Friday, June 29, 2007

For your entertainment

Well, I had a super bizarre dream last night. I debated whether to share it, but hey, I can't keep something this weird to myself.

So for some reason I was going to be in West Virginia, with Abe (see yesterday's post). And so I.'s parents in my dream had two houses, one in the "city" and one in the woods, so they let me use their woods one while they stayed in the city one. So Abe and I stayed in the woods house for a night, just kinda hanging out there, I have no idea why we were there. So the next day, I decide I should see I.'s parents, since I was right there, after all. So I went to their house in the city, and they were happy to see me. They had two random kids staying with them, too, and I don't know who they were. And I. had bought his mom a new car, since I. got a job, and it was some sort of thank you or something. And his mom was going on about how she loved it because it's so safe and whatnot, and for some reason I thought it was a Volvo, but then I saw the car and it was this small red jeep-type car, and it was called a "Volki." Yes, a Volki. I don't know where I come up with this stuff. And I asked her, you know it's not a Volvo, right? Which apparently she did know. And then I.'s dad made some comment about how it wasn't very nice that I didn't respond to I. for four days after he called to wish me a happy birthday. And then I asked I.'s dad, well, did he mention the fact that he *never* responded to me when I called to congratulate him on getting his job? Which of course he hadn't. And then his parents told me that I. had volunteered to move them to New Orleans if they wanted to be near his grandma (which is of course weird since both of his grandmas are in WV in real life, but then again, the entire dream is beyond weird, so there you go). So then we looked at a map, and on this map for some reason WV was like where Mississippi is, and I was like, wow, I didn't know WV was so close to New Orleans! And it was this like 3-d thing where you can zoom in on the city (like google maps) and we were looking at areas of New Orleans that would be safe to live in and are not currently in ruins, and the bad parts were like shaded gray, and there was like four miles that were safe, and the rest was ocean or destroyed.

And that's all I remember. I've left out some details that are just too hard to describe, but that's the gist of it. I know where some of the parts of my dream came from, but the rest...who knows. I worry about my subconscious.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Work fun

My office at work is in a corner (not a corner office, though, I'm next to the cafe) and next to me is an office with two other summers. I'll call them Abe and Larry. So yesterday Larry said something to me that hurt my feelings, and so to punish him for his cruel words I stole his blackberry. He left it sitting on his desk, so I just put it in my office. I thought Abe saw me do this, but apparently not, because I got in this morning and was chatting with Abe, and Larry wasn't in the office, and Abe said, oh btw, did you take Larry's blackberry? And I said, why yes I did. Apparently Larry saw his blackberry was gone, and thought it was stolen, and called our recruiting coordinator and reported it to her. Now, before I go further, I should say that it actually wasn't a crazy conclusion to jump to because a few things have gone missing from our two offices--starbucks cards, some free stuff they gave us with the firm name on it when we started, stuff like that.

So anyway, Abe tells me that Larry has told our recruiting coordinator about this. Oops. So I went and called her and left her a voicemail saying, don't worry, it hasn't actually been stolen, I have it. And luckily Larry hadn't talked to her either, only left her a voicemail as well. So I got a phone call like 10 minutes later from her, and she told me that I'm diabolical and awesome. I love her. I told her she should tell Larry that he has to pay for the blackberry since it's been lost. And she did! He was mildly upset, but before it went too far she told him I actually had it. And he gave me props and snaps for my prank. And an apology when he realized he'd accidentally hurt my feelings the day before. So lesson of the day: passive aggressive works sometimes!

I have another thing to talk about, but it's late and it'll have to wait.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My well-founded fears

I'd just like to say a giant screw you to everyone who makes fun of me for worrying that a limb is going to get cut off on a roller coaster, or that I'll fall out because the safety restraints don't seem secure enough.

Because apparently THESE THINGS HAPPEN!!!!!

Next I'll find a news story about a serial killer that was disguised as a clown.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Long-lost twin

Apparently one of the summer associates at Andy's firm (we'll call her Millie--since that's her name) is my doppleganger. So much so that Andy finds it a little eerie. So last night I went with Andy to one of his firm events and finally got to meet her, and while there is some resemblance, I didn't think it was *that* strong. But I guess I am wrong on that, because I had not one but TWO people come up to me and confuse me with her. One of them was the wife of a partner, and I went to introduce myself and she kinda stopped me with a "We met at the blah blah Event." To which I just nodded and smiled, because I was thinking, wait did I meet this lady at one of my firm's events? And later I realized she thought I was Millie. And then at dinner, this attorney came by and shook my hand, and said something like, I know I've met you 50 times, but I can't remember your name! And I had to tell her, actually you haven't met me. You think I'm Millie. Which she did, lol.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A plan for 3L year

Reva: I think since next year is our last year of law school, we need to go out all the time and have super much fun.
Andy: I know. I've been thinking, if I can sacrifice going out during the week and get my stuff done, then I can just have fun on the weekends.
Reva: What about Thursdays?
Andy: I don't have class on Fridays, so the weekends starts on Thursday for me.
Reva: Awesome. Wait, what about bowling?
Andy: Oh yeah, I have bowling...and poker night at [so and so's].
Reva: So...if you sacrifice going out on Sundays and Mondays, then you can go out every other night?
Andy: But Sunday is a really good night for going to the movies!
Reva: Ok, so you'll sacrifice going out on Monday nights.
Andy: Yeah.

