Thursday, July 26, 2007

Few quick thoughts

So my intent to blog more regularly doesn't appear to be actually happening that well...sorry. But a couple of important things:

1) I certainly did not forget about NPH's much-deserved emmy nomination, Adam! I simply didn't have sufficient time to express my glee. And now here it is--hooray! =) I really love the Price is Right episode, too--it's what beauty would look like if beauty was a sitcom. True story.

2) This explosion happened really close to my work--we were all staring out the window watching it happen. It was funny, I heard these loud banging sounds, and I thought it was construction. After a minute, I turned around at my desk to glare at the construction (I'm on the 25th floor, no one would actually have seen my fierce glares), and instead saw flames shooting up. It was really impressive, I have to say. I'm glad injuries were kept to a minimum, though, so I can say that!

3) I parallel parked for the first time, all by myself, last Saturday! I mean, technically I had parallel parked before by myself, but only with ridiculously (like a third of a block) huge spaces. This one was a real, honest-to-goodness parallel parking spot, and I did it!!!! I had to call Liz right away and leave her a voicemail telling her of my grand accomplishment, of course. Seriously, this was momentous, people. Don't judge me for it.

4) Andy, Adam and I have found our calling. Watch for us next year--kicking some ass! It'll be lengen...wait for it...dary!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

People have an unhealthy addiction

So I was on Amazon looking up Scrubs season 5 DVDs (well I have 1-4, I can't stop now! And also, make a note, How I Met Your Mother season 2 comes out in must be purchased!) and they have that section, "Customers who bought this item also bought..." And they had five items listed: Scrubs seasons 1-4, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Which just makes me wonder, is HPATDH listed as an "also bought" for every item on Amazon right now??

I just booked my flight home to Durham, and the first-class ticket was $300 cheaper than the coach class one. Sweet! Thank you, firm who is paying for me to fly first class =)

I need to figure out how to do video on my camera, and then upload it, because my dog Sophie is adorable and possibly mildly retarded, and that needs to be shared with the world. She actually chases her tail. I've never seen a dog do it in real life before, but she does! I think she's just bored though. She also chews on her own paws. Can't figure out why. Also, when I swim laps in the pool, she runs back and forth, no matter how long I'm doing it for, and watches me. She's just fascinated by people swimming in the pool! Sometimes, though, I surface and she's waiting for me, and she leans down to lick me, but she's still a puppy and she's not very good at figuring out how not to bite accidentally, so she just bites me on the nose before I even know what's going on!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I knew I had something else to say

Ok, this article really annoyed me. It's about the movie Hairspray and plus-sized women in the media. This is the part that bugged me:

"We are delighted to see a young, beautiful woman of size have an opportunity like this. About 65 percent of the American population is now considered overweight or obese, yet people of size are really underrepresented in the media, television and movies," said Peggy Howell, spokeswoman for the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

"Right now, in terms of acceptance of overweight people, it's maybe even worse than it's ever been," said Howell, who is 5-feet-9 and weighs 300 pounds. "There are people who identify more with anorexic- and bulimic-type bodies than they do even with what would be considered a normal, average, healthy-sized body. Some people definitely show a lot of hatred toward a fat body."

Ok, this woman is 5'9" and 300 pounds. According to the CDC, obesity at 5'9" is 203 pounds and over. So this woman is a full 100 pounds over the dividing line between overweight and obese! Now, I certainly don't think she should be mocked or marginalized, but I don't see why that is something to celebrate, either. That's not healthy! She makes reference to people who identify with anorexic/bulimic bodies rather than normal, average, healthy-sized bodies. There's a huge difference between celebrating an average, healthy body and celebrating an obese body. I think the concept of trying to Advance Fat Acceptance is not the right route--it should be focusing on, as she says, normal, healthy-sized bodies. Obesity isn't any healthier than anorexic bodies, I'm pretty sure (though I'm not a doctor, just a lawyer-to-be). Again, not something to be mocked, but it's not something to be encouraging either.

Friday, July 20, 2007


It's been a very busy week, and that's why I've been disappeared until now. I'm gonna try to catch up on some of the high points, but this is going to come off really stream-of-consciousness, I'm sure.

I'll go in semi-reverse chronological order--today at work one of my friends called me old! We were talking about something, I don't remember what, and he says "Well, I'm glad at the age of almost 30 that you finally (something, not pertinent to the story)." Of course, I let out a horrified gasp at this--I am NOT almost 30!! I am barely 24. And let me tell you, that 24th birthday last month was a little hard. Something about being in my mid-20s now is kind of horrifying, I don't know why. It sounds so much older somehow. So anyway, being called "almost 30" just about gave me a heart attack. But I don't think he'll be making that mistake again.

Texas drivers are going to send me to an early grave. They do not seem to understand that the left lane is for going FAST! 63 in a 60 is NOT fast lane material!! And also, the drivers of the big-ass trucks here seem to think that they belong in the fast lane. But I don't care if, once you get going, you can go pretty quickly--you still aren't allowed there! Because as soon as there's any sort of slowdown, it's hard for them to speed back up, and everyone behind them gets slowed down. And this is why I think I don't like to drive--because I get stressed out trying to get around the slow drivers all of the time, and it upsets me!

Last weekend I was in San Diego for Christine's wedding, and it was awesome. It was so good to see people I hadn't seen in two years or more! Here's one picture of us, this is right after the ceremony, Chris and Christine (groom and bride) were taking other photos, so we did a group shot of our friends:

And here is one of us at the reception, with the bride and groom too this time:

I was gonna stop, but one more...all of us the day after, right after lunch and before people started leaving to go home (so sad!):

I might post more pictures as I get more in (thanks to Jeanne for these!!). But that's enough posting for now, I'll spare you anything else for the time being.

