Thursday, September 28, 2006

On the road again...

Back in Dallas, with yet another hotel that charges for internet. For shame! My interview is at 8:30 am tomorrow, which I'm not that happy about--the DC norm of starting around 10 is much better! Dallas, better start shaping up...

At the airport today, I saw some people who had been on the flight back to Durham last Saturday when I flew home! That was pretty random, because Saturdays and Wednesdays aren't the most common days to fly, but there they were, same lesbian couple, same little girl who, sad to say, really wasn't that cute. And I think most kids are cute--that's why I remembered them in particular. The kid. Sad but true.

Oh, and I got my next citechecking assignment. Hooray. :-p

UPDATE: Ok, it just took three tries and over five minutes to get someone to pick up the damn phone so I could set a wake-up call. That's two strikes!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Not my SBTB!!

I got this from my friend Cat (who doesn't read this and won't know she got credit, but I'm saying this anyways), and it's quite disturbing. You're warned: Screech is in a porno movie.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Good commercial

I really like the Coca-cola commercial where the Notre Dame fan and USC fan watch the football game together in the middle of the night, because they're in somewhere in Asia (I didn't notice where). Probably because I remember looking for the Superbowl on tv in Italy at like midnight (and not finding it, unfortunately...damn soccer fans). Football brings us together! That's the message I get.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


We kick ASU's ass and we only move up one spot in the polls? That's BS!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

In the central time zone now...

So I finally did my first Texas interview, and it's interesting to note the difference between those and the DC interviews. I've only done one so far, so we'll see after next week when I've done a few more if this firm was representative of all the firms here. But it was much more low-key, I think. Which isn't bad necessarily, just different.

I do have a new official pet peeve though: people who say they want your "autograph" when they ask you to sign a credit card slip. I'm sorry, that is retarded, and I've always thought so, but yesterday I decided it's become an official pet peeve. So I will not tolerate this anymore. I don't know how, but I'm going to work to stamp out this plague upon our society!

I'm going to miss the end of the Cal game because I'll be flying home (unfortunately...the missing part of the game part, not the flying home part, and by home I mean Durham). But I'm sure enjoying the first half! Mwhahaha.

UPDATE: I need to learn to shut my #$^*!&@ mouth. Now my plane is delayed.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Is this dog cute? I've got two votes for and two votes against right now. And I reserve the right to discount any vote that doesn't seem sufficiently serious or honest. :-p

Sounds like the start of a torts case!

Yesterday I was getting onto the 15-501 South(freeway) at the Duke exit, waiting to make a left turn onto the entrance ramp. (I describe so the people who live here know where I'm tlaking about) As I'm sitting there, I see this car coming the opposite direction, slowly make a left turn and go up the ramp. The problem with this is, that was the EXIT ramp off of the freeway! The people behind him were honking, there are four signs that say in bright red "Wrong Way", so I don't know what this guy was thinking. But he goes slowly up the ramp, which is a hill so I couldn't see him anymore after a certain point. Then I heard horns honking and then saw either smoke or dust flying in the air. I didn't hear any big crash, so I don't know what happened, but it couldn't have been good.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

IP is not my favorite class

Back in class, finally! It's been almost a week since I was here, but we got Monday and Tuesday off (and I don't have class on Friday), so I still haven't actually missed any classes.

I've decided that airline travel has gotten ridiculous. Out of four flights, only one was on time, and for two of those three delays, the delay was longer than the actual flight! And yes, that *does* make me cranky! You should not have to be surprised when your flight is on time--it should be expected! And don't tell me that it has to do with new security issues, I really don't think that taking perfume out of your carry-ons is the cause of the delays. I don't know what it is, but regardless, airlines are on my list! Which means they're on notice.

You know who else is on notice? Hotels that charge and arm and a leg for a room, but still don't give you internet or even a newspaper! What kind of cheaopos do that? Seriously, I can carry my bag up to my room on my own, it's small and has wheels. I'd much rather have the internet and a Washington Post then a bellhop.

Other than that, the trips were good though. I got to see Mike [who, off-topic, I just saw as I went to get the link to his blog that he's moving to frickin' VERMONT! Good thing I saw him this week!], which was of course very yay. I also saw like 50 Duke people, on my flights or at the firms themselves. DC is a big market for us.

