Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's almost here!

So Matt (M.) sent me an email yesterday that just said "Go to Just go." And my thought process was as follows:

Ooh, I wonder if Cal is on the homepage! Wait, "just go" sounds like it's bad news, not good news. I hope no one died. Oh no, what if TEDFORD died??? What if Tedford is LEAVING???

Luckily the page finally opened and I saw that it's just a countdown clock until the official start of college football. But man, I was scared!

GO BEARS!!!!!!

(just practicing for Saturday)

Revolving door

After two years of having no one come visit, my place has become something of a hostel. Last week Michael was visiting, this week it's Tram, and next week it's Eric and another person, too!! So it's just madness. But in a good way =) I'm just hoping Tram won't be bored here while she's visiting...I mean, it's Durham.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Injustices of the World

Can you believe that Scott got kicked off of The Pick-Up Artist, while stupid Pradeep moves on? That's so unfair.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bye bye Michael

Since I know you are all worried about it, I'll tell you how the parking permit saga has ended. I called the Duke Parking people today, explained what happened, and asked if I could get a temporary permit since our permanent ones are still forthcoming (did I mention how we don't have our "real" permits yet since they failed to properly magnetize or whatever it is they do to permits so you can swipe them through a card reader? Well they did, so we've been using old ones so far). Anyways, they said yes, so I went this morning and got a temporary permit (which she issued through October 2 instead of September 2 like I'd requested, but hell, I'm not going to say anything!).

In more important news, I'm having my first official visit from a friend from California! Now, I've had two people come see me before (one only partially counts, I saw him for two hours), but they were both in the area for work already (although we had an awesome weekend, John!). But Tram is coming out this weekend, for no reason other than to see me! Hooray!! I mean, poor thing that she's stuck in Durham for the weekend, but finally I have a visitor too =)

Lord, I am such a sparklebrain, I interrupt blog posts to write emails, and vice versa, because things pop into my head. I need ritalin.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I make things way too complicated

I had a rental car this past week, because I didn't have enough time in between working in Dallas and starting class here to drive back to Durham. So I flew here, and my mom and brother drove out the car this past week (since my brother starts class a week after I do, and he had time to do it). Which was great, I really appreciated it. But anyway, guess what I managed to do when I returned my rental car on Saturday?? I left my damn parking permits in the car!! I completely forgot about them, I'm so mad at myself. So I called Hertz today and of course their Lost and Found is only open Monday through Friday. I annoyed the girl who answered (because the actual rental car office part of it is open seven days a week) enough that she went looking for them, but couldn't find them, and she said that they must already be in the L&F, so I need to call back Monday-Friday. Now, I don't really understand how they could get in the office that is only opened M-F if I dropped it off yesterday, on a Saturday. Or, if they could get put in the office by someone else, why couldn't they get taken out by someone else, over the weekend?? But whatever. So now I have to call tomorrow morning and hope that I can go get them before class starts. Ugh.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some awesomeness afoot

Well, we really are back in Durham. Last night, we reappeared at The Tav! Of course, neither Adam nor Andy were there, so it wasn't quite the Dream Team, but we did pretty well. (Of course, Adam did give us a little help, so it was *almost* like old times. Old times, meaning three months ago.) We won the first game, and came in second for the second. That win made it my fourth in a row, however, which is pretty awesome. We were tied and had to go to a tiebreaker round, but it wasn't as awesome as last time. This time she had a category already prepared, items in the news, and there were only five questions. However, we got the first three right, and they got them all wrong, so we didn't even have to finish. Apparently they watch a lot of the Sci Fi channel, but not so much CNN. I'm pretty proud of us for getting all five questions right in the chemistry category, too. I mean, we used phone-a-friend for one of them, but whatever. And all of the pseudosuite would have died laughing because they were so easy, but again, whatever. At least I still remember Avogadro's number! Thank you, Ms. Sturgeon. Man I hated that class.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to normal

Coming back to Durham after being gone for so long is always kind of weird, just because it feels like I never left. 36 hours ago, I was still in Dallas, had just finished working for the summer, and now I'm back in my place, unpacked, ready to start class tomorrow morning. It's like there's no transition time, just jumping right back into things...a little odd. But it is nice being back! As much fun as I had this summer being in DC and Dallas, it felt really transient. I knew I was only going to be there 6 or 8 weeks, so it was kind of like going to summer camp or something. Really awesome summer camp, with lots of free alcohol, but still. So anyway, it's good to be home again =) I missed my bed!!

