Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day Two

Well today I got my first two assignments, so at least it wasn't all forms and badges =) I got in before 8:30 (ick!) and when I got there my boss was leaving in a bit for a meeting, so he didn't want to give me and the other intern assignments right away, because he wouldn't be there to answer questions etc. So instead he told us to just go through some of the Air Force info online and in this binder, because we had gas mask training anyways at 10am. Yes, I had to go to gas mask training, and I was assigned my own personal one! It lives at my desk, ready for the day of a biological weapons attack. But such is life at the Pentagon. lol

So after lunch once everyone was finally back in the office I got my first assignment. The attorney I went to talk to seemed really nice, and so hopefully it won't be too painful. It's lots of research and then a memo (oh joy). Then I got another assignment from the national security division (cool!) and when she described it to us I wanted to laugh and then cry--it deals with a ton of the same stuff that our appellate brief was on. I mean really, I can't get AWAY from this!!! I could not believe it. There is only a small portion of people reading this who actually understand what I mean here, but Councilman and I salute you.

Anyways, today was better because not only did I have some real work to do, but I wore flip flops to and from the Pentagon, and believe me that was much more comfortable. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to go straight from the Pentagon to the gym tomorrow, which will be tricky. And of course I'm still waiting for my e-mail address to start working. But progress is being made!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This tv's on notice!

In case you were wondering, we just ordered cable, so hopefully as of Saturday we won't be completely tv-less. It's not that we're so dependent, but really, do you know how quiet an apartment can be without it? It's weird. Too much for us. At least now we'll have a remote control, because I forgot to look for my brother's when I brought the tv up (it's his tv, and he packed the remote somewhere that he doesn't remember, so it would have been tricky anyways).

My First Day

I feel like a Scrubs episode with that title. today was my first day. I got up bright and early (well not so much bright because our apartment is in the basement, so it's kind of short on sunlight, but still, early), and was out the door by 7:40 (help!). Walking to the Metro station near me wasn't bad, I was thinking hey, these shoes are comfy! They didn't lie. I made it to the Pentagon around 8:15, but it would have been earlier except I got minorly confused by the metro. I didn't have a badge so I have to go in the special line, where they check your bags, run you through the metal detector,and then you wait in a big open area for someone to come and take you away. There were a ton of people there, and a bunch of Navy General Counsel interns were starting today too.

Eventually the Air Force people came and got us and I met the other intern starting today in my office, who is actually from North Carolina, but goes to GWU. We sat around for like an hour and a half doing paperwork, which was dumb because they'd already mailed me TWO copies of the exact same things, and then gave us a third to fill out right there. So that was fun. Around 10:30 we got sent off to our assigned work areas, so for me and the one other guy we went the Air Force Office of the General Counsel. We met up with the guy in charge of our program who is super nice and only 26, so he's definitely a good person to have easing you into work. He showed us around the office a bit and helped us get more of our paperwork taken care of (to set up e-mail addresses etc).

Then we went down back to the entrace to get our building badges taken care of. Our boss (I'll call him that for shorthand even though I'm not exactly sure if he is my boss really) said that last week when he took people there it took like five minutes, but we had to wait like an hour and a half to get our badges, at least. It was painful, and no chairs because the place was so full. So we're standing there, chatting, time is passing slowly, and finally my number is up next. So I'm waiting outside the door when all of a sudden I see a sign that says two forms of ID, once showing your SSN, are required. Well, we'd both left all of our stuff back in our boss' office because all he'd said was that we need the form we filled out. We couldn't get back into the main area of the pentagon without going through all the trouble of getting another visitor's badge, so we were stuck there. After waiting an hour and a half, though, there was no way I was going to not get a badge. So I traded numbers with someone like ten people behind me, and our boss ran back to his office to get our bags. But then all of a sudden they started blazing through the list, so I had to trade two more times with other people until our boss got back with the bags. Finally though he made it and we got our badges (two hours later).

Then we did lunch and got a tour around the Pentagon more or less. That's when my feet really started to hurt. Turns out they weren't as comfy as they'd seemed at 8am. Also, I will never be able to find anything there. I can get from the entrace to the office where I work, and that's it right now. He showed us the gym and all these other eating places (besides the main one you see when you come in), and I really had no idea where we were pretty much the whole time. It's insane. And really is a small city--post office, dentist, hair cut place,'s got it all. Very impressive. The middle of the Pentagon is this pretty park-like area, and even has a cheesecake place there. Of course, it was 9 million degrees today, so it's not the perfect hang out place. But still pretty.

