Sunday, April 30, 2006

Props and snaps from the fabric lady

I bought a dress a little while ago that is super cute, but was cut really really low. I went to a fabric store today to buy something that I could put into the v-neck so it wouldn't look quite so slutty on me. There was a really nice lady who helped me, and she told me she was "very proud of me" for trying to make the dress not so low cut, because she has three granddaughters who all try to wear things as low as possible, which she doesn't approve of. I was very amused by that. Oh, and the dress turned out very well with my slight alteration, thank you for asking =)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Sound the alarm!

As faithful readers no doubt remember, my very first law school exam was interrupted two minutes in due to a fire alarm. Well, there must be something about the class of 2008, because it happened again today. First non-take home exam this semester, though this time the alarm came about an hour and a half into the four hour exam. We had to wait like a half hour, which was kind of a nice break out in the sunshine, but at the same time it just added like 40 minutes to our morning that I really would have rather been doing other things with. But it's done with, 2/3 done for the semester, only one more exam til the end of 1L year! Woo. But now I see why the professor said it took him all but 20 minutes--it was a long-ass exam! I hope he has fun grading all those papers... You know how professors always say, I can't test you on everything, so I'm just going to do the most important stuff, or just a random sample, or whatever? Well he really did try to test everything we did. Eight pages worth of questions. And we got to keep it as a souvenir too...whee. Maybe I'll post the exam, and everyone can take it in the comments section? How fun would that be. So fun.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Phone fun

I've been calling up my various utilities to cancel them since I'll be moving next month, and when I called Time Warner Cable, I thought I had hit a bad key or something because it made a sound like what happens when you pick up the phone and it's a fax machine instead of a person. After a second, I realized it wasn't a fax machine, but rather their "waiting" music. I think it's a bad sign when you can't tell the difference.

Also, I'm guessing that Verizon outsources their personnel, because I remember watching this 60 Minutes story about how people in India, when they're working the phone lines for American companies, make up names so they don't sound like they're talking from another continent. I spoke with "Deion" on the phone today, and I kinda doubt that that's a native middle eastern/asian name, which is definitely what this guy sounded like. But who knows, maybe his parents were big Cowboys fans.

save us!

Well according to Adam's sources (aka his roommate), not only did our crim law professor barely finish his own exam in time, he also only got a B+! What kind of nutjob is this, I ask you?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar!

Ah, freedom from torts. Of course, now I don't want to study for the next two finals...oh well. I was going to post yesterday (but of course I picked the 45 minutes that the site was down for repairs) that I went to the gym and saw the single least coordinated person ever. Usually I feel sorry for people who try but just can't get it, but I really wanted to laugh at this girl. You know how Saved by the Bell had the "nerds" that were like the most ridiculous caricature of nerdiness? This girl would be like if Saved by the Bell portrayed a nerdy girl working out. As a matter of fact, it's like that episode where they were all inexplicably doing an ROTC class or something, and the final task was an obstacle course, and Slater was leading a "cool kids" team and Zack had the dorky losers team, and they could barely walk without falling. This girl was like the dorky losers team on SBTB.

Our crim law professor, who still hasn't given us any sort of practice exam or anything to prepare for the final on Friday, sent us out the cover sheet for the exam (because that's incredibly helpful :-p). The opening paragraph is as follows:

This is your final examination in criminal law. It shall count as 100% of your grade, but only 10% of my assessment of your professional potential, and 0% of my opinion of you as a person. While the results of this examination will leave an indelible mark on your record at Duke, it should have no lasting effect on your soul or self-esteem.

*rolls eyes* Uh...I think I'd rather have had a practice exam. Just saying. Also, he told me he took the exam himself yesterday to test it out and it took him the entire time minus 20 minutes. I think that's a very bad sign. I mean, he wrote the damn thing...shouldn't he be able to do it faster than that?? This is gonna be fun.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Exam-ing it

At work on my exam...I really really really don't want to do this. Just thought I'd share that. That is all.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Have I mentioned how great sweet tea is? We really need to import that into San Diego. So far Bojangles has the best I've tried, but I'm still new at this.

tricky business

The beauty of finals is that once they finally get here, you care so much less about the grade. For example, a month ago I would have been really worried about this torts exam tomorrow (27 hour take-home...don't expect liveblogging like from Adam, but I think posting will be a good way to procrastinate), but now, I'm just so tired of it and hate torts so much, I only want it to be over. So while I'll care again about the grade in like July or whenever we get them back, for right now, all I need is to hand that thing in and be free.

