Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My mom is hilarious

After reading my blog updates, she e-mailed me to tell me:

You are the cutest slutty pumpkin!

She cracks me up =)

Monday, October 30, 2006

We don't have a mob boss, but we're smart!

Ok, I know I'm posting eight million things today...think of it as making up for last week and the next week when I take an accidental vacation from posting. Adam has one of the Rutgers commercials up on his site, so I of course have to put up my favorite Cal commercial. This is the one they used last year...I wish they kept it, the one they have now is no different from any other college commercial (except for the UConn one...that's a new level of bad--see Adam's post).

Of course, a more useful commercial would probably be one informing the general populace that Cal is the same thing as UC Berkeley, but whatever.

Speaking of Cal football

SI.com has an interview (thanks Matt) with Marshawn Lynch and Robert Jordan (who are cousins, nifty!) and even the interviewer is a Cal alum! He said he and his wife, another Cal alum, have already indoctrinated their three kids...mwahahaha! It's a fun interview, gotta love the Bears, but there was one disturbing part:

Silver: Last thing -- what was up with those horrendous neon-yellow jerseys you guys wore against Oregon, and will we be seeing them again?

Jordan: I'm pretty sure you will before the season is out. I like 'em.

Lynch: Me too. They're shinin'. It's something new. Maybe for the Big Game.

Now I'm worried about their judgment! This is not a good uniform:

Maybe one too many hits to the head...get those guys an MRI!

Yay for being on ABC on Saturday!

I like how Cal wins last week, and goes down a spot, but has a bye this week and manages to go up. Top 10 baby! College football is nuts. Next week is UCLA, which means I have to guilt my parents into not actively rooting for their alma mater. Definitely doable.

Also, who saw that Cowboys game last night? I know my friend Brandon did, becuase he was going to Charlotte for the game and I distinctly remember some smacktalking on his part. I wish he actually read my blog so he could hear me say HA! to him. And also ha to my friend who was making fun of Tony Romo--I said it before, I'm willing to give him a chance and let him settle into the role of quarterback. Nate Longshore used the Tennessee game to settle in and find his rhythm, and look at him now! Romo's made a lot of headway in just a game in a half, so I have faith he's going to be a much better choice for us than Bledsoe (sorry guy...time to retire and spend time with your kids).


Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are splitting up! I'm heartbroken. Seriously, Reese is my girl! Christine has Drew Barrymore, Liz has Julia Stiles, and I have Reese! This is terrible. I guess this paragraph refers to me:

Although Monday's announcement was unexpected, particularly for believers in the Hollywood happy ending, rumors of marital strife have dogged the twosome for years.

Well I'm sorry for being such a sucker, but I really thought they'd be fine. Sigh.

Oh, and my congressman might run for president. But whatever.

Me? I'm just a homesteader

Since I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera (as you can tell from the post below), I have that picture that I mentioned previously as wanting to post about. Remember how I said I switched my voter registration to Durham? Well, as I was filling out the form, I noticed that the North Carolina one is very different from the California form (the only other one I've seen, of course). In particular, my favorite part of the form is this section here (click to enlarge):

In case you can't see, it's a picture of an intersection, with the words "If you do not have a street number, or if you have no address, please show on the map where you live."

Maybe I'm the only one who finds this hilarious, but this cracks me up. We don't really have this on the California voter registration cards...

And it's not even November yet!

Halloween has come and gone at Duke Law, I've already gone to two parties and I'm done! Good times were had at The Barn (yes, our law school halloween party is at a place called The Barn...we're in North Carolina) on Saturday, and thanks to daylight savings time (which I hate and want to get rid of, and make it permanently spring forward) I got an extra hour of sleep before our softball tournament on Sunday, which we won--back-to-back champions! Here's a pic of some of us from Halloween (sorry it's dark):

I'm the slutty pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother! I don't think most people got the reference, though. They probably thought I was an ORDINARY slutty pumpkin, but nope, I was a special one!

Just for fun, here's the picture of my softball team with our trophy:

Go Fourplay!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I just learned not to get your jury award allocated between future medical expenses and non-medical expenses, so you can deduct the entire award

Scrubs is coming back!!! (Hat tip, Adam) Thank goodness, I'm going through the season 4 DVDs right now, and they are just pure awesomeness. I need new episodes! I don't know why NBC treats Scrubs so poorly...they don't deserve to get kicked in the teeth every darn season.