He's such a trooper.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I miss last week

We've been having really awesome weather in DC here. Not super hot, not super's been fantastic. Until yesterday, that is. I haven't really mentioned it because I didn't want to jinx it, but it appears summer has finally caught up with us. Now I remember why I was scared at the thought of moving to DC last summer! Because you just feel gross when you walk outside. Oh well...if it had only made it three more weeks, it woulda been perfect. But I guess I can't complain about only winning half a million dollars instead of a million dollars.

Tomorrow instead of doing regular work I'm going to be helping build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Now, I'm excited that my firm loves helping people and all, but I don't think there's anything wrong with hoping that I'm doing an indoor job...and that the a/c is already working. That seems reasonable to me. We'll see how it goes. I'm glad I got some more sunscreen for my face though...SPF 55! No wrinkles for me, no thank you.

Also, I've been watching a lot of Arrested Development lately, and last night I had a dream about George-Michael and Maeby. It was weird.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Timing is everything

Tomorrow I'm going with my firm to King's Dominion, which should be pretty cool--half water park, half amusement park. But tonight, I was watching an episode of CSI (and trying not to fall asleep because I'm super tired today), and what was the crime? Someone loosened the screws on a roller coaster car, so it flew off the track and killed everyone riding in it. So...yeah, now I'm excited.

This time I'm drinking water!

It's late. I'm tired. I love my firm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We have fun

Today after work, our firm did this totally awesome thing called Go Game, which is kinda like a scavenger hunt, but way cooler. Our team came in third, but we took some awesome photos. Like me in a cop car. Oh yeah. I'd post it, but I don't actually have it. Hopefully we'll get all the photos and videos at some point, and then maybe I'll post them online. Or...maybe not! But it was super fun.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I know I'm getting old, but still...

I went to check my profile on blogger here (the link is just to the right) and I noticed that it listed my age as 205! So I clicked on Edit Profile and for some reason, it listed my birthday as 6/22/1756 or something close to that. Which doesn't even equal 205, so it was very odd for multiple reasons. This wasn't supposed to be a subtle reminder that my birthday is coming up soon, but I guess that's an added benefit =)

Just got back from my firm's retreat in Arizona...and wow, that was awesome. I am kinda beyond tired now, I got about three hours of sleep last night and didn't exactly feel great when we boarded the bus to take us to the airport at 6:30 this morning. But napping on the plane helped a lot. I had a middle seat, and even so was able to sleep almost the entire 4.5 hour flight. The thought of going to work tomorrow pains me. I have to decide if I'm going to be up for playing softball tomorrow, the game is at 7pm and I'm just not sure if I'm going to want to go home and crash before then or what.

Also, mosquitos need to leave me the hell alone. I was outside for literally five minutes helping Andy put out the trash and I ended up with four new bites on my legs. All giant red and itchy and swollen. Hooray.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Heading out again

Ugh, I was going to blog but now I'm too tired. We're leaving tomorrow morning for our firm-wide summer associate retreat which I think should be pretty awesome, but it's not close by so it'll be a long day. A day filled with grading casenotes on the plane...whee. And if you don't know what that is exactly, consider yourself lucky.

Hmm, nothing much to report...Work, softball, work, Nationals-Pirates game, work, shopping. That's been my week so far. With a little working out thrown in there, and a bit of tv, too. Exciting stuff.

Friday, June 01, 2007

I meant to blog about this before, and now I *have* to

Happy birthday, Dad!

I'm actually in Dallas now so I could tell him myself, but I thought for continuity's sake, I'd do that here.

So a couple of days ago I was talking to one of the new summers at my DC firm and he said something about how the only sitcom he watches is Scrubs, and I told him that if he likes Scrubs he should give How I Met Your Mother a try, because it's totally awesome and also kinda quirky. And he says, that's so funny that you say that because the firm I worked for last summer in Columbus, OH, has a partner who is the dad of one of the stars of that show. I was of course super excited just at the thought of this, and I asked what the partner's name was, but the guy didn't remember, so I asked if the guy's last name was Radnor, and he said yeah, that's it, Alan Radnor. At which point I just got super excited and started shouting, that's Ted's dad!! I mean, it's really kind of sad how excited I was at the thought of this. The summer might think I'm a little nuts.

So then today as I get off the plane in Dallas I listened to a voicemail from my friend, who tells me that she's at the Columbus office of her firm and she just found out that one of the partners who works there is the dad of one of the characters on How I Met Your Mother, and they told everyone to watch the show, so she had to call me and tell me this since she knows how much I love it. Amazing! So now I have to call her back and tell her that she has to talk to this partner and get him to get his son to come to DC. Just for fun, you know.