Monday, December 31, 2007

A pep talk

Ok gentlemen, tomorrow is the big day. Now it's not where we thought we'd be this New Years...not by a long shot. But injuries happened, things went haywire, and before you know it, our goals changed from getting to the Rose Bowl to having a winning season. I know you already know this. But at Big Game this year, you seemed defeated. You didn't seem to want to play anymore, and that's not acceptable. Our season is not over until tomorrow, so I don't want to see you guys mailing it in like we saw at the Holiday Bowl in 2004. Disappointment is ok, but you can't play like you just don't care anymore. We are the California Golden Bears! Have some pride! Even if we have fallen a ways from our number 2 ranking earlier this year, at least if we can beat Air Force, we can salvage something from this season. So please, come to win tomorrow...ok?

Of course, this is all moot since this season never happened, but just hypothetically.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My brain is trying to keep my life entertaining

I had an odd dream last night, and I can't remember too much of how it started, but at some point I was taking this class, and everyone got assigned a topic that they were supposed to learn as much as possible about, and then you'd be in a team of four, and they'd ask all these questions to your team (about the four topics you'd been assigned), and of course whoever gets th emost wins. They had a whole list of possible topics on the board, and Scrubs was one of the options, which would have been great for me (I have all of the seasons on dvd, including 5 and 6, which I just got for Christmas--even though 6 wasn't that great, I have to finish the collection!) since then I can just watch tv and call it studying. But instead I got assigned Dinesh D'Souza. Which was random. But not all of my group members were in my class, some were in this other class, so I go to meet my other members and guess who one of them is--Dinesh D'Souza! What are the odds? Actually I think it was more poor planning than odds, but whatever. So now I'm thinking, well, I guess I don't have to study anything! And it turns out my friend Liz was in a group with Hugh Jackman, and I was really excited and wanted to get my picture taken with him because I love him.

And then I woke up with this song stuck in my head for some reason (go to the 1 minute mark). Starz on Demand has the movie right now, and my brother and I actually watched it last week because it was something we used to watch as kids, which is why I even remember the song.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

And yes, not only is my dog wearing his little holly "collar" that came with the elf costume, he's also wearing his brand new Cal jersey!!! Yup, they make them for dogs, and it's fantastic. He'll learn to love it, I'm sure.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just saying hi

Sorry for the light posting, but I really don't have anything to say right now, unless you want to hear about the Christmas tree skirt I'm making. Oh, I do have some more cute doggie pictures but I'll save those for later because I haven't uploaded them yet. So...I'll try to have something funny happen to me later, or do something dumb, so I'll have something to post about.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another pet peeve? People who write using "plz" and "ur"

I recently received a comment on a post from October, and because I doubt the commenter will be checking for my response, I'm just going to answer her (?) off-base observation here. Not that she probably checks my blog anyway, but I have to explain why she's dumb regardless. No offense intended. Her comment:

Actually, he did know what his starting salary was going to be. That was one of the major tempting things! I mean, if you're going to rag on it, plz know ur facts!! No offense intended.

The post she's referring to is here, and it has HIMYM spoilers, so if you're that far behind still, beware and read no further.

Anyway, spockie13: you are referring to the fact that Marshall gets slipped a piece of paper by John Cho with the salary written on it, as is the style in all tv shows and movies (and I've never understood why we're not allowed to know how much money someone is offering someone else, but that's a separate issue). I, on the other hand, am talking about the fact that in the legal world, for any substantial law firm (which this clearly was supposed to be), the starting salaries for jobs are public. No lawyer, especially one coming from Columbia, would be so uninformed as to not know what the market salary is right now at a big firm in New York. My "ragging" on HIMYM has nothing to with the money being tempting once Marshall has his socks knocked off hearing about it at dinner, and everything to do with the fact that no lawyer would be unaware of the starting salary past his first day of law school! So perhaps you should know your facts--read a blog or a website.


Starting fresh for the new year

For months now, my computer has been having serious issues. The kinds of issues where it randomly freezes up on you and you have to control-alt-delete everything just to get things moving again, or where it takes 15 minutes to restart your computer instead of the normal 2 or 3. It hasn't been pretty. So finally I couldn't take it anymore and I asked my dad to wipe out my hard drive so I could start over...and that's where we are today. So far, things seem great! Other than having to re-install my programs, which isn't that big of a deal, there hasn't been much of a downside (especially since my dad used his magic computer things to copy all of the files I wanted to save).

What kinds of things did I want to save? My pictures, for example! And as promised, here are some ridiculous pictures of my puppy. Here he is dressed as an elf, and oh, what a happy elf he is. Mwahahaha.

This is sooo much fun.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My last Christmas break, oh no!

Yesterday I was at a bar watching football with some friends for a couple of hours, because my power went out and I had nothing to do at home, and had to kill time until I went to the gym. So I was kind of watching the New England game, but being in Durham they had the Carolina-Seattle game on the big tv, and with the audio. I wasn't paying attention at all until I heard the announcer call out a familiar name.

Announcer: That was Brandon Mebane [Reva's ears perk up, she starts looking around], rookie out of California [Reva starts cheering out loud, even though she has no idea what's going on]...who missed the tackle.

Oops! That's ok, Brandon, you'll get 'em next time! And I'd have cheered for you regardless. Go Bears!

I'm leaving today to go home, and I'm glad because there's really nothing to do out here! Especially since some people have already left, which depletes our already-undersized group this semester (we have three people gone, between Adam abandoning us for the frozen tundra (which he has learned his lesson about, I should think!) and two other people studying abroad). That's ok, though, I'm going to need to rest up for next semester -- last time I'll ever be in school, you bet your ass we're going to make the most of it! Exciting times to follow...not all of which will be documented on this blog, sorry. The internets is too public for some awesome stories. Those you just tell your friends via AIM when you finally make it home at 3:30 am. For example.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Time for a beer...or seventeen

I feel like the longer exams go on, the worse I do. Today I had my last one, and I'm ready to go jump out a window. When I think back to my first exam I'm like hey, not so bad! Oh well...the good news is, I'm done! I'm free! I only have one semester to go of law school...augh!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

An open letter

Dear France,

You are retarded.


PS: We almost could have used this as a hypo for my EU law class! I'm so glad that's over with now. Maybe I can find some helpful articles about bankruptcy to help me study for my exam tomorrow. The exam for which I am screwed, in case you were wondering.

Sometimes having a blog is like being in therapy

You know, it's funny when someone just ruins your entire day, and then you realize that they probably have no idea that they did this. And, I'm sorry, but it's almost always a guy that is this clueless. Girls know when they make you feel like crap. Guys just continue on their merry way. I am adding this to my official list of pet peeves. I don't know if this really counts as a pet peeve, but whatever, I'm adding it. What else is on that list? How about people who make singular words possessive for no reason, like Kroger. It's "I have to go to Kroger," not "I have to go to Kroger's." Drives me absolutely nuts. Also, people who don't realize that the "incoming traffic does not stop" sign at the intersection by Target means that THEY are not supposed to stop! So they end up sitting there and blocking everyone, when we have stop signs and they clearly don't. That's a bit specific, but it makes me want to grab a baseball bat and smash in their windows, so I'm counting it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Everybody loves HIMYM!

Awww, Heather at Go Fug Yourself loves Robin Sparkles!! I should tell her that it was my halloween costume...maybe then I'd get a "well-played!" I would *so* put that on my resume. Hell, I'd put it on business cards!

I'm told that the writers strike has basically killed the rest of the tv season...come on people, it's my last semester of law school, I have so much time for tv now! Why are you doing this to me???