This morning on Sports Center, they were talking about Tony Romo starting for the Cowboys against the Panthers. There was some sort of nationwide poll, and they had one of those election-style maps, with the states colored red or blue depending on who they wanted to start, Tony Romo or Drew Bledsoe. The ENTIRE COUNTRY (save for a couple of neutral states) said Drew Bledsoe...except for Texas and Oklahoma. I guess I really do belong in Texas, because I agree it's time to give Romo a chance. And I think it's good Parcells decided to go with him, too, since all of his fans think that is the right choice, lol.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm pretty sure he's a 65 year old woman

In case you were wondering, yes, Adam CAN sing the entire Golden Girls theme song. And yes, he felt the need to do this in IP.

Not even worth a title

Sometimes if I don't post for a while, then I feel so far behind that I just don't want to post at all, it's too much to make up. That's why I've been avoiding it the last couple of days. That, and I don't have anything to post...or at least, the only specific thing I want to post involves getting a picture off my camera, which I haven't done yet, so it has to wait.

I'm still working on my costume for Halloween...We have the big law school party on Saturday, and my friend is having one on Thursday, too (which I'm sort of helping host, in a manner of speaking, lol), so I'm running out of time! I was going to be a fairy because I already have the wings, but then I found the necessary items to make my dream costume come true (well, dream of the last year anyway), so now I'm working on that instead. I'll post pics probably from the parties, eventually.

Ok, I've posted something...now I'll be able to get back into regular posting.

Oh, and I didn't hear my alarm go off this morning (sometimes if the reception isn't quite right, nothing plays, so there's nothing to hear...damn clock). I woke up at 9:25, but I still made it on time to my 9:55 class! I'm impressive, I know.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More evidence that dogs are superior to cats

An disabled woman's cat set her house on fire. Then her heroic dog not only brought the disabled woman her prosthetic leg and the phone, so she could call 911, but then the dog (after helping the woman escape) went BACK into the house in order to save the pyromaniac cat. And the poor dog never made it out of the house. Good thing all dogs go to heaven.

Spreading the gospel

When we were driving back up to Durham from Atlanta, we were looking for a place to stop for lunch around Greenville, SC, when I saw a sign for Jack in the Box! I got very excited and so we ended up going there. No one I was in the car with (Eric, Adam, or a girl who drove with us and goes to Central) had ever been there before, so I got to introduce three new people to the deliciousness! Of course, they all liked it. That's one of the closest Jack in the Boxes to us here in Durham (the closest being Charlotte I think). But it's funny, the people out here haven't ever seen the commercials even! I think it's a shame, because they're pretty funny, especially if you're comparing them to the general ads out there (ie taking beer commercials out of the pool).

Here's a couple of commercials to enjoy (not the best ones, but I had to work with youtube here):

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I went to Atlanta for an ABA conference, and the below post is from this weekend trip--I shared a room with Adam and Eric (two of my friends here), who also had to go to the conference. That's why I know that Adam talks in his sleep. And no matter what he says, it's DEFINITELY true.

Also, Cal going down to 11 in the polls is complete bs. I'm VERY unhappy!

I hear the secrets that you keep...

Adam talks in his sleep. And it's complete gibberish too. But loud gibberish.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where oh where is my domicile now?

I finally did it...I changed my voter registration today. I wouldn't have done it at all, would have kept it in San Diego, but we have a really terrible DA here who's up for reelection and I felt forced to help kick him out of office (because I can't complain if I didn't vote!). And I suppose technically I didn't have a good reason to stay registered in San Diego...considering my parents have moved and I no longer have a house there. But it hurt, oh it hurt. Next to go will be my California license and my California license plates next summer. Not by my choice, but because my license will expire ON MY BIRTHDAY next year (on my birthday? Who woulda thought it...right, Weirdness?). Sadness of my heart.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Patience is Rewarded

I have mentioned the show How I Met Your Mother here before as a pretty cool show (even if Adam, Andy and I are the only ones who watch it), but it hit a new level of amazing on Monday. In this episode, 3L Marshall is at a law school party. I tell you, it's as if the writers looked into our very souls, and put it right onto the screen. I'd been waiting to talk about it here because I knew without seeing it for yourselves, you wouldn't understand what it's really like. But my patience has been rewarded, as some geniuses at YouTube have put up the clip that I wanted! I caution all future law students to watch and think long and hard, whether you want THIS to be what your life is from now on. Because you'll never be normal again. (Ok, for the record, Isaac says that this clip is not at all what he and his friends are like, so maybe it depends on who you hang out with, but I'd say it's definitely a fair representation of what at least some of us go through, and Adam agrees with me. We felt violated, like our dirty secret has been shared with the whole world now. It's sad. Now you know how pathetic we are.)