Finally around three our boss let us free because it was our first day and all. So tomorrow morning between 8 and 8:30 (help again!) I'll show up and start actual work, I guess. I tried to make clear that I don't know anything and could possibly cause a disaster, but he still wants me to come back tomorrow, so that's good. And said not to worry.

It's funny, I got home around four today, and I was thinking, jeez, I don't want to have to do this again tomorrow, only for an extra two hours! And then I was like, wait...I dont' have anything to do now. I'm totally free. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. Oh, and my Pentagon badge only allows me to stay in the building until 6pm (which actually has to change or something because otherwise I can't really go to the gym after work which is bad), so that means no overtime =) AND, if you people come to visit me this summer, I can give you a tour of the Pentagon. So that's pretty cool.

Ok, tired now. Time to do something. I wish our tv worked (no cable, so we get nothing). Maybe I'll venture back out into the heat (now that I'm not in my (very cute) suit anymore) and get a mirror for my room. Fun times in DC. =)

Update: I forgot to mention, they have gas masks all over the Pentagon. In "break in case of emergency"-type boxes, like for fire extinguishers, but you know, gas masks. I'm supposed to get trained on them later this week. I think it's kinda funny.

good morning

First day of work today! First thoughts: I don't like getting up early. More to come...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm here!

Finally in DC! It feels like this summer has been in the planning stages forever. When I got here I had lots of help carrying in my stuff, yay, and the place is pretty nice. The only problem is that we're in the basement so we have small windows, which means not much sunshine. But it's fine for a summer, even if I wouldn't like that on a permanent basis. So I'm all moved in, went to the grocery store and bought some basics, and am now mildly freaking out because I realize I'm actually living here for the summer. Change scares me. I'm sure it'll be fine and all, but I'm a worrier, what can I say.

On my way to DC finally!

Today I'm driving up to DC from Durham. Sorry for the lack of posts, but I only had two days here and I had a lot to do. But now all I have to get done is pack the car up (including the birdies) and make the four-ish hour drive. Of course Virginia is apparently very fond of ticketing for speeding which means I'm going to have to curb every natural impulse I have to take advantage of any open road in front of me. Which is not going to be easy. But I'll try my best, because a speeding ticket would be a bad way to start the summer.

First day of work on Tuesday...definitely a detailed report to follow (as long as that doesn't break any rules of any kind, lol).

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Options, options...

So I was talking to Liz a few days ago and of course she inspired me in a roundabout way to take Russian again next semester. Problem is, the course I would need to take is a) MWF (which could be difficult if I need to travel Fridays for interviews, which fingers crossed I will have), and b) meets at the same time as a class I already have scheduled. It's not a vital class so I could drop it and take something else, but the problem is finding something to replace it with. So I'm debating what to do right now. All I know is, Russian is super cool and I should be taking it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lazy days

I went shopping today with my mom to buy some work clothes for the summer (seeing as I don't have that many Pentagon-appropriate outfits). I meant to buy normal colors, like gray or blue...but the two suits I ended up getting are very cute, one is white with a bow on it and everything (very legally blonde, I admit), and the other is a pretty green. So from now on, just boring colors to balance it out. Unless I can find a red or a pink.

So the primary is coming up in San Diego (and unlike 84% of Durham voters, I will actually be participating), and I'm looking at the ballot, and who is running for Superior Court judge but my old lawyer boss! Yay for her, she was great. She let a high school kid do an awful lot. Too bad I didn't listen to her and stay far away from law school.

Oh, and for some reason, the wireless doesn't like my bedroom (which is where my computer is) and keeps bumping me off. Therefore, I can't stay on AIM, because it keeps disconnecting me and not reconnecting me. Really annoying.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Home just got weird

Moments I did not expect when I was home: having my mom and my brother give me a phone and a phone number and ordering me to call over and over to vote for Katharine.

"But I don't watch American Idol"
"Just vote!"
"But I don't even know if I like her best"
"Just vote!"
"But I don't even vote for shows I actually watch"
"Just vote!"

Hmph. Although there's nothing quite like seeing your mom and your brother, with two phones in each hand, frantically dialing to get through on a reality show, of all things. Really makes you wonder when your family went nuts.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I'm home in San Diego now. Long flight...I read a book, three magazines (well, not cover to cover), and took a nap. I can't even remember how I made it through transatlantic flights! lol.