Speaking of school, three exams down, one to go. I sadly am completely unprepared for that one (on Friday), but hopefully the rest of today and tomorrow will be ridiculously productive and it'll be ok. I'm sure that's very likely...especially now that I've finished season 3 of House.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I have my window open right now because it's like 75 degrees and gorgeous outside (man I love warm weather, all year long!), but there's a crazy bird outside that's making dying cat noises. It's driving me nuts! It's a good thing I love animals, or I'd go murder it.

Smart kid

This is old, but I didn't know about it, so maybe you didn't either. Apparently one of the Duke basketball players transferred to Cal! He isn't eligible to play until the fall semester is over, I believe, so we haven't seen how he does as a Golden Bear yet. But good job, Boykin! Way to be smart in picking your schools. (I don't know if this guy sucks or not, I didn't pay that much attention last year, but at least I recognized his name! Not as a Duke basketball player necessarily, but I knew I'd heard it somewhere!)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I hate these stupid regional games

Sounds like an exciting game...sure wish I'd been able to see it instead of the stupid Panthers game!! :-p


I miss my puppy...the house seems very empty without him or the parakeets around to keep me company. I just not used to having a house that's so...dead. Anyway, here are some cute pictures I took of him a few weeks ago, in a shrimp costume that one of my friends gave me because it doesn't fit her dog.

He didn't so much enjoy the costume, he kept trying to chew on the little shrimp legs. It was pretty cute =) I don't approve of dressing up dogs in clothing, that's just terrible. But costumes? That's a different matter. I got him a little Christmas "costume" (it's really just a hat and collar) and I can't wait to put it on him so I can take pictures and embarrass him here.

I'm worrying about the important things

So one of my friends who is moving to DC next year, too, pointed out that he'll be able to get a license plate for his school when he re-registers his car there. Now, Virginia has quite a few options...but no Cal! I could get a Duke plate...but why would I do that? So I am not excited about that. Of course, then I went to check out what kinds of license plates you can get in Washington, DC. This is what the standard plate looks like:

I really hate it...I think it is super whiny. According to the DMV site, though, there is another option--this is the standard one, but you can request the "" plate instead if you want it. I'm not thrilled about a license plate with a website on it, either, but I'd rather have that than their stupid whining. Of course, what I'd really love is the "National Black Scuba Divers Association" plate, which is one of the 14 organizational plates that they offer, but I have to get authorization from the organization saying I'm allowed to get the plate...which might be difficult to get, for some reason.

What makes me really bitter? Even if I was going back to California, I still wouldn't be able to get a Cal license plate, because the only collegiate plate they offer is for UCLA. Hmph!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Maybe this is why people get the newspaper

I haven't been able to keep track of the days of the week since classes ended...all I know is how long between now and my next final. I forgot that today was Saturday - I've been checking some of my usual blogs, and been surprised/annoyed that they hadn't been updated yet today! I mean, I'm here, desperate for something to distract myself with while learning about receivables financing as a model of securitizing assets (no, I don't know what that is...that's the problem), and I've got nothing! So I guess I'll just blog to distract myself.

Well there go my plans

Oh man, now what I am I going to do when I'm home for Christmas break??

At least *something* is still new on tv...

I love my DVR so much. Sure, I watch more tv with it than I would otherwise, but I watch *smarter.* And I probably spent way more time fiddling with the VCR back in the day (because there are some shows that I have to watch, no matter what!) anyway, so I'm sure it comes out even in the end.

What prompted this declaration of love? The show Psych on USA (it's funny and quirky) had a random "holiday episode" last night, in the middle of its hiatus. But I get to see it, because even though I didn't know about it, my DVR did! Oh happy days.

So I do most of my studying in my room, sitting on my bed, because I like to be comfy. Sometimes I mix it up and work at my desk, but that kinda sucks (even though I love my's huge, and holds all of my crap) because it's not comfy sitting in my chair (which is actually a wooden chair from my kitchen table) for hours on end. Today, however, I couldn't take being in my room anymore. I needed a change of scenery. So where am I now? Downstairs at my coffee table. At least it's something different...


Well this is my kind of weather forecast--Monday is supposed to be 75 degrees! Now that is what December should feel like!

Sorry Adam...

Halfway doesn't sound very appealing right now

Sorry for the light blogging, I've been simultaneously busy AND lazy. Yesterday was exam 2 of 4, and we're not going to talk about it. It's graded on a curve, so hopefully no one in that class wants to talk about it, and it will all work out in the end. All I know is, I never have to know anything about EU law again. Hooray!

You know what's bad news? Puppy mills.

You know what's awesome? Coming up with not one, but TWO super good presents for people, in one day. Neither one will actually be a Christmas present, but they'll be given someday. And fawned over!

This is pretty funny:

I'll try to get back with the posting, but for now I just want to read the last 20 pages of this stupid chapter so I can be done for the night! Actually, I would have been done a while ago, but I've spent the last half hour googling WWII navy posters trying to find this amazing poster that they had at the Pentagon which I really loved and wanted a print of, but now I can't remember what's written on the poster so that makes it impossible to find. Especially because it wasn't one of those common ones you see everywhere. I know I've seen it before though, so I'll keep looking! The message is awesome, it's basically saying, hey sailors, watch out, because that hot girl you're talking to could be a spy for the enemy! Cracks me up.

Oh, there was a post on Above the Law about all the problems Duke Law has had with our website etc, and some of the comments ended up being about how hot (or not) the girls are here. I found that amusing.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Entertaining myself

You may recall that last semester I wrote about the most relaxed exam I've ever taken. Well, it's officially been topped. So far I've talked to my friends online (about completely unrelated things), watched an episode of House, and scheduled a hair appointment. In addition to reading my normal blogs, of course, and checking up on yesterday's football games. But you know, the exam last semester worked out really well, so maybe this is just how I kick ass at exams! I'm embracing it.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Good news/bad news

Armed Forces Bowl it is! Now I have to see if my brother wants to come with me. Oh, I forgot, I'm not supposed to talk about him on my blog. Sorry Devin! Er, I mean...Schmevin. Yeah, that's my brother's name, Schmevin.

UPDATE: He's in! Not sounding very excited yet, but whatever. Go Bears!

You disgust me

This website is selling Cal t-shirts, and they can't even spell the name of our school correctly on their website.

Silver lining?

Yesterday's game wasn't about going to a bowl game for me, it was about winning Big Game. Period. I don't really give a crap about going to some random bowl game, especially given the fact that we seem unable to block out disappointments and focus on the game at hand (see, eg, the Holiday Bowl 2004). I would really prefer to just let the season die. However, it has just come to my attention that the Armed Forces Bowl is played in Forth Worth, which is like a half hour (or less, I don't know) from where my parents live now! So fine, if you're going to torture us by sending us to a bowl game, then please, let it be the Armed Forces Bowl so I can go cheer on my team.

And while long-time readers know that I am not the biggest fan of college basketball for the most part, I actually saw the last quarter of the Cal-Missouri game last night. I'd just like to point out that we are 5-0 this year--maybe this is our year for basketball, huh?? And also, for the record, it's not that I don't like college basketball, but I grew up watching the NBA (my parents are huge Lakers fans) so college just seems...weird to me. And I mostly hate Duke basketball for getting in my way, so it's not the sport itself. I just wish somehow, someday (and by someday I mean this season, at Duke) they'd play Cal so I could go see my Golden Bears and root against Duke, as I would be required to do, regardless of the likelihood of us actually beating Duke. Oh, speaking of, I saw a license plate a couple of days ago that was "H8NDOOK." Seems to me that if your license plate has the name of your enemy, you're giving them too much power.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I have thoughts; here they are

*The commentators on Versus totally suck and I hate having to listen to them. Seriously, if you can't see that a foot dragging in the dirt such that it kicks up dirt means that he had a foot inbounds, you need to be fired (and for the record, the refs also saw said foot dragging in the dirt).