Fast forward in this clip to 7:52 to get to the pertinent part (and ignore the brief "Ted Moseby, Architect" part), and watch it til about 10:10. (If you're really really lazy, you can just go here and watch just the law school party part, but it's crappy quality and doesn't have the entire thing.)

Yeah...that's law school.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Roll on you Bears!

Gonna get knocked around by Oregon, huh? Going to get our asses handed to us as soon as we play a real team? Well, HA!!

It's funny, the announcers on tv were talking about how Nate Longshore had been saying before the game that it would be all about defense today, and the announcers were laughing and saying, yeah, no offense, but I doubt it. And then on the first play of the game, interception!

I am disturbed that Nate Longshore leaves tickets for Jessica Simpson at every game...I mean, the leaving tickets part is fine, but he needs to pick somebody better to be obsessed with. How about Rachel McAdams? I love her.

The uniforms were truly terrible. I was worried that they'd make us lose, but even though they didn't, we still need to get rid of them right away. I tried to put up one of the pics here, but when I right click, a box pops up that says "copyright image"...and I'm reading IP right now! I can't escape it.

I like this last paragraph of the game article, not because I'm glad it's true, but just because that's who we are:

Tedford has turned Cal into a football power -- but it's still Cal. Cosmologist George F. Smoot, who won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday, was introduced before the game to the cheering student section, which chanted "Nobel Prize! Nobel Prize!"

Yeah...sad but true.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I guess money is money...

Speaking of tv actors who have fallen on hard times...I was watching tv and on an advertisement for a local attorney who "fights for injured people against insurance adjusters," guess who is playing the shady insurance adjuster? David Leisure. Now, probably no one knows who that is...he was on Empty Nest, which is where I think of him as being from, but really he's one of "those guys," you know, that you recognize but have no idea really from where. Still, sad for him. It's not even a real company, like Domino's, it's some local attorney!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Apparently I'm not the only one tired of hearing about the Tennessee game:

It doesn't matter that the Bears since then have clubbed four consecutive opponents with an average margin of victory of nearly 27 points.

"I've never seen such a hangover from one game," normally unflappable coach Jeff Tedford said with no small degree of exasperation.

Seriously! Time to move on, people. One game doesn't make or break a season--and given the fact that we've won our games by an average margin of almost 27 points since then, I'd say it's safe to agree with the Arizona State coach who said "[t]he Tennessee game was an anomaly."

In other news, have I mentioned that I'm officially done with my interviews? Last Tuesday (also my brother's and grandpa's birthday--20 and 88, in case you were wondering) I did my last DC trip, and now I'm free! It's funny, I was thinking about what I had to do after bowling yesterday, and when I realized that I didn't actually have to go pack for another trip, I felt like I had the whole world open up for me! Oh, and speaking of what I did after bowling, did anyone watch Lost last night?? Good season opener, but man do I have more questions than ever. But yes, done with interviews, and now I have a couple of months (yay!) to decide where I want to go...including the big question of which city, DC or Dallas.

Fall break starts today at 5pm...this wonderful east coast invention of a week off for no reason in the fall. I love it! I'm not even planning on going anywhere this time (except a conference in Atlanta the second weekend), I'm just looking forward to staying home and catching up on everything I've been ignoring for the last month.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I just saw a guy in my IP class who looks like Dinosaur! My first thought was, is that Dinosaur asking a question? And then I realized that Dinosaur was from freshman year at Foothill, and in not in fact at law school, lol. So I'm sure only two people who read this know who I'm talking about, but still, a Dinosaur look-alike! Except more normal--he's not eating a loaf of bread and salad with his hands right now.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Home Sweet Home

My parents bought a house! Finally (I'm not being mean about it, but it did take a while...lots of very careful looking)...I've only seen the outside, but it looks pretty nice, and it's literally almost twice as big as our house in San Diego (which wasn't that small to start with). Ah, Texas real estate. No wonder I'm looking at firms there!