Look how cute Baxter is when he's sleeping! All together now: "awww..."

Here we put the boys (and their playground) on a bookshelf...just for fun =)But don't worry, I took them down before they developed back problems.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Heading out tomorrow

Finally done! Yay. I kinda wish I had one more day in Durham to get my new place organized a little better, but oh well. Today we had tornado warnings all afternoon, which was pretty exciting. Of course, I didn't even know about them until the danger had past, I just thought it was bad storms. Probably for the best that we didn't get one, though, because my plants wouldn't have been happy. Plus, it might have messed up my flight tomorrow.

Set your VCRs, because tomorrow is the season finale of How I Met Your Mother! I know, we're all excited. And speaking of tv, I got Scrubs Season 3 on DVD finally, and it's fan-tastic. Really, just reminds me what genuis we get every Tuesday. The only thing that's bad about this one is that it has less bonus material than the first two seasons. I highly disapprove, yo. And the DVDs themselves are a really weird yellow color. But either way, the show is pure awesomeness, and you should go get it (but get seasons 1 and 2 first so you can really appreciate it!).

PS Congratulations to everyone who graduated this week! Now you're old like me...mwahahahaha!


Ok, there seems to be some confusion, so just to clarify, I said below that I was happy that at least some of my friends are going to be in DC this summer (ie Eric, Mike, Cat, Nate, Cate...). This does not mean that I have no friends in Durham, just rather that not all of my friends are going to be in DC, but at least some of them are.

Better, Eric? =)

Managed to forget the required self-addressed stamped envelope, which I didn't realize til I was already at school ready to print and turn in. Grrr.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Gotta hurry up and get out of here!

It just hit me today how much fun it's going to be this summer, working, not having homework hanging over my head, and being in the same city as at least some of my friends (including Mike, who I haven't lived near in forever!). I can't wait.

Rough draft done, yay! All I have to do now is fix the bluebooking up nice and pretty, and edit it (although I'm pretty sure at this point, I'm just going to be looking for grammar...content is probably a lost cause). My old apartment is halfway clean and almost totally empty (yes, I still have some stuff left in there). There's progress being made in the new apartment. Not bad!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Ok, I have nine pages written (out of 14), so that's good. The problem is of course that I don't know if it's any good, but at least I have something on paper. I will probably just follow Adam's philosophy that once you get 14 pages, you're done. I just need to get back in the work zone. This is the problem with three hour breaks, it's hard to get back in the groove. Oh well...focus Reva, focus!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Yesterday was moving day...rented a U-haul, and got 80-90% of my stuff over to my new place in a day. Not bad, I say, especially since there were just two of us to move everything. And my desk is reallllyyyy heavy. Of course, this means I didn't start writing the stupid casenote until today, which causes me minor panic since my friends seem to be halfway done already with theirs. But I'm trying to control that. I got a few pages written today (after I moved some more stuff...whee) which makes me feel slightly better, except of course now I know how long it's going to take (much longer than I'd hoped) and seeing as I haven't finished moving out of the old place (I need to clean it top to bottom...where's my mom when I need her?) and have to unpack etc everything here, too. So I'm trying not to freak out about the stuff I need to get done by monday (going home day!) but it's not working.

Speaking of going home, it looks like San Diego officially isn't my home anymore after early more parents to go home and visit. So now I'm the girl without a domicile...just try to catch me in court, you won't be able to! I'll argue that jdx til the cows come home. Wait, I hated civ pro though, so I probably won't. Man I don't want to work on this casenote...procrastination yay.

Oh, and in important news, don't forget, Scrubs Season 3 is officially out now! I went to go get my copy, and they were SOLD OUT. Outrageous, I know. I'm writing a letter. So hurry and get your copy before they're all gone. But I did find a copy of The Muppets Take Manhattan, so that's good news anyways. Not Scrubs good, but pretty good.

Monday, May 08, 2006

I need to leave more complete notes to myself

I'm packing up my apartment now because I'm moving tomorrow to my new place, and some of the boxes I'm trying to sort through have a bunch of stuff I just shoved in there when I moved from Berkeley. I have a bunch of post-its with random stuff written on it, and I found one with this quote, and I know it's from something I saw on tv, but I have no idea where:

-He's a squirrel. He doesn't read the paper.
-Well he should. Knowledge is the cornerstone of democracy.