*I don't know what Kevin Riley did to Tedford to piss him off, but it must have been bad, seeing as Nate Longshore has not been healthy for weeks, and yet Riley still doesn't get any playing time. (Note: my previous decision to murder Kevin Riley, and his children, has been revoked. I still blame him for his mistake, but have decided murder might have been harsh).

*I'm glad that I decided that the season was officially over back after our loss to UCLA, so that nothing since then counts. It was a good call.

*I was going to say something mean about cutting off Lavelle Hawkins' hands since he's obviously not using them anymore, but I've calmed down in the last hour, so I'll keep it to myself.

*The only good thing about today? WVU losing to Pitt. Yet another number 2 team losing to an unranked team. Shocking. I didn't say it before because I didn't want to jinx it (because I really wanted WVU to lose), but part of me was actually expecting it. I mean, six times in a season?!?! I blame this curse for the disaster that is our entire season.

At least someone is paying attention to us still

The network that is showing Big Game tonight, Versus (which I'd never heard of before this year), just had a whole big program on the 25th anniversary of The Play...good times! PS That studying thing is going super well.

No neighborhood thief, hooray!

Well, the good news is that my package didn't get stolen! The bad news is that DHL didn't make it easy to retrieve. But the good news is that I finally got it! Apparently Nordstrom thought that the package got delivered on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but according to DHL that was only their first attempt. They claim they tried twice more, including last Monday, and so since they had three failed attempts I had to go get it myself. Which was fine really, it's easier that way. But I never got any of those missed package slips, which tells me that, shockingly, they were at the wrong house. Fine. But then they kept asking me for a tracking number when I tried to pick it up the package...and guess what, I don't have a tracking number when I don't actually have any of the yellow slips you think you left for me! Ugh. Luckily my package was sitting out in the main area of the DHL office and so the nice woman was able to give it to me, but if it had been anywhere else I would have been screwed. All's well that ends well, but I distrust DHL now.

Friday, November 30, 2007


Ugh, this finals thing sucks. It always seems harder in the fall, since I've had all summer, too, to forget how much I hate studying for them. Plus I was super awesome last semester and only had two finals (where I have four now, ick). So this just seems painful. And, I'm not going to lie, it's hard to get up the energy to really work when I know that my grades don't really matter anymore.

Apparently a writer's strike constitutes a force majeure event...oh 1L contracts! We had some good times, climbing that flag pole and *almost* eating the pizza.

Cowboys-Packers game last night? Awesome! And not just because the Cowboys won. No, not only did my team win, my boy Aaron Rodgers had a pretty nice performance! I was conflicted, because he hasn't had a chance to play yet (of course), so I wanted him to do well, but not quite well enough to actually win. And I think he accomplished that! So everyone's talking about him, feeling like he's got some good potential, and apparently he can finally get a haircut since he had his first touchdown pass, thank God. I'd just like to request that people bring up the fact that he played at Cal, please. Thank you.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


If someone tells you to be there "4ish," how would you define that? I consider "ish" to give a 15 minute cushion either way. I think that's a reasonable interpretation.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big news!

I just killed my previous high score on Bejeweled...before yesterday my high was like 34,000 or something, but yesterday I made it to level twelve, and got 61,352 points! Hells yeah. I accomplish a lot during class, you can see. Speaking of, today is my last day of class! Scary. My first final is on Monday, which is even scarier.

In other news, apparently I had *another* package stolen! I think I talked about one getting grabbed this summer in DC. Well they delivered this package the day before Thanksgiving, when I was obviously out of town, and between Wednesday and Sunday it managed to disappear. Luckily Nordstrom is being just as nice about it (although doing it in a weird way, instead of just reshipping it I had to cancel this order and then order it again), but seriously, stop stealing my packages!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another problem with not being in San Diego anymore...

So I obviously brought the puppy, Jamie, home for Thanksgiving. My plan was to bring him back to Durham for the last couple weeks of class/finals, and then back to Dallas at Christmas. However...he can't fly if the temperature at either city is below 40 degrees. It's 43 right now at D/FW, and my flight still isn't for a couple of hours. And of course the problem is, if it's 43 right now, what is it going to be like in three weeks?? So, much to my disappointment, I'm going to leave Jamie with my parents instead of take him back to Durham. Because it might be no problem, and all would go according to plan, or it might be too cold to bring him back in December, and then I'd have to leave in him a kennel for weeks! And that would be a disaster. So I'm going to let him have fun in Dallas for a few weeks so I can be sure that he won't be stuck in a kennel later. =(

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm sure at least some of you remember me talking about our silly doggie Sophie (because I've been lectured about calling her stupid!). She is the sweetest girl, and she's got this funny little cross-eyed stare...but she's not a genius. I finally got a video of her doing her funny spinning thing. I think she does it when she's bored, like a little kid would do...just spins around in circles until she gets dizzy and falls down. It's hilarious.

Sophie and my puppy get along great. They play together like crazy, and Natasha just stands there and barks at them. I think she's a little territorial when a new dog moves into the house--it took her a while to get used to Sophie, and I think she's going through that phase again. Here is a video of them all playing (with the Packers on in the background):

And here's a few pictures of them, too, including one where Sophie looks evil:

But as you can tell from this picture, there is no violence actually going to happen:

And here are the three of them together on the couch:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Definitely not in San Diego anymore...

It's kind of snowing outside. Not enough that anyone from a cold weather place would say it's snowing, but there are some flakes falling from the sky. Weird!!

Seattle pics

Here is my favorite picture from Seattle:

I love Oski!! You can see part of the Straw Hat Band behind me, too (it's a smaller subset of our band, the less formal group that goes on road games, etc).

This picture isn't bad, either :

Chris, Christine, Matt, and Me (left to right) at a bar called Celtic Bayou.

This next picture I took specifically because I was livid, and needed proof to show the world. As many people (sadly) know, the disgrace that is William Hung went to Cal. I had a class with him, even, before American Idol, and his nickname amongst myself and Liz was Annoying Blackjack Guy (because the class I had with him was a blackjack class...long explanation on that). For some bizarro reason, he was invited to perform at the Cal-Washington football game. And will you look at what he is wearing???

We kept waiting for him to rip off the hat and fleece and show his Cal jacket underneath or something, but no. All we got was a "Go Huskies" at the end. This is shameful!! What on earth was he thinking??? Wikipedia informs me that he dropped out of Cal for his awesome singing career, and then when he applied for readmission he was denied, and now goes to Cal State Northridge. HA!!! I think he's a terrible traitor still, but I'm glad that Cal told him to go to hell. Mwahahaha.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Going back to Cal football...

It's the 25th Anniversary of The Play!!

I'm in Texas, whee

I still haven't uploaded my pictures from Seattle, so those will have to wait. Plus when I think about all the things I wanted to blog about I feel a little daunted and run away from my computer completely, so I'll have to do it in baby steps. I'll start with this page, which lists how many episodes a bunch of tv shows have left ready to air. Now, I don't really know what's going on with the writers strike--I don't know who is right, but I do know that it's going to affect me very soon, and that makes me dislike it. So please, whoever makes these decisions, give in to the writers, will you? Because there are only three new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and that makes me very nervous!! Plus, if this delays the start of Lost at all, I will murder you.

