Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bad Blogger, bad!

Apparently my blog is not showing up right sometimes...I gave it a stern lecture, we'll see if it behaves itself now. And if not--no dinner!

Today at the gym, I went to this class that was all conditioning, no cardio, and at one point it was like twelve of us standing in a circle, doing arm exercises. Most of the women there are regulars, so they all know each other, and they were talking about one of the women there, and apparently she's going to go work on the Lieberman campaign and so they were going through the whole story of how this happened. Anyway, so they're talking about politics and democrats etc etc, and then someone says, hey, did you notice like two weeks ago there was a girl here with a republican shirt on? She hasn't been back since--I wonder if we said anything to offend her? Of course I had been silent throughout all this conversation because I didn't know any of the people and they were having their own thing going. But the instructor woman says, hey, is anyone here a Republican? And I raised my hand (the only one sad), and she was like, did we say anything to offend you? At which point I turned around and showed them the "Berkeley" written across the back of my shorts, and said, hey, I went to Cal, the political discussions I'm used to are Kucinich vs. Dean, no Lieberman allowed!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Speaking of which...

Scrubs season 4, October 10th!!!

The dream finally comes true

Years ago (like three maybe?), when lots of shows started coming out on dvd, I was excited about two shows that turned out to be not available yet. One of those shows was Scrubs. And after years (or maybe a lot of months) of waiting, I finally got an e-mail from Amazon saying, hey, guess what, you got on a list and now the Scrubs dvds are available! It was a beautiful day, and since then I've bought all three seasons that have come out.

But still, there was another show I wanted. Another show that was not available. And I waited and waited. And then just now, I saw an ad on tv that told me what I've been waiting to hear all these years. Yes, Pinky and the Brain is finally out on dvd!!

It's a happy day.

Wait a minute...

Was that Jason Day that just left a comment, perchance??

Monday, July 24, 2006

Vital information I must convey ASAP

Also, yay for the train conductor that let me sit in business class on the way back down to DC yesterday. Had a big roomy row all to myself, instead of being squished next to somebody. =) Good karma to him!

I watched the pilot episode of this new USA show Psych on my ipod on the train (I don't like to read a lot on moving vehicles, so watching tv is perfect). You can dowload the pilot for free on itunes, which is why I was watching it. Anyway, I think it has promise. Fridays at 10 isn't such a great timeslot, but there was some definite comedy there. And Charlie from West Wing is on it, which I know a lot of you people will like. ("you people" referring to my friends who watch WW, of course)

Big drops are bad news

Isaac and I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey last weekend, and let me tell you, they have some scary coasters! What I don't like is that feeling when you're going down a huge drop, and you kind of rise out of your seat, so basically you feel like you're about to fall out. One of the coasters had something like the size of a large plate holding you in--that was it! I'm surprised I didn't die, frankly. There were some fun coasters too, the kind that does all loops and cool stuff like that. You know, the ones where you don't have to hold on for dear life so you don't fall out. But they were kind of incompetent there, they couldn't manage to keep their coasters open, or tell people what was going on when they had to stop letting people on! Which would have been nice.

I was proud of myself, though, I won a puppy at one of the games:

Of course, it was one of those games where you shoot water at a target, and the first one to finish the race wins. And I played against a kid and like his grandma. But hey, I'm good! lol

And Isaac won a puppy for me too: you may guess, his victory involved more skill than mine did.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Talented? Sure. Jackass? Definitely.

According to PTI, T.O.'s new Cowboys jersey is the best-selling jersey in the NFL. Blech.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My poor neglected education

No one ever taught me to put two spaces in between sentences when I type. I don't know how such an oversight occurred, but it did. And once I did learn the rule, in high school, I ignored it because, hey, I'm an individual, I do things my way! But now I've decided it's time to break down and really change my typing ways. All I can say is, it's a good thing we all send like eight million e-mails back and forth from work, because I need the practice! Although for only trying for the past two or three days, I've made a lot of progress. But it's still a slow process of retraining myself. Luckily, I'm kind of used to doing this, because I like to change the way I write by hand periodically--like I'll decide to change my As, so I'll just retrain myself. I like variety, what can I say. But yeah, been hitting backspace a lot lately. Oh well.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Bad weather, good parking

It's so hot here, it's disgusting. The gym was so hot, I wanted to leave halfway through my step class. When I went to Safeway at 9pm, it was still 90 degrees. This is madness, people!!