That just cracks me up. Too bad I don't remember the context whatsoever. And now that I've shared it with the world, I can finally throw that post-it away.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Hostel is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Do not rent it. As one critic put it, "Is there a point? No. Will you like it? Perhaps, but if you should see someone about that." It's got no plot, and horrible torture scenes. I mean, I don't mind gory movies in general...but this was way too much, and without a point. So just my attempt to save you the trouble of renting it. You're welcome!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Well I am officially done with my first year of law school. The casenote competition doesn't count as 1L year because it's "voluntary," I've decided, so I'm really done. Which is kind of insane, but all I have to say is, thank God. I'm so ready to be done with school, two more years sounds like an eternity, but at least it's going to (theoretically) get progressively easier.

In unrelated news, do people remember the fantastic Nickelodeon show Legends of the Hidden Temple? Isaac and I were randomly talking about it, and he started dowloading eps and finding these insane fan sites. And when I say insane, I mean totally nuts. This one is my favorite--the people actually went episode by episode, critquing the kids and describing their runs through the temple. Who does this kind of thing, I'm not really sure. But I want that kind of spare time.

The show also had some weird prizes. Like if you actually made it out of the temple in time, you got a pretty cool trip, like to Santa Monica or Jamaica (the Santa Monica one being cool assuming you're not from CA). But if you lost in the first game (which 2 of the 6 teams do every episode), then your prize was...tuna fish. Yes, Starkist Tuna was the prize for at least one episode. That, I do not understand. If they wanted to be cheap, it could at least have been candy or something. The host also made some comments that would never be ok to say today, like "We know all Indians liked to live in teepees." That was fairly amusing. Oh Nickelodeon...that was the golden era.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bob Loblaw's Law blog (actually someone else's)

Here is a crim law review question from a UCLA professor/blogger's crim law class. It involves Sesame Street characters--I'm jealous, we just got Looney Tunes names on our exam. The Count is so much cooler than Bugs Bunny--there, I said it!

This guy also has tips for the law review write-on competition (part 1, 2, 3, 4). Part four is reasons why you should want to be on law review, but I remain unconvinced. I find this other piece written by a George Mason professor much more persuasive--Why the Bluebook should be abolished. Please, let's do that, right now. I seriously didn't believe that something as simple as a citations system could be unbearably complicated until I tried it. And it is. I think it's a conspiracy to feel important--these nerds who developed it just want to feel special so they keep this stupid system because they're the only ones who know how to use it. There should be an SNL sketch that's the Bluebook equivalent of Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy. (But not literally because no one would get it...but then again SNL does kind of suck now anyways. Hmm...)

The results you've been waiting for

Well, it's official--Mike Nifong is in and "Naughty" Nauseef is out. How sad. But Adam has some more great material on "Naughty," who apparently is a born-again Christian. I said, good choice on the slogan. Now of course I was pulling for the guy, who wouldn't be, but I'm thinking I don't want a guy with that kind of judgment to be, you know, a judge. Maybe next time he can run as "Fairness and Efficiency" Nauseef. I know one person who couldn't resist that kind of name.

Also, apparently even with all the controversy, only 16% of eligible voters actually voted in the DAs race. 16%! That's pathetic. And no, I didn't vote, but that's because I'm still registered in San Diego. I would have thought all the national media attention would have mobilized the votors...but I guess it did overall, seeing as the whole state is going to be lucky to hit double digits for voter turnout. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I don't want to hear it, Adam

I was watching A Baby Story on TLC (it comes on right after 10 Years Younger, of course) and the dad on the show was NFL wide receiver Travis Taylor. Now he's on the Vikings, but at the time of the show, he played for the Baltimore Ravens. They had footage of him at practice and stuff, and they interviewed one of his teammates. I was only half paying attention, so I didn't see who it was, but looked up and noticed the guy talking was wearing a Cal shirt. I finally actually looked at the guy, and who was it but Kyle Boller! I'm just happy to see he still wears his Golden Bear gear proudly (as he should!).

Today is the election here in Durham. Apparently it's the primary, but the DA and other positions here are partisan, and there are no Republicans running (what an outrage!), so as long as somebody gets more than 40% of the vote, we'll find out today if there's a new DA or if the illustrious Mike Nifong will keep his job. And of course, if "Naughty" Nauseef will prevail. Stay tuned for further developments...