Speaking of television, I forgot to mention this a long time ago, but Green Week on NBC? Retarded.

You know what else is retarded? The guy sitting next to me on the plane ride to Seattle. The flight was like 4.5 hours long or something, but it was the longest flight of my life. Seriously, if you are old enough to have a 30 year old daughter (as this man told me he did), you are old enough to know that someone reading a book AND listening to her iPod is not interested in talking to you. And you're old enough to know that putting your hand over someone's book while they were trying to read is not ok. And doing it approximately eight times? What are you, twelve?? I don't think him drinking at least six drinks helped, either. And I seriously doubt that the fact that his daughter went to law school meant that he can "help" me with my reading that I was doing on the plane, as he claimed. He was definitely the worst person I've ever sat next to on a plane. I finished my book with about two hours to go, and considered pretending to fall sleep just so he'd leave me alone.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cal Band Great!

I have so much to post, I had the best time in Seattle (hooray for Christine, Chris, Matt, and Cal football!!!) and have stories and pictures to share, but no time right now. I got in last night at 10pm, and my flight today leaves at 6:20, and I'm taking the puppy with me and it's making it complicated!! I don't have time to post all I want to, so I will just give you this super awesome video of our band:

If you go to the YouTube page they have a list of all the video games they're doing the music of.

Monday, November 12, 2007


In other news, I hate Duke basketball. I still have yet to go to a game, and I was going to go to one this year, just because I felt like it's terrible to graduate from here and never go...but I think I'm going to avoid it on purpose from now on. They take my parking, they make it impossible to get in and out of the parking lots I *can* park in, and they are just a huge pain in the ass. So I reject them!

Happy Veterans Day!

My New Job

HIMYM spoilers below:
I think I have a new calling in life--being a technical advisor for HIMYM. Not that I know anything about New York, but I *do* know a lot about being a law student, and they, apparently, do not. Of course you recall my pointing out before how they completely messed up on the portrayal of the job search for students. Well, tonight Marshall got his bar exam results, and that too was not accurate. In the episode, he freaks out because he's forgotten his password and thus doesn't know if he's passed the bar or not. But, the results are public! It doesn't tell you who took the bar and failed, but if you know who took it, you can see if they passed or not. The NY bar results aren't out yet for this July, but you can click on the previous exams and see what I mean. Now, California does it a little differently--there is a two-day period where you have to enter your applicant number and file number (and that's four days from now!!) but then it's public two days later! And Virginia, for example, already has their results right out there for everyone to see who did and did not pass. So, HIMYM, I will gladly turn down my job in DC and come work for you to make sure these kinds of inaccuracies are no more. (Once the strike is over and everyone is working again, that is.) And not just because being a lawyer might suck--no, I do it out of love for you.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Softball tournament today...whee

The doggie and I have started over, and we're ok now. I think what happened was he broke out of his kennel, was hyper (as he always is for like the five minutes after he gets out of it), and he ran up on the big windowsill to see out the front window. The problem was, that's where the bird cage was. So he knocked it over, the birds busted loose...and that's when the trouble started. He still doesn't have a name, by the way. I'm a bad mom.

Yesterday I did my second parallel parking job ever (you'll of course recall that I reported the first one to you earlier this summer) and I did a super good job! It was a really tight spot, and I nailed it like a mattress girl. Yay me!

I started putting up my Christmas decorations yesterday. I know it's ridiculously early, but I'm going out of town on Wednesday to Seattle (hooray!!), then I'm back for less than 24 hours, then it's home for Thanksgiving, and when I come back we only have one more week of class! And I want to enjoy my Christmas decorations for longer than two weeks dammit. So I put them up. Well, some of them, I got lazy eventually.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

RIP, Baxter and Charlie

While I was at class today, my dog broke out of his kennel and fucking ATE my birds!! I am devastated.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Good use of my time

Ha, I used to do this in undergrad, not law school. But then again, I take notes by computer in law school, not by hand, so maybe that's why.

Also, still no name!

Monday, November 05, 2007

You have a job to do

Well, I did it! I got the doggie! I kind of can't believe that I actually have a dog now. But here he is! I think you're going to be getting a lot of dog photos for a while =) But I desperately need a name for him! Right now I'm just calling him puppy or something like that. So, seriously, stop slacking here.

From Chris

(click to make it bigger)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Likes and dislikes

I hate the east coast time zone. I had to stay up til 1:30am last night to watch the whole Cal football game. And I was sooo tired, because I had that stupid MPRE in the morning, and then we spent all afternoon working on our awesome project for immigration law, so there was no time for a nap.

Another thing I hate? Standard time. I think we should be permanently on daylight savings time, because getting dark at 5pm sucks. I will admit that I was pretty excited this morning, though, when I woke up, went on my computer, and realized that with all the tiredness I'd forgotten to fall back before I went to bed, so it was only 9:45am! ...But I'd still trade that for being on permanent daylight savings.

You know what I don't hate? My friends who dressed up in silly costumes, memorized lines, and sang a song to the tune of Summer Nights from Grease, all for our immigration project. In front of my house, where everyone could see. They are awesome.

Last night, SNL confirmed that Bri's and my idea for Chris's Halloween costume was totally awesome. (Thanks, Adam) I mean, his Brownie was great and all, but we knew being Mystery would have rocked!

One more thing that I do hate--the online system for class registration here. If there is even one minute of overlap in times between classes, it won't let you register for them! I think that is dumb. At Cal, it would tell you that there's a conflict, but if you want to register for them, that's up to you. What if I don't know which class I want yet, so I want to register for both so they don't fill up? Or what if there is a really slight overlap, so I'll just leave one class early or get to the other a little late? I think that's my call, stupid online registration.

But, back to good news, I went back last night and met with the doggie again! I got the ok from my roommate, and basically the dog is mine now. I just have to go pay the shelter and pick him up. It makes me kinda nervous, just because I'm going to have to change around my life somewhat once he's around. But then again, I was nervous about getting a parakeet for the same reason. So since there's nothing about this dog in particular that worries me (he seems great!), I'm just going to tell that little part of me that is worried that I can't be gone for like 12 hours at a time to shut up. Because I'm sure it's going to be worth it. That means, though, that I need serious help--I need a name for this dog! Suggestions, please! Something awesome, if you don't mind.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


7am on a Saturday?? MPRE, I disapprove of you!

Finally talked to the animal shelter yesterday...the doggie is "on reserve" for me, so all I have to do is say yes and he's mine!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I love documenting our absurdity

I can't believe it's November. I don't know where this semester has gone!! We only have one week of classes after Thanksgiving, so really, we're almost done. That kind of blows my mind.

I'm going to have some awesome pictures for you after this weekend...Bri and I are doing a video project for our immigration law class, and we've gotten crazy creative again! We just did our normal plan of wander around the store until you find something you can turn into the thing you're actually looking for. I think it's working pretty well so far, but I'll wait until we're done with everything to show you the final product. And then when the video is done, hopefully I'll be able to post at least part of it here. And which part of it would I post? Why, the musical number. That's right, we wrote a song for our video. And it's going to rock. Unfortunately we're filming on a pretty tight schedule, so I'm taking turns between studying for that ethics exam for the bar I have on Saturday and memorizing my lines for the video. ("Are you talking about what happened up in New York 15 years ago? I know Governor Seward tried to permit the Irish Catholics to use their Bible instead of the Protestant King James Bible in schools, but if I recall, that was fairly unpopular." Did I mention that our video takes place in May 1855? It's awesome.) Good times.

