Friday, June 30, 2006

It's like a stairmaster--use it people!

The escalator at the Pentagon metro station was broken, so we had to walk up them like stairs. No big, because it's only like a flight and a half's worth. But this man walking up couldn't handle it. I saw him stop twice (which means he may have stopped more times than that) to take breaks! Just for a flight and half. Seriously, people need to exercise more. That shouldn't require a rest, let alone multiple rests. And it also bugs me that people don't walk on escalators more in general. Unless you have health problems or really heavy bags, etc etc, a little more exercise won't hurt you! Or at the very least stay out of my way--stop taking up the whole darn escalator and stand on the right!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I need it to be Friday already

You know, when I decided to work for the government this summer, I knew there'd be downsides, like the sad pay. But I figured there'd be the upsides too, like days off. Everyone knows government people don't really do anything, they take as much time off as possible. Or at least it sure looks like that to anyone who tries to call a government office and get something done. But apparently I was wrong, because I have to work on Monday. July 3rd. Which regular firms get off. So I ask you, where is the justice?? I am not pleased, in case you were curious. Nor am I ever working for the government again. (but for more reasons that just this)

Monday, June 26, 2006

I Spy

Oh I forgot to tell everyone about the Spy Museum. I'll just say, I hate kids. The museum had some cool stuff but it was too crowded to really see everything, and the screaming kids really detracted from the sights. My overall impression: something you only do once. And hopefully when someone else paid for the ticket.

Also, I still haven't learned how to drive to Virginia without getting lost. I went for the third time last weekend, and still had trouble. At least the last couple of times I got off on the right exit (thanks to my supervisor guy showing me where it was I should go, since he lives near me he knew). But getting on is always a pain. Last time I accidentally went to the airport when I was trying to get to Mt. Vernon. And I swear the roads here are really weird. Number and letter streets I can do, but the stupid state streets mess it all up. We're driving into VA this weekend to see Superman at IMAX, and I'm definitely making Isaac drive.

Question of the Day

Who is your favorite Secretary of the Navy? Mine is George von Lengerke Meyer.

At least I brought an umbrella!

According to CNN, it's "too wet to work" in Washington. Well, I'm stuck here at work. So that seems unfair to me. I think we should get sent home as a "too wet to work" day. Although apparently today people can take "liberal leave," which I gather means that federal workers can take leave that day without any prior notice. But of course that still involves actually taking leave, which is not what I'm going for. But it was a fun commute this morning, with part of the metro shut down due to flooding, so we had to get out of the metro, take buses to the next non-flooded stop, and then continue from there. It was, as I'm sure you'd imagine, highly efficient. And the bad part is it's supposed to keep raining for over a week, so I don't know where all this water is supposed to go. Maybe we'll get to "work from home" later this week... (well I can dream).

Oh, I also like the way the Metro lady tells us to bring a "bucket-full of patience" with us. Makes me want to kick her.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yay for you!

Thanks to everyone who remembered my birthday! =) You guys rock!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The nerve!

Liz stole my toothpaste! Can you believe that?? Don't ever invite her into your homes, people, she's a thief!

I'd check the silverware, but this place already only has three forks, so she probably left those alone.

Field trips

So the Supreme Court field trip today was definitely kind of boring. We didn't get to see them release any opinions or anything, we just sat in the room and got a 10 minute lecture from an intern about how "there are three branches of the government." Whee. The Clerk of the Supreme Court, though, is actually a former Army JAG, so he met with us for a little while and talked with us. He was really nice though, so that was cool. But the best part was definitely only being at work for two hours, and getting to be free at like 3pm =)

We have another field trip on Friday. It's going to be a little weird going to the Spy Museum with the general counsel of the Air Force. Liz says there's a place where you can crawl through air ducts and spy on people...I don't see that happening on Friday.

Totally random, but walking to the metro one day I saw this black guy, in his 50s or 60s, driving a Corvette, with Sin Wagon by the Dixie Chicks blaring. I thought that was hilarious.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday already?

Sorry for the lack of posting, but by the time I get home at the end of the day I just don't want to post. And I haven't quite gotten to the point that I'm ready to blog regularly from work.

Anyways, my briefing went really well. I was the first clerk to be allowed to do it, and now they're letting the rest of them go too since I didn't totally bomb =) And apparently the board said they thought I had a future in litigation...which isn't what I think I want to do. But it's nice they thought I was good =)

Liz got into town on Thursday and we've been having fun, just walking around the city and exploring some. She's done museums etc while I was at work. Today we went with Mike Davis to Mt. Vernon and Old Town Alexandria, which was pretty fun. I went to Mt. Vernon when I was 16 (yay Freedom's Foundation!) but it's been a long time and I didn't remember it that well. Of course, some people complained about the heat (which was definitely noticeable), but still, I don't think "I get hives from the heat" is a real excuse for whining.

