, DC--let's see if I can remember anything important/funny I wanted to say. I'll probably go out of chronological order, too. Oh well.

Saturday was so cold, and although I knew it was going to be cold, I somehow thought that a t-shirt and my red coat would be enough. Turns out, it wasn't. So I've been to DC twice, and both times I'll remember for it being insanely cold. But I did get to see a bit of snow, which was pretty.

We were at this place for lunch, and Cate and I both found this sign very funny:

Like "women" wasn't clear enough. Good thing they made that second notice. Makes you wonder what goes on in that are the patrons just really dumb on the whole, or is there a lot of shadiness going on there?

Then at the Smithsonian, I saw this, and I thought it was just so true:

We should circulate these fliers again.

Oh, and also, when we went by the White House, it turned out that at that exact moment, some protester jumped the fence and started running. It was awesome--Secret Service/White House security (whoever it was) started swarming, they started coming at us standing on the sidewalk, and shouting at us to get away, cross the street (which we couldn't do because cop cars were flying down the road, so we had to wait for them). The guy shouted for like a minute about how he/his mom was the victim of domestic terrorism, but then he got down on his knees and submitted to security. This picture was taken from across the street, because we couldn't get our cameras out in time to take a picture when we were close:

It was pretty awesome.


Back from DC! I have stories and photos, but those will have to wait for later. Now, I'll just say I had fun, it was awesome to see Cate and Mike, and the Secret Service really knows their stuff.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cute alert

Well I guess the birds are getting along well. Baxter normally sleeps on the swing, but look what I saw when I came home today?

Isn't that adorable?? So cute. Oh, and NewBird still doesn't have a name, so more suggestions people!

I'm going to DC tomorrow...I'm very excited, I'm staying with a friend I haven't seen in years and I get to hang out with Mike and other people I know there! Very yay =)

UPDATE: I guess I spoke too soon. I was sitting on my couch, and I saw Baxter jump on the swing, and then saw NewBird desperately try to get on too, but Baxter was not having it. Finally Baxter just jumped down and NewBird is sitting on it alone, but I think Baxter will go back eventually. NewBird is such a little brother, he copies whatever Baxter does, it's totally adorable. But as an older sister, I understand how it can get annoying.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I love it when I get comments from people I didn't know read my blog! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. =)


So I'm wondering exactly how bad it is for me that I'm interviewing with two people tomorrow who worked for the Gore campaign during the Florida recount thing...

Puppies! And other cute things!

Christine sent me a website, comprised entirely of pictures of cute things, and this picture was just sooo cute I had to show you all.

Yes, that's a squirrel cuddled up with puppies. All together now...awwww...
(PS the picture might not show up on here, but if you click it it should show it in another screen)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

The bus driver today (from the parking lot to the law school) had a bag of candy for us! I got a raspberry lollipop. And I only have one class today. And it's Valentine's day. Today is a good day =)

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Ok, how cool is Scrubs you ask? Still? Well I'll tell you! Not only do they have a regular soundtrack available, but there is a website that also lets you go episode by episode and they list the music playing for individual scenes! That is awesome. Now sure it's not the official site, but do other shows inspire their fans to do this kind of legwork? I haven't really looked, but man, super cool. I love the song Question by Old 97''s from when Turk and Carla get engaged =)
Oh but NBC sucks because I can't download episodes on iTunes, and I missed the first one from last week and it was the first of the Mandy Moore guest eps, and apparently really good...I need to get a hold of it, and the people who TiVo'd it deleted it already. I wish Ethan was here. He could help.
AND--good news! Season three, out on DVD May 9th. Yes, this is a very Scrubs-centric post, but oh well. Maybe Danny's right and I should name NewBird after something Scrubs-y. [I just realized that I should have named the two of them Turk and JD, because they're green and blue, so it would be perfect...but it's too late to change Baxter's name now. Shame though.]

In something completely unrelated...I know some of you will appreciate this. I was hanging out with people last night, and Californium was the answer to a trivia question, and I went off into a mini-lecture about all the elements named after/discovered at Cal. Gotta keep up the Cal pride! But apparently this was hilarious because they spent the rest of the night making fun of me for it. I'm told it was a very impassioned speech. They just don't understand that we've had this conversation amongst ourselves (aka Pseudosuite). Yes we're cool.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


It's been a big weekend, and it's only Saturday. First of all, I got another bird!

So far we're calling him NewBird, but he needs an actual name. So people should definitely give me suggestions, because otherwise he's going to get something exceedingly random, and that could be bad.

I also hung curtains in my bedroom! (well I had some help too)

Less exciting than a bird, yes, but I think they're pretty. Plus, I like posting pictures. And using exclamation marks.

Oh and I've started watching Season One of Lost on DVD, and now I know why I purposely avoided it before--definitely addicting. Good thing I have lots of free time. Oh wait, actually, good thing I like to procrastinate.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I almost died in Property without having the internet available

So I had a post earlier about a woman who saved the life of a chicken by giving it mouth to mouth/beak, but the stupid internet wasn't working in Property and I lost the post, and I don't see the link on the front page of anymore. And I'm lazy. But my point was, I think it's cool, and we should be willing to give a chicken mouth to mouth/beak if necessary.

I had my first two on campus interviews today for summer jobs. One was a Dallas firm and the other a DC firm (well, those offices anyways). One went really well, one went fine. I'm not holding my breath though, because these places are hiring maybe one 1L from our school, maybe only one from multiple schools. So the odds aren't great. But at least it's good practice. Although, look how cute my suit is. I ask you, how could they not hire me?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh yeah

I forgot to talk about this:

"Either a wildly creepy Harrison Ford is leading a psychedelic Dr. Seuss-themed Super Bowl intro right now, or Chris Andersen just doctored my diet cream soda and I haven't realized it yet." (Bill Simmons)

Yeah, I think we laughed harder at that than anything else all night. Harrison Ford was clearly high.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Adam was sitting next to me in class and wouldn't look at my cute pics of Natasha (like listening to Property was more important...we both know he wasn't paying attention, might as well have looked at cute puppy pictures). So I'm posting them here. Well not all of them, I took a bunch, but a couple of them. Tell me she's not ridiculously cute! That's right, you can't.

I like it

I forgot to tell you, I got an interesting letter in the mail this past week. The AARP wants to know why I haven't signed up with them yet to become a member. I didn't realize 22 was old enough to retire--I now have my new career plan. Score!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

All dogs go to heaven...but these men won't

These are horrible horrible people! I mean, getting people to smuggle drugs is bad enough, but putting liquid heroin in the stomachs of puppies??? Not going to win you points with the public, Columbian Drug Smugglers, just letting you know.