Oh, and no word on the dog still. The shelter is taking their sweet time to get back to me!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's making the rounds

Above the Law talks about last night's How I Met Your Mother episode. A day late, ATL, a day late!! But it's cool, I guess you can't do everything. That's why I'm here.

In unrelated news, I was driving behind a car with the license plate "DIABETES" today. I thought that was weird. I mean, is it a guy with diabetes, a doctor who studies diabetes, someone whose favorite character from the Baby-Sitters Club books was Stacey McGill (as mine was) could be anything.

Monday, October 29, 2007


When I came upstairs to do work, it was 9pm. I have yet to start. This is not a good week for me to be procrastinating!!!

HIMYM spoilers below

I love How I Met Your Mother. Like I want to marry it and have its babies. But it has managed to disappoint me tonight. You remember how awesomely/scarily realistic the law school party episode was? Well, apparently they forgot to discuss this week's script with their law school contact, because everything about the whole "Marshall has a job interview with a big NYC law firm" thing was just all wrong. All wrong!! And maybe I'm being nitpicky...but maybe, just maybe, I know how much potential you have, HIMYM, and it hurts me to see you hurt yourself like this. Because you can do better, I know, I've seen it. And Marshall who graduated from Columbia already last season and still doesn't have a job somehow, and gets an interview at this firm because his dad went to high school with one of the named partners, and then Marshall has no idea what the starting salary would be, and they offer him a company car, and he's going to be assigned to one particular client...this is not you living up to your potential. And you're only hurting yourself in the end.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Doggie update

So today I met Josh the Dog. He's very cute in person! I brought my camera and meant to take pictures of him, but I totally forgot. He was actually more interested in meeting the other doggies than meeting me, but I did get a few kisses in there. I filled out paperwork so I'm in the system now, and I'm going to meet with Josh again sometime soon at his foster mom's house (turns out they live like two minutes from me!). So, no dog yet, but things are looking like there might be one eventually =)


Oh yeah, and we eventually did play flag football on Friday, we just did it in the rain. Oh, and it ended up being touch instead of flag, sadly. We'll do it right spring semester. But here's the post-game shot:


Well, last night was the big halloween party here, and unfortunately I forgot to get any group shots, so I'll have to post them all individually.

Here we have a drunken gnome.

And here is Smurfette, with Hunter S. Thompson (man, I just had to rack my brain to remember that name).

And here's a slutty owl, and a girl scout (who is probably slutty as well...just look at her! Total tramp).

Handy Smurf, and a Newsie!
Ok, this is the costume I was trying to recreate...

And here is how it turned out (note me trying to mimic the pose...I did what I could, ok?)
Here's the original from the back.

And me from the back.

So, there you have it, Halloween at Duke once more! Sure, maybe only one person knew who my costume was, but he loved it. And other people went along with it, which is all I can ask for.

I shake my head

Just shoot me now. This is a complete and utter disaster. We haven't lost three in a row since Tom freakin' Holmoe was our coach! I'm done, let's just call the rest of the season off, and start back up in August. And I'm sorry, but if DeSean Jackson leaves after this sorry-ass season...I call bullshit.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My apathy towards Duke basketball comes shining through

So for my journal, I'm arranging a social event so the 2Ls and 3Ls can get to know each other better, and I decided to a flag football game! It's supposed to be tomorrow afternoon, but of course after like months of drout, finally Durham decides to get rain this weekend. So I'm trying to think of alternatives, and Chris sugested some of the turf fields around campus, but those are all booked. But you know what wasn't booked? Cameron Indoor. And I thought to myself, wouldn't that be a neat thing to do, play flag football in Cameron? So I emailed the people who coordinate this and asked if we could reserve it, or if he had any better suggestions for me, given that grass won't be an option and the turf fields are booked (see, I anticipated some resistance to my Cameron/flag football idea). And I got this email back:

Are you asking to use Cameron Indoor Stadium for a flag football game?
Please tell me how long you have been at Duke University?

Now, I realize that apparently even asking violated some sort of sacred rule about Duke basketball (which, I'm sorry, just gets in my damn way), but I though it would be cool, and all I did was ask. And really, was it helpful at all to ask me a dumb question, and ignore the rest of my email asking for your help? No, it was not. And he has yet to respond to my reply, so I still have nowhere to play flag football tomorrow. I am displeased.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's not stalking if he's up for adoption

There's this dog that is up for adoption around here, and I'm kind of in love with him. He hasn't been adopted yet, and in fact he's in foster care. He's being brought to PetsMart on Sunday, because the shelter does a meet-and-greet twice a month, and I happen to have to go to PetsMart to get a new playground for my birds. I haven't mentioned him to my roommate yet, but he's pretty small, so I thinking she shouldn't object to him. In fact, he's smaller than I would prefer, but he's super cute, and really, I'm going to be living in DC next year, I should be reasonable and not get a great dane. I'm not saying I'm getting a dog...I'm just saying, I'm visiting a dog, and I have no willpower. That is all.

This class is boring

My former love of the Backstreet Boys (don't judge!) compels me to link to this photo. Although I am sad because my favorite member elected not to join with them for this album...sadness of my heart.

Today a squirrel ran in front of my car, and I had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting him. I really wasn't even sure if I'd missed him until I saw him run to the other side. I'm just glad that there was no one behind me, because I sooo did not check. Luckily I was on campus already and thus going pretty slowly, but I've never come this close to hitting anyone before.

I'm not mad...just disappointed

Dear WRAL weather,

You lied to me. You said clouds in the morning, and rain in the afternoon. But it was pouring at 10am when I left class today! And so I got soaked. I had checked the weather specifically this morning, saw that it wasn't supposed to rain until the afternoon, and made a mental note to bring my umbrella when I left for my afternoon class. How hard would it have been to say chance of showers all day?? Not hard. Go back to weather website school.




Do you know how long it takes to bedazzle a jean jacket sewing the gems on by hand? A loooong time. I should have stuck with my first instinct and just hot glued them on. Too bad I don't have my bedazzler anymore...that would have been really helpful. Who knew??

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ok, there is one downside to San Diego...

Deja-vu to junior year of neighborhood is going to burn down again. I have at least one cousin who has evacuated already, and I'm guessing at least two other groups of family members will be out of their homes before the end of today. I'm just glad my grandparents moved, because their city has been evacuated, and they're in their 80s now--that would not be easy for them!

UPDATE: Yup, my neighborhood's on fire, and more family has evacuated.


Apparently my post from Saturday was not very clear...although I appreciate that I have people worry about me. The reason why I was so upset was Cal lost to UCLA. I assumed that people would thing, oh, it's Saturday, this is about Cal football. But apparently Cal football is not on peoples' minds all the time, heaven knows why. So, just a clarification. =)

And also, I am not going to move to San Diego. I have just been feeling restless and wanting to change up things, but I loved being in DC this summer and have a good number of friends who are going to be there, so it'll be great I'm sure. I'll just get a dog and then I'll be happy.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should be going back to San Diego instead of to DC. I'm pretty sure I could make that happen still...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Well, this whole year is just a disaster now, isn't it?? Last week I had to work hard not to cry (I'm not ashamed to say it). This week, I'm just in shock. I have nothing more to say because I just can't understand it.

I forgot to say earlier...

...hooray for 2+ hours conversations with Christine!!

It's late

I have nothing to post right now...what a waste.

Except, if your name is Matt and you're a senior at Duke, don't be mad at me! I wasn't being mean, I promise. And you're not reading this, so I'm only keeping this up for the amusement/confusion of everyone else. You're welcome.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally, class listings are (sort of) out!