Tuesday my office is going to the Supreme Court and Friday we're going to the Spy Museum, which means this will be a good week =) So yay for that, because I'm still not enjoying the getting up at 7, and anything that makes the week seem more fun is a good thing.

Go Mavs!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So much to report, so little time

Ok, I really need to go to bed because I have to get up at 6am tomorrow, but a lot happened today compared to Monday and Tuesday, which was a whole lotta nothing. Unless talking about Saved by the Bell for over an hour counts as productivity. But I'm getting up early because I'm presenting a case tomorrow in front of a board at Andrews AFB, which is kinda cool. And, Josh Gracin was at the Pentagon today doing a concert! It was pretty exciting, as you can imagine.

Ok, I'll explain more later, plus I'll be able to tell you how the board thing went, which I'm sure you'll all be on pins and needles about.

And Liz comes tomorrow, yay! At like 6:30am, lol.

So much excitement.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


"Homeland Security Accepts Fake ID"

I finally went

Ok, I had a super fun weekend last weekend. I spent Saturday in NYC and got to see lots of the touristy things, like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building (which I can't imagine ever going back to, talk about a long line!), etc. I went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, too, which was hilarious. I've never seen the movie, but the musical was fantastic, I definitely recommend it. I think spending a summer there would be fun, but I can't imagine actually living there--other than Central Park, it's all concrete and people. Just too much. Although, the super giant department stores were pretty nifty...and I think there's an H&M on like every block (H&M always makes me think of Christine--she knows why!). The best part was definitely seeing Isaac though =)

Oh, on the train ride up there, I accidentally sat in the "quiet car." Oh the irony. The guy was quite vigilant too about nobody speaking above a whisper, and definitely not ever being on their phones. Good thing I was so tired I just catnapped most of the way.

I've also decided that Newark is not a nice place to live. Definitely not a pretty town. Montclair was much better.

That's not cool

This is terrible: "Starving Polar Bears Turn to Cannibalism"

See, this is why I need to be able to keep polar bears as pets. Then they wouldn't have to eat each other, I'd feed them! And we'd play too. And Cate agrees with me that they totally wouldn't eat me. So ha.

Monday, June 12, 2006


The weekend was very yay! I got home late last night, so more details to come later.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Have I mentioned that I love Fridays?

I'm going to New York this weekend! First time I'm going to be there. Finally east coast people can stop making fun of me for never having been.

I had my first "company picnic" today. On the plus side, we got to leave work at noon. ...and that was about it.

Why does no one ever comment on my blog?

My parents have officially moved into their rental house in Texas. And our SD house is officially sold.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

History + Cal = woo!

Matt told me that on iTunes you can dowload free language podcasts, so of course I went there to check it out. I found Italian ones, and do you know what was on the page as a related podcast (for some reason unknown to me)? Lectures from History 7B! How random is that? (It's a class at Cal in case you don't know, American History from Reconstruction to the present). It was the only class listed too, just out of nowhere. I didn't take that class because I like the period covered by 7A, colonial through Civil War. And the prof who teaches it a lot is an "America sucks" guy. But still, that's awesomeness.

[It seems they have a bunch of Cal lectures actually. That's still awesomeness]

[Another update: I was looking at a history 5 lecture series and this comment is posted up by some listener: "Perhaps I am a little spoiled which has tainted my view of this 'educational' podcast. Having received an advanced history degree from Harvard..." Ok, the comment continued, but I tuned out her bitchy opinion as soon as I read that portion. Andy, your peers are making your school look pompous!]

Trade you for your Swingline?

The great thing about cable here is that we get Bravo! You don't get it with basic cable in Durham for some reason. I missed Celebrity Poker Showdown and Kathy Griffin =)

So I'm pretty sure I don't want to work for the government permanently. I've only been here for less than two weeks, but I'm thinking that fighting over office supplies is not the life I want. And if you're going to be forced to deal with a ton of beaurocratic crap, at least they can pay you six figures.