And I forgot to mention, when I was in Philadelphia, guess what I did all by myself? That's right, I PARALLEL PARKED! Yeah I did! I'm so proud of myself. Sure, it was a really big spot, but hey, I still did it! With minimal trouble, too. Just one redo. Small victories, but victories nonetheless.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hooray for history

So I went to Philadelphia this weekend, which was pretty fun. I had a cheesesteak at one of the original places that started it, but I learned a valuable lesson--never add hot sauce until you've checked how hot it actually is. I have a pretty high tolerance for hot stuff, but I covered my sandwich in the hot sauce they had there, and I was reduced to chewing ice by the end, because my mouth was so on fire. That was less fun.

I wish we had cool historical sites in my city! I don't exactly know which city is "my" city anymore, but unless I'm moving to like Philadelphia or Boston (which I'm not), there's not much there, wherever it is. And I think it would be really cool to work at a place like that, getting to be a history expert telling tourists things. Lording it over them that I get to go to the special behind-the-scenes places, and they have to stay on the other side of the rope. Oh yeah, I'd enjoy that. It's the simple pleasures in life.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I love the blue and the gold!

Adam Duritz kicks ass! (And you'll notice that he's ranked above James Gandolfini for Rutgers in the top 12 list. Ha!) Nothing like a real Cal fan to get you pumped for the upcoming season =) Still hoping to make that TN game...a mere five hours away from Duke! But we'll see...stupid "interviews" possibly making life difficult. Like those are important.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's the Stapler!

Yes, this is our lovely stapler. Sorry it took so long to post the picture, but, I know, it was worth the wait. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's game time!

Two of the following e-mails are by the same person, and one is Adam pretending to be that person. Can you tell whose is whose?

Hush up, JACKHOLES! Charlotte's da shit. I HATE Y'ALL MOFOS! I drunk. I drunky all the time. BLACKBERRIES!!!! BLACKBERRIES!!!! I BE DRUNKEN. I DRUNK NOW. I GOLF TOO!!!!! DRUUUUUUUUUUUUNK ************************************************************
i have a blackberry i am cool too yayayayayayayay

all this talk of blackberries makes me wanna get a beer

i AM like the USSR my primme ws years gao but i still have an alluring drunk-been-around -the bloock-with0-a-handle-of-vodka feel to me.

on yeah and if tghis north lorea guy fires one more missle at the usa and accidentially sjoots it my way, i'll blow his ass off the face of the earth. yesy yes i take seconds yaya

Monday, July 10, 2006

I knew something would go wrong last night, somehow I just knew

My alarm didn't go off this morning, so I woke up at 8:15, aka the time I get to work. That was fun. But I made it out the door in like 11 minutes, which is amazing, considering that's how long it takes me to wash my face and brush my teeth alone, lol. Not the best morning, but I was at my desk at 9am, so I felt like I accomplished something, even if that something was only being minimally late.

Tomorrow we have another field trip, to Andrews Air Force Base. It's going to be like the whole day, we get to look at planes and helicopters, yay. That's actually the base where the president flies out on Air Force One, and all the dignitaries fly into DC there. So it's kind of cool. Or at least it's better than just a regular base, lol.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weird people

So I went to Macy's (high five Christine!) today to buy some new work clothes, and I was really happy because the one in Pentagon City has a large collection of petite suits (high five again Christine!). However, my fun time shopping was cut short when I met the dumbest woman ever working the register. She was the kind of dumb where she doesn't know if "area code" is part of the phone number. Or can't find letters on a computer keyboard, and needs the woman at the other register to find it for her. Yeah, that kind of dumb. And yeah, those really were some of her problems today. Put me in a bad mood, I can't stand that kind of incompetency.

In other weird news, last night Eric (my roommate and Duke compatriot) and I were at a bar with some of his friends, and we notice that there's a really weird asian guy who just keeps meandering around all by himself. That would be a little odd in and of itself, but he's also wearing a long coat and eskimo hat, the kind with ear flaps that keep your head warm. Keep in mind it's 1am and still like 80 degrees outside. So he just keeps wandering around, and staring at our table, looking at Eric like he's his long lost brother or something. He meanders closer and closer to our table, til he's right next to us, then turns to Eric and shouts, "Dis!!!!" Getting no response other than stunned silence and people trying not to laugh, he says it again. Finally, not getting the answer he wanted, he finishes the freak mating call himself--"Co!!!!!!" Apparently he thought he and Eric had some sort of disco connection or something. So Eric just says, yeah ok, and the eskimo wanders away. Then a half hour later, he does the exact same thing! And one of the guys at are table just says to him, yeah we're fine here, thanks. And disco eskimo spent the rest of the night wandering around and staring at Eric, and we just kept trying to keep him away and hide Eric.