I think I found an Italian class that I want to take next semester! AND, it meets at a time I can do!! This is so exciting. Assuming, of course, that I can get into the class--it's limited to 15 people, and I don't think I can get in until the undergrads are all done signing up. I looked up the professor, and apparently she taught at the University at Trento (where I went spring semester of senior year),which is pretty cool. So, I have high hopes! They came out with some of our spring schedule so I've been trying to figure out classes...right now I'm aiming for class Monday-Wednesday only again, which might limit my class selection, but whatever, it'll be worth it. Especially since it's not like I'd be skipping out on something I actually want to take--those classes don't exist.

Speaking of classes, last night I had my MPRE prep class (for the ethics exam we have to take)...five hours of watching a taped lecture. Exciting!! Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I'm not sure I can do it every day for six weeks(ish) straight, which is what studying for the bar will be. Plus going home and studying more on your own. Blargh. I mean, I guess it's worth it though, because you do it for a couple of months, and then it's over with--you pass the bar and you're free forever. Hooray for passing the bar and being done with it! California's results don't come out until mid-November though, so a year from now I *still* won't know if I'm a real lawyer yet! But, that is far away. Right now I will focus on whether or not/when I should get a puppy dog.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm easily amused

One of my employment forms for my firm in DC asks for a list of all of my residences for the last seven years...I had to put down eleven different addresses. I just thought that was funny. Oh, the life of a student. I'm really looking forward to being in one place and not planning on moving for a while. Like, there's a good chance I'll move within the first couple of years in DC, but at the same time I can stay or go as I like--I don't know any particular end date (ie graduation), and that sounds pretty cool.

Funky Goats rock on

I forgot to mention that we won BOTH trivia games last night! Thanks to Adam for being our phone-a-friend...really, it's sad he's not here to play on our team, but it means we almost automatically get an extra question answered each week! So useful.

This is just a really great week =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Check the stupid schedule!

You know what drives me nuts? Professors who don't know what time their classes end. They have it written on their syllabus, they have it written on the covers of their coursepacks, and yet somehow they can't figure out that class isn't an hour long, it's only 55 minutes! So two of my professors--every week--keep us five minutes after class (and with one professor, that's five minutes plus how long she keeps us after when she thinks class should be over, because she can't shut up ever). I know it sounds petty, but think about it...10 minutes a week times 13 weeks equals over two hours of extra class a semester!! I feel perfectly justified in being annoyed about this. I just wish there was a way to anonymously tell them that they are running over, and it's not appreciated.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It never ends

I like how I see that there's an email in my inbox that has the subject line of "explanation of email problems today" or something like that (because our email went down for hours again...shocking), but when I try to open it, the email system shuts down! Oh look, it's not working again. And now I'll never know why! Die Ken Hirsh, die.


So, I know you all have been wondering how the saga of the unfair midterm ended up. Well, after all that studying, and Bri and I knowing that crap forwards and backwards, the Immigration Gods have smiled upon us. We got the exact same score, oddly enough, which apparently was the highest score in the class. Yay for us =)

Monday, October 15, 2007

More pictures, finally

I am dumb and fell on my ass today in step class, and now my right foot is mad at me. Not like anything is really wrong with it, but I think I bruised it. I'm just hoping it'll feel better in time for cardio kickboxing tomorrow!!

A few more Aruba pictures:

Andy, Bri, Chris and Abby at dinner our first night in Aruba. Aruba is actually really dry, there's cacti everywhere, but that night there was this insane thunderstorm, it felt like a hurricane hit or something (and they don't have hurricanes there).

Me being attacked by hungry donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary. We brought apples to feed them, and whoever was holding the apples at any given moment was a very popular visitor. The Donkey Sanctuary is a little off the beaten path, too, so I don't think they get many visitors.

Someone lying in the sand because he may or may not have been really drunk...who knows about these things.

Us on horseback, making our way to the natural pool!

Chris and Andy dancing up a storm. We did this dinner/all you can drink-type thing one night and they had this hilarious emcee who had everyone up and doing various things. I think this is the guys doing the chicken dance.

Here's the girls, it was our turn to dance (but we took a brief break to pose for this picture).

The three of us girls again, this time taking part in a beer-drinking contest! They needed three girl volunteers, so we stepped up to the plate. You bet we did! Abby won, and has the t-shirt to prove it.

Here's a video of an donkey at the sanctuary. There was a donkey scratching himself on a tree which was funnier, but I didn't get video of that, so you get this instead.

Ok, these I am not going to post here, but if you want to see short video clips of all of feeding ostriches, here we all are: Abby, Chris, Andy, Bri, Me. It's mildly entertaining.

...Alright, I uploaded these videos a few days ago, but didn't post them here yet (obviously) but all of them have been watched at least once on YouTube already. How bored are people???

My classroom is currently about 20 degrees colder than the outside...and I'm dressed for the outside, unfortunately

Ugh, this was a pretty crappy weekend. What a way to get back from Aruba. One of the things I hear commentators say about athletes is that they have to be able to shake off a bad play or whatever (like when a quarterback throws an interception...or maybe lets the clock run out instead of throwing it out of bounds so you could kick a game-tying field goal), and come back out onto the field without it hanging over their heads. I'm not very good at this. If something happens that leaves me angry and hurt, I have a hard time compartmentalizing it. I can't stop thinking about it, which is the opposite of what I have to do. So if something, say this awful game from Saturday, has upset me, it ends up lurking around in my brain for a while, and I hate that. It's ludicrous, because my life is awesome and if one bad thing happens, like this game for example, I can't let that get me down. Because this is one game in a lot of games. One shitty game which was important to me for a few hours of my life, but in the end will be pretty meaningless, when I look back at the season, and years worth of seasons. And if I want to murder someone for a few hours, that's ok, as long as I wake up the next day and realize that this person is so unimportant in my life that instead of wanting to murder him, I should just nothing him. Who cares if some stupid idiot played a game he wasn't prepared for and made horrible decisions, screwing over everyone around him. It's over and done with, and he'll have to live with this mark on his record forever. Hurts him more than it does me. I need to focus on next week's game.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Homicide isn't *always* wrong

I was going to talk about how I'm going to murder Kevin Riley in his sleep tonight, but I realize it's moot. By the time I make it all the way to Berkeley, he will have been long dead. Hopefully in a super painful fashion. I think it'll be like Murder on the Orient Express, where (spoiler alert!) the killer turns out to be everyone--every passenger went and stabbed him once. So by this time tomorrow, Kevin Riley will have approximately 455,000 extremely violent stab wounds. I can't wait.

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's a start

Ugh, I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving and have my dad do something magical to my hard drive, because my computer is painfully slow right now. I'm uploading videos to YouTube, and what should have taken ten minutes is instead taking hours, as is the uploading of photos online. Ick.

Before I post anything about Aruba, though, I have something very important that I meant to mention beforehand, and totally forgot. How have people not heard of the flying girl sign???

Seriously, I thought this was of universal knowledge, but lately I keep mentioning it to my firends and they have no idea what I'm talking about. Is this really unknown to the world at large??

Ok, I dawled too long and now I have to leave, so here's one quick picture before I go of the five of us (Chris, Bri, Andy, Me, and Abby, from left) in the Natural Pool, as it is called.