I've realized that the thing I don't like about torts is pretty much what I didn't like about Con law--it's all judges making up whatever they want! I mean sure, that exists to some degree in any type of law, of course, but it seems like that's all they do here. At this rate I'm going to love fed tax, because at least it's a set of real rules, instead of "oh what's the policy here...which rule could we make up or apply here to get the result I want." And then I'll just have to hang my head in shame.

Again--Go Bears!

Berkeley has the ninth biggest library in the country. Yay us!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I've been saying it for years now!

Ok, how awesome is this? Sports Illustrated has a list of the ten hottest mascots, and the ten worst mascots, and guess who is on what list? Oh that's right, Oski is one of the hottest mascots, and the Stanfurd tree is one of the losers! Objective proof!! I love it =)

Friday, April 21, 2006

"Court Clears Way for Williams to be Tried Again"

I'm going to do all my finals studying by reading ESPN!

Crim law , contracts , crim law again, torts, property (I just love the headline "FIFA's Player of the Century Washes Her Own Uniform"), more crim law...I see a pattern here.

PS Torts is the devil and I want to watch it burn burn burn.

PPS I totally got a question right at trivia this week because I knew the presidents in order. So take that! I told you knowing these types of things is super cool and not weird at all! :-p

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where is everybody?

I only have seven people online right now on my budddy list. Seven! I can't remember the last time that happened. That can't be right. Maybe my AIM is broken.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Don't leave us, Leon!!

Good thing I'm taking crim law this semester

Well, less than a week til my first final, and the studying is underway! That exclamation mark signifies pain, not excitement, in case that wasn't clear.

I think someone tried to con me out of $50 yesterday. This guy came to me with a story about how he locked his keys in his car, and could he use my phone? I said sure of course, and he told me he was so-and-so's husband, but of course I don't know any of my neighbors, so that means nothing to me. So he called a couple of people and couldn't get through or something, and then he explained to me that he doesn't have AAA, so he was trying to use someone else's, but he has a new Honda, and Durham just passed an ordinance saying that you can't use someone else's AAA card without paying a liability fee for new Hondas or Mustangs, because Duke students have been using AAA to help them break into cars. So he says his car is at the duke lot, and he borrowed a car from security, so he can't get his car back unless he has $50 to pay the liability fee, and can I give that to him? And I said I didn't have any cash on me (which was true) and then he asked me if I could go to an ATM? Of course this is when I panic because this sounds shady (it sounds even shadier as I'm typing this), I don't know what to tell this guy. So I kinda mull it over, make a quick call (where I got a firm "SAY NO!"), and then kinda told him I couldn't. I have a really hard time saying no, I feel really guilty. He was very nice, just left, and I wished him luck. Of course later last night we watched Wolf Creek and all I can think is, what if he had been a serial killer! But at least nothing actually happened--unlike Mike in his adventures in DC, getting beat up by a gang of mini-thugs! That's craziness.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Amusing myself during my last classes of 1L year (wow I can't believe I just wrote that)

Since this is our last day of torts, and it's a review session instead of a regular class, we get to use our computers. Yay! It makes the time pass much faster, plus I take much more complete notes. And I get to check my e-mail every thirty seconds...that's the real reason I'm happy to have my computer, I'll be honest.

[an hour into the review session, and I'm glad I'm typing just because I would never be able to keep up otherwise. He's explaing like everything we've covered in a semester, in one speedy hour. Good thing I can type crazy fast now]

Adam has brought up the fact that our Property professor looks like a wizard from Harry Potter. Why it took us all semester to notice this, I don't know why. Maybe it's the particular tunic top she's wearing today. I wish I knew how to take pics with my phone and get them onto my computer, because the big flowing sleeves definitely make it look like she's about to pull out a wand and teach us how to create property boundaries via a magic spell.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yay for Jesus

Happy Easter everyone! And to celebrate...only one more day of class for me! Woo. And everyone else, of course. I remember the days when Easter meant spring break, and now it means the end of the semester. So strange.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Free things yay!