Also, remember how some guy marked me as "not a prospect" on his on-campus interview evaluation form? Well at one of my callbacks this week I saw the on-campus interview form that the woman had filled out on me, and I got the highest mark on that one! So take that, Mr. DC Fancy Lawyer Man! Ha!

Not much else to report...leaving again tomorrow, but this time for Dallas, which is good since then I get to see my parents (and my puppy!).

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jobs jobs jobs

I just got a rejection letter from someone I didn't even interview with! I have to say, that's a little excessive, people! I actually had signed up to interview with them, but I cancelled it. They must have gotten the list waaay in advance of their interview time (because I cancelled it in plenty of time) and just sent out letters to all the people who weren't on their "yes" list. But seriously, you'd think that they'd at least double-check the people they were rejecting! I want to write these people back and tell them that I'm glad they "very much enjoyed meeting with me," but if they're as careful practicing law as they are in their recruiting practices, I'm glad I'm staying far away from them. Hmph.

Speaking of, I just got back last night from my first foray to DC, which went very well, yay. Today I had a bunch of citechecking to do for my journal (hence the aforementioned begging to get back into the library), so that pretty much killed the daytime, but at least I have all of tonight, and then part of tomorrow (until I get back on a plane and return to DC). Oh, and I made it out of the library in time for the Cal game, which unfortunately I have to monitor on GameTracker, but I suppose it's better than nothing. But speaking of flying, how come these planes are all delayed?? It's really annoying when your delay is twice as long as the flight itself!

Sadness of my heart

I just got locked out of the library, and had to bang on the door til someone let me in. My life has hit a new low--begging to get into the library!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I miss pacific time

I meant to mention, what kind of football game starts at 10:15 pm?? I fell asleep watching it, woke up just in time to hear Al and John mention that it ended 27-0 (go Chargers!), and then back to sleep. That is ridiculous--I blame the east coast and it's crappy time zone. And don't tell me that it didn't matter because the only people who wanted to see Oakland-San Diego were west coast people--obviously not! So blah to the east coast and blah to eastern standard time!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I want it to be spring semester

It finally happened that I got my first big journal assignment yesterday. The short things I've been doing all semester, but those don't count. Most of the people on my journal got their first assignment like two weeks ago, but I won the "lottery" and got the late assignment. Or so I thought! Turns out this article is late because it's barely coherent. And of course I start flying around for interviews this week too, so basically I'm having mini-panic attacks as I try to figure out when I'm going to get it all done. Even though I know it all will get done and it'll be fine, etc etc. The 2Ls last year were right--class does become third on your priority list! It's just too bad two of my profs have a habit of assigning a ton of reading--so far I've kept up, but I see that failing in the near future because I can't do 60 pages for one class every night!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

We won!

Yesterday marked the opening of softball season here at Duke Law, and I'm proud to say my team won the opening tournament. We've played more than four games in a day before, but even four was pretty tiring, especially since we had three back-to-back-to-back. Long day. But victory was ours!

And, of course, victory was ours in the Cal game too! I said I wanted to win by at least four touchdowns, and we came close to that, so I'm happy. Now THAT was the Cal football I was expecting to see this season. And it's always so nice to see a home game...we can hear the mike men on tv, so I of course have to do the cheers along with them from the comfort of my living room. My Cal spirit can be felt even over there, of that I'm sure!

Three weeks of class already over...and now that on-campus interviews are over, callbacks begin. My life will become a series of flights as I go back and forth between here and DC, with a bit of Dallas thrown in there too. It's gonna be interesting. I think it'll be fun like the first time, and after that just a drag...but we'll see.

Oh, and apparently the birds like meatloaf.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fun at school

On Wednesdays I have a seminar that meets for two hours, we read books about constitutional theory and talk about it. It's pretty laid-back, we're supposed to take turns leading discussion each week. Yesterday was my turn to lead discussion, but the professor didn't show up! We decided to just start talking on our own anyway (in the hopes that we could just go through the discussion, thereby staying on track, but perhaps not be there the *full* two hours). We made it like 45 minutes through class before the professor finally came, and he was limping, so it seemed like some sort of disaster had befallen him recently. And, sadly, we had to stay for the whole time. But I was pretty impressed with us that we didn't follow the 15 minute rule (or whatever it is) that you can go free if the professor isn't there by a certain time. We're so dedicated!