Friday, July 13, 2007

No time, there's never any time!

I have so much to say, about my first week of work here in Dallas, but it's simply too late, I'm too tired and have too much to do! Because much more than work, tomorrow I leave for San Diego, to go to the wedding of one of my two best friends. I've been looking forward to this for two years now, and I can't believe it's finally here! I've been running around like a crazy person trying to get everything ready, and I know that I'll have forgotten stuff and be really upset. I'm also getting screwed by the stupid liquids restriction--I have a ton of room, but they're making my life difficult and so I'm having to decide what I can live without and what I have to bring with me, because I do not want to check my bags. Ugh. Argh. BUT, more importantly, tomorrow I see my college friends that I haven't seen in years--I'm beyond excited =) Ok, more update later, but for now, gotta finish that packing. I'm getting back kinda late on Sunday, so who knows when you'll hear from me again...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hello, goodnight

I have things to say, but honestly I'm pretty tired right now so I'm just going to hit a couple of points. Everyone is super nice here, but it's a little weird going through orientation all alone, I have to say. And for someone used to a lot of interaction with other summers, being the only one is disconcerting. And boring.

Today I embarrassed myself on the elevator...I was going down four floors, and when I got on, I couldn't find the button for my floor!! There was someone already on there, going to the ground floor, and he looked like a partner, so I was just standing there, staring at this myriad of buttons, not hitting anything. Finally I found the one I wanted, in time so we didn't pass my floor, but lord, it was the slowest like ten seconds ever. Hopefully he doesn't realize who I am...but since I think they sent out an email to the attorneys yesterday, announcing that I had arrived, it might be too late.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Back to suits

Our dog Sophie, the one we got back at Christmastime? She's kind of dumb. I know she's still shy of her first birthday, so maybe she'll get smarter as she gets a bit older...but she likes to chew on her legs. Like they're toys or something. It's pretty hilarious, actually, but doesn't make me think that she's the smartest puppy we've ever had. She continues to be terribly adorable, though, and I'll post new pictures at some point in the next few weeks.

First day at the new firm tomorrow...I'm going to leave super duper early so that I don't end up late. Because I have an inability to be on time--I'm either late or early, those are my choices. So tomorrow I'm going to sacrifice sleep and be early. Hopefully after tomorrow I can leave at a semi-respectable hour, but I figure I don't want to embarrass myself right away, if it's avoidable. Of course, it's fairly likely I'm going to manage that anyway, because I have to go sign up for parking, and the place I sign up for parking is different from the lot itself, and I imagine that's going to be tricky as I try to figure out how to get into lot A to sign up for parking without actually parking, because I want to park in lot B...yeah, I sense troubles coming. Because that's just how I roll.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

On to firm number two!

Today was my last day of work in DC...and it was really sad. I don't know if it's just because most people are still going to be there for another five weeks, but it was hard to leave today! I totally drank the kool-aid, and looooove it there. Which is fantastic, I'm glad I found someplace I think I can be happy at! And now of course I get to go enjoy Dallas and see if it as good as DC is.

Oh, I've been meaning to write this for weeks now. Adam gets his super cool movie star sightings? Well, I had a famous person sighting too! I mean, it was Joe Lieberman, who was at this restaurant I was at for a fundraiser dinner or something, but still, it's somebody!

I have thoughts on being 24 now, but they'll have to wait until later! And now I am off to the central time zone...whee.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I keep thinking that it's Saturday

Happy Fourth of July! It's raining here tonight so I'm not quite sure what they do about fireworks...but I'm going to the terrace of my firm anyway to watch them! Hopefully at least the free ice cream and drinks will be there regardless. I have decided that having Wednesday off is super nifty--we should make it permanent. I'm not sure if I'd rather have Wednesday off, or have Friday off, because with one, you get a three-day weekend, but this break right in the middle of it is really nice, too. Not that it really matters, since neither will be occuring on a regular basis after next year, but still, it's a question to ponder.

I meant to write about this before...when Andy and I saw Ratatouille on Sunday, we got there kinda close to the show time, and there were a bunch of people in line to buy tickets. Andy and I were worrying a little that everybody was there to see our movie, of course. So in front of us in line this couple and their two small children (approximately ages 1.5 and 3) got up to the counter to order their tickets, but much to our suprise, the words out of the mouth of the mom were not "Four tickets to Ratatouille," but rather, "Four tickets to Knocked Up." As soon as they left, Andy and I were like, wtf? You're taking kids that young to see a rated R like 10 pm, too? It was very unexpected. Which made it kinda funny.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Busy Sunday

I am totally on American history overload, and I love it!! I'm in the midst of reading 1776 by David McCullough, and today I saw the musical 1776 (not based on the book), and it was so good. I'd seen the movie version once before, so I knew it kind of, but we went to this small theater in DC and they did a really good job! Plus in the musical they're getting dispatches from Washington up in New York, facing the British soldiers there, and in the book it's following Washington and the army up in New York, so it's like getting both sides of the same story! And I'm also on overload because I watched National Treasure again last night...I love that movie. I need to get it on DVD since "my" other copy has been destroyed due to someone's stupidity. Ahem.

Also, I saw Ratatouille tonight...and now I desperately want a rat that can cook, and has Patton Oswald's voice. Seriously, super adorable. Although, I'm not going to lie, a few of the scenes which had the entire rat colony running around were a little gross. But just one rat that can cook? Would be totally awesome.

So you know the song "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel? One of the lines in that song is "trouble in the Suez"...and until two weeks ago, I thought it was "trouble in the sewers." I assumed it was a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of course. I don't know why I'm telling the world that I'm an idiot, but I have a hard time keeping this stuff to myself.