The legal job process is so weird. When you're a 1L, firms for the most part don't care about you at all. There's a ton of 1Ls and not a ton of paying jobs, so they can be as picky as they want, pretty much. It's not fun. They're mean. But when you're a 2L, all of a sudden it's competitive for them too, and they start trying to show off how great they are. They seem to figure out at the end of 1L year that we're only a few months away from interviewing with them, so they start trying to woo us. Today one firm put $5 Starbucks gift cards in the mail folders of all the 1Ls. There's 200 of us, that's kind of a lot. Other firms have been giving us candy and notebooks and other such stuff. I knew being a 2L would be much better than being a 1L!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Explain to me how when you do a google search for "margarevaville," my blog doesn't even come up? You see John, Chris, and Adam's blogs, but not mine. I find that strange.

From Albany to Trenton

I was so so bored yesterday afternoon in classes, I started compiling a list of the state capitals so I could memorize them in alphabetical order. The people around me kept asking what the heck I was doing, and when I explained that I was doing it for fun (because I already have the states in order) they kept telling me that that was weird. But you know, at Trivia last week, one of the half categories was State Capitals, and had I known them in alphabetical order, it would have been much easier to get several of those questions. So it makes sense. And I was so bored I was about to fall asleep. Totally normal.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Money Magazine has a list of the top 50 jobs in America, and lawyer comes in at 37. (Lawyer is also ranked number 4 for highest salaries.) Of course, "best job" is based on salary and job prospects, not on things like "not hating your life," and "seeing daylight hours." So I'm not really that encouraged. Although I note that meeting and convention planner is at 39, only two spots below lawyer! So I guess that proves my dad wrong--being an event planner would have been a great career after all!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our registrar thinks we're eight years old

Every semester we have to do online evaluations of our professors. The rule is that you can't see the evaluations of past semesters unless there's been a 70% response (which, as a sidenote, I want to say I really hate because that doesn't actually happen that often! They really need to reduce it to 50%, because otherwise they're useless to us). So today we get this e-mail from our registrar:

Dear Students,

I heard a vicious rumor that the Class of 2008 was a very competitive
class. Just to see if you really are let's see which writing section
can get to a 100% return rate first. I will send an email message to
all of the students declaring your writing section the winner, and then
everyone will know what small section is the BEST. When you go do the
writing evaluation, do the rest, and be the best class of all.

Are you suprised we already didn't like this lady?

UPDATE: Ok, she has sent us a total of FOUR e-mails asking us to do evaluations in less than three hours. Someone needs a valium. Or eight. But here's what Adam sent out to our section in response to her e-mail:

Dear Section 4:

I'm sure you're all as excited as I am about our new challenge, courtesy of Pam Varnadoe, to become the first section with 100% participation in the student evaluations. She has thrown the gauntlet down, and Section 4 will answer. Think about how "Most Participation in Evaluations" will look when added to this list of our prestigious accomplishments:

- 1L Softball Tournament Champions
- North Carolina Law School Softball Champions
- Home of Hardt Cup Champion Joshua "Brandon" Neal
- Home of "Lowest Grade on the Brief" Champion Joshua "Adam" Cooper

I'm already having t-shirts printed up in anticipation of our impending victory. I know how competitive we all are * Pam Varnadoe told me, and in no way do I think she was just saying that in a feeble attempt to get us to do this * so let's get out there and win this thing so Matt Brooks doesn't break a bat over his head!

Sectionally yours,


Just my two cents

Aerobics instructors should put up a sign or warn you or something when they aren't going to show up. It's not nice to make you sit and wait for nothing. It is good when you have your friend on the phone and just decide to keep talking for another hour and wait for the next class to start, though.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Strange dream

I had a weird dream last night. I can't remember exactly what happened, but it started off talking with Christine about coats (it was cold outside, and I was wearing a poofy white coat), and she said she had the same one, and then I think Andy came over and brought me a baby goat, and asked if I could watch the goat for him. I said sure, and put her in my coat, so she was zipped up against me around my waist (very odd I know). So then other stuff happens, I don't know what, and then I'm hanging out at a house somewhere and a country singer who I used to date in my dream comes up to me and I told him I really liked his last CD. He was really happy to hear that, he's not a big star yet so he was glad people actually listened etc (although if we used to date it's not like I'd be a totally objective person in that respect). So then Cesar comes up to me and wants to show me something outside, and he shows me a cow that has something wrong with him, I don't know what, it was weird, and this reminds me that I have a goat in my coat still! So I take out the goat and she's so happy to be out, but she hadn't moved or bothered me at all for hours! I was so impressed. So she's wandering around the house, and then I have to go somewhere so I put her in a box with holes cut in the top, and I think she kinda transformed into a puppy or something in my dream, because I could see her little eye and nose poking out, as she tried to get out of the box, but I couldn't take her with me for some reason and I had to leave her there. I was really sad.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I have no title today

I've been remiss in my posting of late! Sorry. My only excuse is that the internet has been down in Property the last couple of days, and that's prime blogging time taken away from me. Not to mention the fact that it makes me want to stab myself with something sharp. But that's beside the point.