Also, my criminal procedure yesterday was talking about cops that go undercover to bust people for drugs, for example. He's from North Carolina, has a pretty thick accent, and speaks very slowly and evenly (think Darryl Hammond's Al Gore, but with a thicker accent and less retarded sounding). So he was giving examples of what a cop would say to someone he was trying to buy drugs from, and I don't know if anyone else thought this was hilarious, but imagine someone with the aforementioned accent saying this:
The undercover police officer could say, "I'd like some dope," or "I'd like to help you sell some dope," or “I’d like to get to know you, and later work on the dope.”

It's probably less funny if you can't hear it in the accent. Just try hard to imagine.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Didn't you miss them?

So the birds found a feather on the floor one day while they were out of the cage playing. Somehow this turned into a very fun toy, and they both took turns picking up the feather and running around with it. This is the best picture I could manage to get of it--you can see Charlie (the blue one) has it in his mouth:

This picture is from the summer, when the birds decided that standing on cords plugged into the wall would be super fun:

Hmm, that looks like a fun place to be.

I was right! Charlie, come up here, it's fun!

Yup, we're cool.

Monday, September 04, 2006

This should be an episode of Law and Order

The law actually does some good! Hooray!

They're watching me!

Well this was exceedingly random! I googled "law firm gossip" because I know there are sites out there that talk about what lawyers think of their firms (seems like I should know if I'm interviewing with someplace that isn't stellar) and I randomly came across a blog called LegalUnderground. I'm started reading the most recent post, and it's all links to a bunch of law blogs around the blogosphere. I almost finished the post when at the bottom I noticed something familiar:

The Perils of Upside-Down Reading From two tables away, a job applicant was told she was "not a prospect." [Welcome to Margarevaville]

Someone found my story and randomly linked to me! And then I randomly found it. How weird is that? I feel kinda special, and kind of worried. This is why I don't post about things I don't want the whole world to know (not that I'm thrilled that the world knows I'm "not a prospect" for some law firm, but other people post much wose stuff about themselves).

I'm (going to be) in the money!

This is old news for some of us, but I thought I'd share it with the normal (read: non-law student) people who still come here. Basically we're going to be horrendously overpaid, because law firms all compete with one another to be the best, and the best pays the most, but if you don't pay as much as everyone else then your firm sucks and no one will go there, so everyone is stuck at the same level! It works out pretty nicely for us, I have to say. Unless they're expecting me to work nights and weekends, I really have a problem with that. But all it takes is one firm to decide that they're going to outdo the rest and raise their salaries (Rory's firm in LA is the one that started this latest round of raises, lol), and the rest have to follow suit! I'm waiting for mafia-style hits to result from this one of these days.

No respect for the working man

So who has Labor Day off? Not me! Not anyone at Duke!! I'm very very sad.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

At least Gunners would be creative!

Ok, I admit I haven't actually seen it, but is anyone else convinced that the new movie Accepted is really just Camp Nowhere for college?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fake liveblogging

5:28 pm The announcer for the horse race event which is just ending on ESPN says that "Tackle football is next." I didn't realize ESPN generally showed flag football, but good to know that it's tackle coming up next.

5:36 pm Tennessee kicked off, Marshawn had a decent return, and we're getting ready for the first snap of the game. All of a sudden, the video goes out! No video! I have audio, and I hear the snap, and then I can hear shouting and the announcer saying "what a way to open up the ballgame," but no video! I almost had a heart attack, it was like a tv show where the tv channel gets changed and when you get back you hear, "Well I have never seen anything like that before in my life!" So ironic. I got back to video when the play was over and luckily caught the replay, but I was very upset for like 30 seconds of blackout.

8:30ish Well at least the nachos I made were delicious. In other news, a) I want to go bury myself in a corner somewhere and never come out, and b) people, please stop texting me to tell me how bad my team did! I NOTICED!!

It's today!

So who's super excited about the Cal game? I am, I am!! =) Yesterday on SportsCenter, there was a coversation that went like this:

Man #1: So the question is, can Cal challenge USC for the Pac-10 championship?
Man #2: I think the real question is, can USC challenge Cal for the championship!

Awesomeness. Although Kirk Whatshisname just picked Tennessee to win, but whatever, they're going DOWN!

Also, yesterday the temperature managed to drop like 25 degrees overnight. It's the tropical storm/depression, but come on! It was downright cold. I had been hoping the temperature would drop down to like 80 or something, but 66 was a lot much. It better warm back up soon!

Only two more on-campus interviews to go...thank god! Of course, I still have interviews at the firms to do, but at least then I already know they like me!