Ok, I don't think I can sufficiently describe how funny it is, so you're going to read this and think, wtf does she find funny? But, as I said, office supplies are a point of contention. The divisions don't like to share, and they fight over who the clerks have to get their supplies from. So my little office that I share with UVA guy had no stapler, but we did find a three-hole punch yesterday, and so we started figuring out what we could trade for a stapler. Then today we found some staples and an empty binder! It was so exciting. So now we're figuring we're totally set, we can walk into the office supply black market and pretty much get whatever we want. ...ok, that doesn't sound funny, but imagine two law clerks busting up laughing because they're trying to figure out what a three-hole punch and an empty binder would be worth on the open market.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Silver lining

The good thing about sharing a bathroom with your roommate is that it forces you to get up, so I can't hang around in bed hitting snooze all day because I have to get out of the bathroom in time for him to take a shower. It's probably for the best. I have a tendency to abuse the snooze button.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekends are very good!

The best part of working is definitely the weekends. There's all this free time and no homework! I love it. Of course, it makes Mondays suck all the more, but I'm trying my best to come to terms with the fact that I have to start all over tomorrow.

Today I spent like half the day at the National Zoo, which is of course vastly inferior to the San Diego Zoo, but is free, so that makes it pretty great. It magically dropped like 20 degrees overnight so the weekend was beautiful, like low 70s and finally comfortable to walk around in, so today was the perfect zoo day. Of course, everyone thought so, and while it wasn't so busy overall, it was full of families with small kids, which makes me want to get my tubes tied, because they are pure evil. Of course, one kid was having a tantrum and the father shouted out to him, You are the poster child for birth control, and I thought that that was kind of harsh. At least the animals were quite cute. We (especially Mike) have a ton of pics, which I will spare you from.

Yesterday I went to Target in Virginia, and I have confirmed my initial opinion that driving in this town sucks. Way too confusing, way too many mean drivers...just a mess. But at least I got a comforter for my bed finally and some other stuff I needed. Of course, my walls ares till bare except for a picture of a Catholic saint, because I didn't bring stuff up myself (dumb me!) and I couldn't find a cute puppy calendar to save my life at Target. Oh well...two more months of living in the convent, as Eric calls it. And I got to park in my brand-new leased spot, which was very exciting. It's like four blocks away, but it's a really nice walk, down a street with a bunch of shops and restaurants, and there's tons of people even very late, so it's perfect. I had a hell of a time finding the place, but now that I know where the hidden alley entrance is, it's all good.

Oh, and I did two blocks worth of walking lunges today. Two blocks! The instructor is crazy. And my legs will probably hurt for the next two days. But at least I know I was working! =)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I really love the weekend

Somehow I never get around to posting on my blog until late at night, and by then I just want to go to bed instead of type, so that's why I didn't post the last couple of days. I actually did open the blogger window at work, but I wasn't quite yet ready to be posting from there. As I think I mentioned, you can see my computer as you walk by, so obsessively checking my e-mail is all I'm doing yet for fear of looking bad in the first week.

Work is ok though. I've discovered that I work well in the mornings, and after like lunch I've got no energy left. Those first few hours are productive though. I don't know why since I'm still tired, but I guess it's kind of the same way I can only study for a few hours at a time and then I'm done. Hopefully I'll learn how to be productive for most of the day instead of only half, because otherwise I'll have to move to France so I can get a full-time 20 hour workweek.

So I finally rented a parking space in an apartment building nearby here, which is yay, but the woman I'm dealing with was a big pain in the butt. She is the kind of person who just won't shut the hell up on the phone, so a 10 minute call lasts like 40 minutes. And she just kept saying over and over how she was doing me a favor by only renting to me for 2 months instead of a year, and how she's worried, but it's ok because I'm giving her both months rent up-front, etc etc etc. Seriously, I wanted to just tell her to shut up and hang up the phone. It's not that she's mean, she just kind of gets these digs in and then makes a big deal about logistics. Maybe it's cause she's old. But she was making it really difficult for her to get the check (because I guess she doesn't work during the day and didn't get that I do and can't just run over here to drop off a check at 10:30am), so Eric ended up dropping off the check for me at her husband's work because his firm is close to Eric's (yay for Eric!). Now I just have to fetch my car from like Maryland and move it to my space. Right after I go to Target--that's goal one of the day! Well actually goal one is get cable tv I guess, but whatever. (Cable guy is coming between 1-4, which kind of messes up the day, but it's worth it.)

Oh, and yesterday I was walking around downstairs at the Pentagon and I saw this sports shop, so I went in there and what did I find but a Cal checkers set! It's the rivals editions so it's them versus Stanfurd. I was so excited that I bought it really without thinking (also because my lunch break was about over and the guy said he closes at 3pm and it was the store's last day in the Pentagon, it was moving afteward). The guy said he'd had it for a year, lol. So that's exciting stuff.