I'm told that on the OC, the kids are headed off to Cal in the fall for college! Not having seen the show myself, I can only assume that this means the characters are just so super cool and awesome, because why else would they go there? But I do think it's nice they actually picked a real school--I always hate it when they just make up a college, like they did with Saved by the Bell: The College Years. [sidenote: did anyone else think it was weird that when regular Saved by the Bell ended, they were all going to separate schools, like Zack at Yale (yeah right!) and then all of a sudden with the college years, three of them were in the made-up California school? I thought that was strange.]

I really hate it when telemarketers call you and go into a solid minute or two of speaking, without a pause, so you have no choice but to listen (or be very rude, which I prefer not to be) and let them run through their whole talk til you can break in and tell them you're not interested. My bank called a few days ago and did this, and it was highly annoying. I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner, so I just let her talk and tuned her out as I debated pasta or chicken, and when she asked to confirm my address after like two minutes of a monologue, I told her I wasn't interested. Then she gave me more of a speech, and I told her I wasn't interested. Then she gave me ANOTHER speech, about how my bank wants to serve me well or whatever, and I cut her off and said the only thing I want is to end this conversation because I'm NOT INTERESTED. Then she had her closing speech. I really wanted to hang up on her, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I would want to switch banks, except I fear change and doubt any one would be better.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

that's new

I just took a survey on my law school, and it actually had three radio buttons under sex: male, female, and transgender.

Interesting choice...

It's election time, which means tons of yard signs for the candidates of course. You know how sometimes people put little nicknames to help you remember their name? I saw this sign today:

Vote "Naughty" Nauseef for Judge

I get that Nauseef is an uncommon name and you want to make sure people can remember it, but naughty? Is that the best message to be sending about someone trying to be elected judge? Either way you interpret it, I think it sounds bad.

Bird Blogging

The parakeets have a habit of knocking over their swings, but that doesn't stop them from sitting on them! I found them like this when I came home one day:

The birds like to play on their playground--it's a good time for all:

But sometimes, you have to get down to work:

Time for torts!

Ah yes, it's a busy life for the birds here in Durham.

Monday, April 03, 2006

depressing thought

I just looked at the clock and realized I'm going to be here for another eight hours. For a grand total of ten. That makes me sad. And very sleepy.


Loooong weekend. I spent literally all day yesterday working on this stupid moot court thing, which I would have enjoyed much more if I hadn't gotten stuck going on a Sunday. I mean, way to ruin our weekend! But at least I'm done. But ew, that sucked. Saturday night five friends and I went to dinner with at the home of our legal writing professor (we won it at an auction to support the public interest group here), and it was pretty fun. She's really relaxed and cool (when she's not grading our writing). But it lasted a long time...we didn't leave until 12:45 am. So I love her, but I needed to work on stuff, and it was daylight savings time so I was already losing an hour, and I wanted to go home. She did have very cute black labs though, so I was happy to get to play with them.

Two weeks of class left...I think I'm in complete denial that I have exams coming up. I am not looking forward to this.

Update: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what I thought was one of the funniest comments I got doing moot court. One of the judges told me that my earrings were too dangly, that they might be distracting to some people because they move around my head when I talk. I thought it was funny because I didn't bring my shorter, more "proper" earrings because I figured, well these ones will be just fine (they're not super dangly, more in between), but I had this feeling that I would get lectured about them being too long, and sure enough, it was first thing the judge told me. Oh well. I also got told to slow down on my second one, but this time that was the petitioner, so now I've realized I don't get told I'm going too fast for respondent, just whichever one happens to be second. I think it's because it's so much effort to make myself speaks slowly, that by the time I get to the second one I can't hold back anymore, it's too exhausting. This is my new theory.

(In a related sidenote, I was at dinner with a group of people I didn't know, and I was quieter of course because they were all friends and I didn't really know them. At one point I turned to my boyfriend--who was the only person I knew there--and just went into this three minute side conversation at warp speed about something completely random. And by conversation I mean my talking and him nodding, mostly. Which has me thinking I can't keep quiet in general for too long before the need to speak builds up in me and I have to get it out.)