Durham is way too cold

Well I just got back from Aruba about an hour ago. It was awesome! High marks. I'll be posting pictures and videos at some point this weekend, probably, so try to contain your excitement for a little longer. I've spent a while now trying to catch up on emails and a few blogs and things like that, but man, I feel like I've missed a lot being gone for almost a week. A week with no phones and no internet! It was kinda nice. Although we did have television, thank god, so I could see that


There, you were waiting for it, I had to oblige you. Now, I think I'm going to finish unpacking, watch HIMYM, and go to bed.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Too early...

It's never a good sign when you get up and your toothbrush is still damp from when you brushed them going to bed.

One last post before I go

I have to get up in less than five hours, but on the plus side, I'm almost finished packing for Aruba! =) Well, I'm really done for the night, the rest of the stuff I need to pack will have to wait until morning for me to be all ready to go.

Apparently Memorial Stadium is one of the top 10 scariest places to play!! That makes me so proud. (Thanks, Mike.)

Now, I'm not saying I endorse the following at all, I'm just posting it because (a) I have Florida and Rutgers people who read this, and (b) I like to see good football discussion come alive in my comments section! TMQ had this to say about the recent losses:

Florida, Rutgers Punished by Football Gods: Every college season has an Upset Saturday, and it fell last weekend for 2007. Top-10 teams Florida and Rutgers were upset almost immediately after displaying poor sportsmanship by running up the score: Oh ye mortals, trifle not with the football gods. Reader Jeffrey Camp notes that against hapless Norfolk State, Rutgers showed terrible sportsmanship by calling all three of its timeouts in the final minute of the first half, frantically trying to score again before intermission -- although Rutgers was ahead 45-0 at the time. Camp asks, "Aren't Knights supposed to be honorable and chivalrous?" Reader Chris Shirley notes that when leading Tennessee 49-20 in the fourth quarter, Florida still had Tim Tebow on the field and still had him throwing deep; leading 52-20 with first-and-goal with less than two minutes remaining, Florida could have taken a knee to end the game, but instead, Urban Meyer had his charges pound the ball into the end zone to run up the final score to 59-20. As Tuesday Morning Quarterback often notes, running up the score is little-bully behavior that evinces lack of character. And it always comes back to haunt you because when the pressure is on, little bullies fold.

TMQ is big on the Football Gods. And I have to say, I think they like me, because they set Cal's bye week during fall break, when I'll be out of the country and thus would be unable to watch otherwise! Incidentally, this is part of the reason why I went abroad in undergrad during spring instead of fall semester.

I bowled a 160 last night, and marked in every frame except for one! That's not my highest score ever, but my high score is in the 160s so it's darn close. I've still yet to get a turkey, though--I've gotten two strikes and something else (sometimes even a nine!) on several occasions, but I've never managed to pull it off. It does make me a little sad =(

I know what I want to be for Halloween, but I'm having trouble finding the right clothes...does anyone happen to still have their Bedazzler? I got rid of mine long ago. Which was just foolish and shortsighted, I blame my father and his penchant for making me get rid of things I "haven't used" ever. Ridiculous, I say.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I finally quit dawdling

Alright, it's finally official--I accepted a job! I'm going to DC. I'm excited =)

What about Conditional Permanent Resident Status???

Alright, I am not very pleased with that midterm, and I'll tell you why. It came nowhere NEAR testing my knowledge of immigration law. I can spout off exceptions like nobody's business, but he asked nothing! Instead, he did some easy questions (which I expected), and then some vague questions where I'm not really sure if I even put what he wanted or not. And I feel validated in these opinions, because Bri had the exact same reaction I did. Man, I wanted him to ask what one job still falls under the H-1B visa category as a leftover from the old prominence requirement (fashion models of merit and distinction!). And instead I got, What visa is for students. Ugh.

In better news, today is a double birthday! My little brother is finally 21, and my grandpa is 89 today. Hooray!

And in the best news, did I mention that next week is fall break, and I'm going to Aruba? Well, I am. And it's going to be legen...wait for it...dary! So I'll be updateless starting Friday, but I promise to have awesome pictures when I get back.

Oh, since Adam brought up the Fox Sports Power Rankings, here's what they have for Cal:

4. California (5-0)
W, at Oregon, 31-24 next game: Oregon State (Oct. 13)
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because ... winning in Autzen Stadium right now is as impressive as it gets. The defense, which was supposed to get torched thanks to injuries and ineffectiveness, was good enough, while the offense, even with a banged up Nate Longshore, got the job done.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... it shouldn't be. Beating Tennessee and Oregon right now probably should make the Bears third.

I skimmed through the top 25 and didn't see anyone else who had a "The ranking should be lower shouldn't be." Yay =)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

But don't worry, the obsession isn't fading

I think I'll take the opportunity of my obsession with Iran So Far to bring up once more an awesome site Matt showed me years ago, The Lonely Island. I highly recommend watching The 'Bu (especially if you happen to be in love with Elliott...Mike!) and, for some reason, I love the Just 2 Guyz video. My favorite line--"fancy feet moves putting you in a trance." It's all much easier to watch now that You Tube exists, you don't have to download everything! Oh technology.

So...are you wondering what places can you be born a US national instead of a US citizen? I'll tell's American Samoa and Swain's Island! Look it up, it's a place. Also, do you know how many H-B1 visas can be issued every year? 65,000! And how many EB-3s are reserved for NACARA applicants? 5,000! That's from the 10,000 unskilled worker visas set aside, from the 40,000 overall designated for EB-3s. And what crimes make you deportable but not inadmissible? Aggravated felonies, domestic violence, firearms offences, and high speed flight from an immigration checkpoint! Man, if I don't do well on this midterm tomorrow, I'm going to be disappointed. As disappointed as I would be if my parents weren't married and my dad was the US citizen in the pair, but he didn't legitimize me by the time I was 18! Oh, snap!

Monday, October 01, 2007

My puppies--like me--will NOT be visiting Iran!

These wackos (yes, wackos!) can't even leave poor dogs alone!

One of [these young dog owners in Tehran] is 23-year-old Banafshe, whose dog was recently detained in Tehran for 48 hours and then released on bail. Banafshe says she was walking her young puppy, Jessica, when Iranian police snatched the dog and took her to a dog "jail." The dog's crime was "walking in public."
Reza Javalchi, the secretary of the Society to Defend the Rights of Animals, says dog ownership, more common in the West, is considered by Iranian officials to be a sign of Western influence. "But that is not the case," he said. "If we want to speak about symbols of Western civilization then maybe wearing a suit is also Western. These are issues that have become part of human life. Based on our research, domestic dogs were kept in Iran for hunting and guarding maybe long before it became widespread in the West."

Last month, a young person was arrested in Tehran for posting ads of his lost dog.
According to Mehdi Ahmadi, a spokesman for Tehran's police force, such ads spread depravity by encouraging dog ownership.

Activists say that officially no legal prohibition exists in Iran against keeping dogs as pets. But that is little solace to the dozens of dogs that kept in the detention center, or their owners waiting for the return of their beloved pets.

I think it's a teeny bit funny that they're mad about dog ownership being too "western," and one of the girls they talked to has a puppy named Jessica. But really, the whole thing is so ludicrous. I think the Animal Rights guy is right, it's not really a sign of a type a particular type of culture, it's just a part of human life now. I really doubt "arresting" dogs for "walking in public" is going to do much other than rile up the populace. Maybe we should tell them about what happened with Michael Vick--people get mad when you mistreat dogs!

(Thanks, Mom)

It's become an obsession somehow

I think I'm going through withdrawals, the Iran So Far video isn't on YouTube anymore, and it's not on working on the NBC SNL website, either. This is not ok!!!!