So in exciting news, I dropped family law, which means I now have a three-day week! I'm pretty excited about that -- classes Monday-Wednesday, and that's it. I just had family law on Thursday, and it sounds like the professor is a little on the anal retentive side, so once my friend who was taking the class with me decided to drop, I realized, there is absolutely no good reason to stay in it! So I switched into something that might actually be helpful for what I want to do, plus meets Mondays and Tuesdays, doesn't have a regular casebook (just statute books to read), and doesn't have any extraneous work in addition to the final!! So I definitely traded up =)

I met a second year student here who graduated from Cal undergrad!! I already love him, he's my new favorite 2L. I haven't figured out yet if he's a Cal football fan yet, but I'll get to that soon enough...and if he's not, then he's no longer my favorite!

I'll probably get back to more regular posting now that I'm in student mode again. Prepare to be dazzled. (Eh, not really.)

Also, it's really awesome to look at the clock, and realize I don't have to get up at 7am anymore. Hooray!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bye Bye Dallas

Well, yesterday was my last day of work! I fly to Durham in like two hours, then classes start Monday! It's funny, I've been really excited about going back to school because I've been tired from work. But I've started printing out my syllabi for my classes, and looking at my assignments for the first week (and the semester), and it totally reminded me why I was so ready to start work in May! But hopefully this will be a good year!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"She makes inappropriate comments for the workplace"

So if I don't get a permanent job offer at my current firm, I think I know why. On Tuesday I was on the phone with my friend, who was coming back into town from a trip to Vegas for a bachelor party. I was getting his flight information because he was going to stay with me that night, so we were talking while I was at work. I made a joke about him hanging out with strippers (again, because he'd been in Vegas for a bachelor party), and right as the word "stripper" is coming out of my mouth, in walks a partner. She stepped in my office, looked at me, hesitated, and then walked out. So I got off the phone in a hurry, and caught her outside my office door (she was waiting for me) and she told me what she needed. I tried to sort-of explain by saying I was getting flight info from a friend coming in from Vegas, so I'm hoping she'd understand that's why I brought up strippers. But we'll see!

This picture makes me fear pregnancy. I mean...seriously! How can you get that big??? It's not like she's at all fat, it's just belly. Yikes.

I almost don't want to link to this article, because it is so heinous, but I feel like I have to say something about it. Not that I haven't already sent it two three different groups of people and ranted, but what the hell, I'll make it four. If this jackclown wants to say that the SEC is more passionate than the Pac-10, fine, I'm not going to argue. As my brother said, that's all they have in Georgia (ooh snap!). But he uses the 2004 Cal-USC game as his example of Pac-10 fans not really caring, and I take serious offense to that! Several of us (several of you reading this, in fact) road tripped down to USC to see this game in person, and a bunch of other people I know did the same thing. And we were all completely devastated by this loss! We cancelled the rest of our weekend plans, drove straight back to Berkeley we were so pissed. And I'm sorry Pat Forde, but none of us looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and said, "oh well, it was a great game." I don't think being Californians means that sunshine washes away all our disappointments, but thanks anyway. And his example of SEC fans being "passionate" about their teams' losses? Georgia fans pelting Auburn fans with trash as the Auburn fans left the stadium! I'm sorry, just because we're not rude, and don't like assaulting strangers, that doesn't mean we don't care. It means we have manners. And again, don't assault strangers. Kind of a big difference there.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Awesome and Not Awesome

I just bought plane tickets to go see Christine and Chris and Matt in Seattle and see my first Cal football game in person since 2005!! Hooray!!!!! I'm kinda super excited...too bad it's not til November, though. September would be awesomer.

