Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More tv insights

I'm watching my dvr'd Idol right now and Simon said that Haley has a good tactic right now--wear as little clothing as possible. It's one thing to give criticism of her singing, but every week now he just talks about her body! I understand that she's not exactly covering up everything, but I'd be really pissed if I were her. I mean, I'd feel like he was calling me trashy, and seeing as she always looks like she's trying not to cry, I think she feels the same way.

I also think it's funny that for Latin night tonight, out of the first five songs we have two Gloria Estefan and two Santana. I guess not a lot to choose from?

Update: Song number six is another Gloria Estefan! And Jordin just said that she was born in December of 1989. 1989! That's horrifying.

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Mr. Cooper said...

1989. Dear lord. That's just unacceptable. She shouldn't be permitted to compete.