...Ok, thank god, I found it somewhere else. I just had to see Adam Levine singing "Jim Caviezel" again. My favorite part of the song, I don't know why. That and the part when Fred Armisen stares into the camera and says "I'm trippin' too."

Also, I hope you all noticed how much I posted last month. 33 months I've been blogging, and that was fourth most! 30 posts, and the most I've ever done was 33, so I was pretty close there. You're welcome.

Today I wore a Cal shirt to class, to celebrate. And I saw one other person wearing Cal shirt, and some random guy said Go Bears! as he walked by me in the halls. So it was a good day!

And, somewhat sadly, I'm one step closer to being a lawyer...I signed up for the bar review class I need to take. All I have to say is, thank God I don't have to pay for it myself, because it's damn expensive!!

I've mentioned guilt tripping this stupid weasel (weasel is I think my new general name for guys) to two different people, and they BOTH said, unprovoked, that I'm good at guilt trips. I'm proud of that, but I'm not sure if I should be.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Olden times

Finally, this article gives me the information I've been wanting! The highlights:

Last time we were ranked number 3: 1952
Last time we were ranked higher than number 3: 1951 (ranked 1 for one week)
Cal has been ranked in the top 3 14 times, including seven weeks in the top two in 1937
Last national championship: 1937 team (1938 Rose Bowl)

Wow...we haven't been awesome for a long time. But hooray for being a young alum around to enjoy it now!

PS: Obviously my midterm stuying is going excellently.

PPS: I think I've watched the "Iran So Far" video like 15 times already today.

Speaking of Iran...

(Thanks, Adam)

Cal spirit all over the place

I love that last night within the span of about three minutes, I got two voicemails saying, oh my god, Cal is going to be number three tomorrow!!!!!! I missed both of these calls because I was busy jumping up and down and shouting to strangers, do you know what this means?? Cal is going to be number three tomorrow!!!!! Of course, nothing is certain until the rankings are released, but wow.

UPDATE: They're out! It's official!! Number three!!!

UPDATE 2: My disdain for Pat Forde grows even greater. Some of you may remember that I was livid this past summer over a column written by this jackclown where he said Cal just didn't care when we lost to USC in 2004. Well, I was about to link to another column written by him, talking about all of the crazy losses that went down this past Saturday, and I noticed that he did not care to mention Cal at all in the article! I mean, he talks about the Big 12, the Big East, and the Big 10, and the ACC. But the word "Pac-10" does not appear anywhere in this article! You'd think that two of the top three teams being in the Pac-10 would be something worth mentioning, right? (I mean, it wasn't official, but it was a reasonable assumption at the time.) It's crazy! And perhaps I'm being overly-sensitive, but I think, given his previously-documented attitude, this is more evidence of him being an anti-Pac 10 jackclown.

UPDATE 3: Finally, a little love for the Pac-10.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Still trying to calm down

Oh my lord, what a game, what a game! I almost had a heart attack a few times in the bar I was watching at. I was annoyed with several huge missed opportunities of ours, but I got my wish in the end, we beat Oregon but they didn't get trounced. Of course, it was a little closer than I would have been comfortable with, but man that was the most exciting Cal game I've seen in a while. And our first victory at Autzen since 1987! As you said, Brian, a thriller until the end.

I'm just glad that we didn't fall victim to this crazy weekend--six teams in the top 15 have lost already (although I guess one of those was Oregon). Madness!

Pretend football

Ok, these simulations kind of baffle me. I don't really see how they're worth much, but regardless, I'll take their imagination of the game:

Ideally, we don't want to crush Oregon, because they're Pac-10 and we want them to still be highly ranked. So a high-scoring game where both teams play well, and we win, would be perfect.

I love Saturdays

Hooray for Cal football! And boo for the Georgia Tech/Clemson game being shown on ABC here instead of Cal/Oregon. I know that we're "in the South" and our game is "Pac-10," but come on, a game with one ranked opponent versus a game with two?? Our game is way more important. And look at this map of the tv coverage--there are random pockets all over for the Clemson, Wisconsin and Rutgers games. Why not one for our game--right here? Perfectly reasonable, I tell you!

Ha, I just realizedI got distracted while writing and forgot to actually post this. Oh Sparklebrainness.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Crazy foreign law

So, I'm not sure about this, but I think I may have Iranian citizenship, according to them, anyway. As I said, I'm studying for Immigration law, and one of the things I just read was talking about dual citizenship, so I decided to look into it a little bit.

According to the Iranian Civil Code, article 976, "those born [in] Iran or outside whose fathers are Iranian" are Iranian subjects. (As are "every women of foreign nationality who marries an Iranian man"...ha, mom!) Article 988 says that "the wife and children of the person who renounces his nationality according to this article do not lose their Iranian nationality...unless the permission of the Council of Ministers allows them to renounce their nationality." Now, my dad became an American citizen I think sometime between when my I was born and my brother was born (I'm not sure exactly when), so I'm not clear exactly how the renounciation of citizenship thing would work here. But, it might not matter, since I don't think that Iran recognizes a renounciation of citizenship anyway if you become American! And this interview with an Iranian "lawyer and scholar" addresses the situation in particular:

[Y]our question is just the opposite, i.e. if the father is an Iranian citizen when a child is born to him, but chooses to change his citizenship later on. In this case, the father's abandonment of Iranian citizenship doesn't end up in the child's losing it as well and the child remains to be known as an Iranian citizen; unless the abandonment of citizenship by the father includes the child as well.

As I said, I don't know how exactly this would come down, but it's interesting. It's too bad it's not for a country I'd actually want to go to ever, but oh well.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brief reflections on Monday tv

I actually have a midterm next week...I haven't had a midterm in almost three years, it feels really weird! Anyway I'm supposed to be studying but I'm going to give you something to procrastinate with (reading my blog) and me something to procrastinate with (writing it!).

Some spoilers below (barely), but watch out...
How I Met Your Mother was awesome this week! I mean, we saw the return of the Slap Bet (man I love it when they tie all these story lines in together, the writers at HIMYM are really good at it, makes my heart smile), which right there made my day. But we also finally got some hints about the mother, who I read actually makes an appearance this season, hooray! It really is so well-written and well-acted, and it makes me happy that more of my friends are embracing the awesomeness that is HIMYM.

I tried watching that show after HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, and after ten minutes I stopped watching, stopped recording it, and cancelled the entire season of recording that I had set. I thought it was just awful.

I saw Chuck, on NBC at the same time as HIMYM (so you know that was dvr'd, not watched live!) and that actually seems promising. Goofy guy, kind of ridiculous storyline...I like it. I'll keep watching it, for now at least.

I've DVR'd a bunch of other shows, seeing how the new fall crop turns out, but I haven't had a chance to watch any of them yet. I'm kinda bummed that Lost isn't starting up until January, but it will be worth it to have the every-week-a-new-episode season.

Ok, I had more to write but I have to go now, my dad's in town this week so we're having dinner, yay!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Finally, good tv!

Alright, I hope everyone has their dvr's set (what? You don't have dvr? Freak!) because tonight is the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother! I hate to steal Matt's email, but it's going to be legen...wait for it... =) And later tonight is the season finale of The Pick-Up Artist! I'm rooting for Kosmo...I was never a huge fan of Brady, and frankly, after his super harsh neg on the stripper, I just can't like him.

Also, a survey--who thinks that going as Mystery would be an awesome halloween costume? Because it would be. Not for me, for Chris.

PS: Thank god for the automatic save feature that blogger has now. My stupid computer has something really wrong with it, and occasionally when I try to google something, explorer freezes up and I have to close the whole window. But now my brilliance is saved!