Last night our dogs Sophie and Natasha were playing with each other as they always do. But all of a sudden we heard this terrible noise, and we looked over and Sophie had Natasha by the throat! My mom, brother and I ran out and started trying to tear them apart, and Sophie wouldn't let go. So we started hitting her and hitting her, and nothing! But it was weird, because there was no blood or anything. Eventually we realized that she wasn't biting her, her mouth was caught in Natasha's collar. Of course, Natasha was being choked to death, because Sophie was trying to get away, and we were all still panicking, but eventually we got them untangled and both dogs were fine, amazingly. It was kinda scary. I'm just glad it turned out Sophie wasn't actually trying to rip out Natasha's throat. =)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tape-delayed from work

I'm so bad about writing when I finally am home, I'm just writing this at work. Not posting, just writing. But it's not like I'm slacking, I'm currently without projects, so it's all good.

So...I really need to pay more attention when I drive. Last Friday, I was driving to work and my lane was moving pretty slowly (as usual, since it was the lane that gets on the freeway and it was right before the entrance). So I was sitting in my lane, and looking at the van in the driveway of some business to the right, and wondering if he was going to get into my line. Then I noticed that there was another car in the driveway going the opposite direction (away from the road), but it wasn't moving. Hmm, I mused to myself, is the driver of that car talking to the driver of the van going the other way or something? Odd. So I sat there for another minute, and then all of a sudden I realized that on my left, there was a big accident involving several cars that had taken place. Some guy was lying on the road (he looked ok, just immobilized), people were milling around, there were car pieces and glass all over the road, and then a minute later an ambulance showed up (so it must have happened not too long before I got there). And all of this had been going on, without my noticing. So...yeah, really have to start looking at more than just what's in front of me.

You know what sucks? When a company doesn't trust its employees enough to let them do non-work things on their computers. Like if a company removed solitaire from its computers, for example, and then blocked any sort of online game sites so you couldn't even google it and play solitare online. I think that's pretty inappropriate--if you have fairly sophisticated employees, say the kind with several years post-college education, and are paying them a significant amount of money, you'd think that as long as they're not billing the time spent on solitaire or whatever that wasn't actual work, it wouldn't matter! What if you happened to be spending all day staring at the IRS code, for example, and wanted a five-minute brain break? If such a company did this, I would find it kind of offensive, I have to say.

Well, I had a pretty painful eBay fight with some guy, but I prevailed! See, I ordered the Friends Scene-It dvd game because Andy and I need to determine once and for all which of us is the master of Friends trivia. There was no place convenient in DC for me to get it this summer, so I decided, hey, I'll just order it off eBay! So I found someone with an excellent seller score, and bought it from him. Well, three weeks go by, and nothing from this seller. During these three weeks, I sent him three emails asking to confirm the details of when I'd get it, and then trying to find out why I hadn't heard anything! So that got no response, and I actually had to get his real name and phone number from eBay. I called him once, left a message, got no response. Then I called a few days later, finally talked to the guy, and he was a disaster! He went on a 15 minute rant about how his mother who is like 82 is being sued by a homeowners' association and he has to pay some lawyer $350 an hour to help her (I didn't mention that I'm a law student...although I doubt he was actually paying those rates, that's pretty high for some random guy with a homeowners' association suit), and he just has this ebay thing as a side business, etc etc. Oh, and his computer is broken and he can't even fill the orders if he wanted to! So I asked him for a refund, but then he went on about how I'm getting such a great deal from him, really he's doing me a favor, etc. So I said I'd give him one more week, and if I hadn't heard anything/gotten it, he'd be in trouble! (Although, again, if his computer was broken and he couldn't get to his info, I don't know how he was going to send it anyway). But I sent him another email telling him to send it to Dallas instead of DC, like he asked me to (it had been so long I'd moved for the summer, and he asked me to send him an email with the new address). And a week goes by and of course nothing. So I called him again, told him (via voicemail) he had 24 hours to contact me or I'd file a claim. And then 48 hours, hearing nothing, I filed a claim. Luckily Paypal is awesome, they found in my favor and less than two weeks later, I had my money back! So the moral of the story is, don't buy anything from hotcarsxlc on eBay (I'd post his real name instead of his username but that seems unnecessary). Also, now I have to go to Target and by the game. What a pain in the ass.