So strange.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I swear I did some work too!

Conversations I had today at work with the guy I share my office with:

*What differentiates and enchilada from a burrito: the sauce/way it's cooked, or the tortilla?

*The possibility of creating "metric time"

*Convincing Kim Jong-Il to show off his power as dictator by creating a new time standard (ie instead of 24 hours in a day, make it 26, and be a month younger than the rest of the world after a year)

*Whether "heat peanuts" were a subset of "party peanuts," and if you were having a party, which kind of peanuts should you get.

There was one other one but now I can't remember it, drat. Oh, and I took a pic of our stapler, but it'll have to wait til later for me to post, because I haven't uploaded it yet. Try to contain yourself.

And obsessive hitting "refresh" worked, because I got the super awesome parking permit today--yay! As did four of my friends! What are the odds? Especially when they said there were only nine of these spots. So...we're obsessive, but successful!

Oh, I went to a Cal alum happy hour today, and we sang the drinking song! I love our drinking song =)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Word continues to spread!

So I was browsing the personals on Craig's list (I actually had a purpose this time, doing research for a friend, but if you've never done it just for fun, you definitely should. It's hilarious), and I came across a rather unremarkable ad. Guy sounds very forgettable, I'm not overly impressed. He's just trying to get a girl to meet up with him for The Devil Wears Prada, and maybe dinner after. But, at the end of his post he has this gem:

You may use the lemon law if you wish (and if you know what TV show it is from).

Now, as we all know, the Lemon Law is perhaps the best invention from Barney, aka Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother. Within five minutes of beginning a date, you can say adios to someone, no harm, no foul. And this guy who invoked it on Craig's list just got way cooler. The dream becomes real! Now we just have to see if the Get Psyched playlist catches on too...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's see, there's a bunch of little stuff I wanted to say. Which I've forgotten most of.

*At a restaurant on Saturday, this girl (who is 26 and looks and sounds almost exactly like Andrea I., and only BCR people know who she is but there you go) and I were getting a pool table while her husband and my bf were putting money in the meter. So we go to the bar upstairs, and are just waiting for them because the pool tables are rented by the hour. Anyways, after he comes back, Isaac goes to get a table, and apparently the girl behind the bar asked if we were underage! I was outraged. It's one thing to be younger, it's another to be 20!

*Does anyone watch Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo? So the poker expert there is someone different this season, Phil Hellmuth Jr. I thought he was like 30 maybe, but then on the championship episode (currently on) Dave Foley said something about him winning the World Series of Poker in 1989. 1989?? So I looked him up and he's 41!! I guess all the casino time helped him keep his skin away from sun damage.

*Superman--a disappointment. Thin storyline, I think. The Devil Wears Prada--funny. Go see it instead (sorry Adam).

*So for the Fourth of July, Mike decided to go all out and go to the Capital to save a really good spot, right on the steps! And so he got there super early, got rained on by a huge storm and had to flee, then came back and got almost the exact same super great spot. So he held down the fort for hours, and then Isaac and I met him (and the girls he was with) like right before the fireworks started. So it was pretty neat, just like on tv, seeing them up against the Washington Monument. But Stevie Wonder is not fireworks music, I'll tell you that much.

*I'm so important that I get to give press conferences at the Pentagon.

*I was at Safeway last week and the guy in front of me didn't have a Safeway card, so I offered him the use of my Vons club card, which works at both stores. I hand it to him, and the cashier just looked at me as if I was insane, like I had just handed him my Blockbuster card or something. I tried to explain to her that Safeway owns Vons, so it'll work, but I don't think she believed me til it actually ran through.

Big News

Ok, I have a lot to say about the four-day weekend (well, four days minus 1/2). And I'll have pictures too! But that has to wait for later, because I'm at work and I just have time to share the big news with you all--after 5 1/2 weeks of waiting, our dream finally came true. A stapler of our own! It's not the prettiest stapler, it's not the newest stapler, but it works and it's all ours! We're thrilled. Hopefully I'll bring in my camera tomorrow and I can take a picture of it so you can all see him.

Ok, more blogging to come (if I don't fall asleep was a rough morning).