So ESPN Insider has their detailed preview for college football, and unfortunately being Insider coverage means you have to be a special pay subscriber. For each conference, though, they have one free one...and the free one for the Pac-10 happens to be Cal!! Hooray!! So if I can figure out how to do a jump, I'll post the entire thing, just for your convenience. But I can already tell you what it says--we rock. We rock hard. And DeSean Jackson is going to blow everyone away.

Oh, I found the awesomest new show on tv. It's called The Pick-Up Artist, on Vh1, and it's another reality show, but this time some guy who teaches guys how to be cool (basically) and pick up women for a living is taking these guys who are completely hopeless and showing them how it's done! I only saw the first episode (the second one aired tonight), but the premiere was pretty stellar--the cool guy (goes by Mystery) takes the lame guys to a bar, and tells them he wants to see them in action, see what he's got to work with, basically. And I tell you, it was painful to watch! They were so bad. And then Mystery and his two wingmen (who both learned from Mystery in the first place) go out there and tear it up...and the lame guys were just in awe. It was hilarious. But I like it because, there's hope! They're going to learn! So that makes me happy for them =)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yay for football season!

TMQ is back!! (High five, Liz =) ) Sometimes his columns are a little too long for my taste (or, more likely, just focus too much on science-type things that bore me). But this column has a pretty cool piece on the NFLPA and the pension that retired NFL players get, which I thought was really interesting. I mean, I had a vague notion that they get a pension, but really couldn't name you any of the details. Turns out, at least according to TMQ, it's a pretty sweet deal! Also, the group I'm working in now is Employee Benefits, so it's kind of work-related, too!
Not that I read this at work today...of course. But I think it's worth checking out. Also, ESPN is now linking to the "highlights" of his column, which I think is very helpful seeing as it's more book than column, but really that's more because it lets me link directly to the part I want you to read than because I'd skip around to it =)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Two weeks and one day!

It would be so much easier if I could just post from work!! Oh well. A couple of things:

I'm sorry, but I don't see how the Backstreet Boys can reunite without Kevin Richardson!! It's just not right. And sure, he was the one that was my favorite and I was totally going to marry him, but even despite all that, he is so not the "expendable member." Everybody knows that's Howie D!! Come on!

I love this open letter to the guy that sings Hey There Delilah.

Another thing I hate about Texas drivers--or maybe just the drivers who go the same route I do to get to the freeway--they keep cutting in line! Ok, drivers everywhere do that, but still. We'll be in a long line of cars, and then someone will wait on one side of the green light, because the line is so long they'd be hanging out in the middle of the intersection if they went forward, and what do the cars who are perpendicular to us do? They turn right on red, and go take up that non-spot!! Now, if it was just a driveway or a road with a stopsign, fine, go when you can. But you get a f%*!ing light of your own!!!!! So wait for it!!! Ugh, it pisses me off so much. That and when people avoid the long line by going in another lane, and then cutting in right before the freeway entrance. Again, people, there is a line, wait your damn turn! If I could smite people, there would be soooo many dead drivers around here.

This just cracked me up: I was working on a project looking through contracts outlining employee benefits, and one of the clauses was titled "Denial of Benefits to Killers." It says, if you kill a guy who was entitled to benefits, and you would inherit them since he's dead, you're not allowed to take the money. I just thought that title was hilarious.