Thursday, January 31, 2008

So many good times

Today has been a good class, I bought new bathing suits for spring break (going on a cruise, yay!), and best of all, the season premiere of Lost is tonight!! I'm going to try to ignore the fact that we're getting only eight episodes of what should have been a sixteen-episode season (which is already a short season!) and focus instead of the, hooray, new tv! part of it. Especially hooray Lost, since I've been looking forward to this since, what, April? May? Chris and I rewatched the last three episodes earlier today (well, the two-part season finale, plus the episode before it) and I'm glad I did because a lot of stuff happened that I'd forgotten about. And (as I always tell my mom when I encourage her to read books in order, even if they technically don't *have* to be read in order) you get so much more out of it that way! Hoorays.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life as a 3L

This past weekend, we had a Drinky Dink party. What is a Drinky Dink party, you ask? Well it's like Shrinky Dinks, but with drinking. What is a Shrinky Dink? Well, I didn't know this either, but apparently there was a thing where you can color on this plastic, and then put it in the shrinky dink oven (kind of like an easy bake oven), and it ends up 1/3 of the size! And since Bri happens to have the official Shrinky Dink oven, we made it a party! We had a theme, too--everything was supposed to be either really big or really small. For example, in this picture we have Bri eating a teeny piece of mocha cheesecake bars, and Cat eating a GIANT one!

There were a lot of mini things, like mini-corndogs, mini hamburgers, mini tacos, mini was a festival of mini! We forgot to take pictures of all of those, though. Of course, the more important thing was the mini drinks. Here you can see Eric pouring successively tiny drinks into a teeny tiny cup:
But the best part of the theme was the outfits! Either mini items of clothing or dressing like a little kid. Here is Chris in his mini outfit, dancing with my mini dog!

A requisite element of a Drinky Dink party? The giant beers!

Good times!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Good news! The state bar of California has found me "to possess the good moral character required for certification to practice law in California." I mean, I assume the standard is pretty low here, it's to be a lawyer in California. But still, I pass!

Jamie has been kind of sick for a couple of days with tummy problems, and I took him to the vet yesterday and they gave him some fluids under his skin to make sure he doens't get dehydrated. I thought that it would just be like a regular injection sized amount, but it turns out it's a ton, and when they inject it, it stays all together in a giant lump for a little while! So he looked like Quazimodo, and luckily I had my camera in my purse and got to take a picture of him looking ridiculous. I can make fun of it because he's feeling better now (thank god for pills from the vet!).

Ha! What a freak. Also, I promised my friend Cat I'd post this exchange:

Me: Have you seen those tumors, the kind with the teeth and the hair?
Chris: Yeah, and the arms and the fingers?
Me: Those are called children.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I guess it's more than just *America's* team

Hitler's views on the Jews? Not good. Hitler's views on the Cowboys? He makes some valid points...

(Thanks, Adam)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'd rather see the future

In 24 hours I had three lighbulbs burn out on me when I flipped the light switch on. Is is possible I have some sort of lightbulb-killing power? Because I don't want it, it's a pain.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

They grow up so fast

Today I took Jamie to Doggie Daycare (aka Camp Bow Wow...the dogs are called campers, it's pretty cute) so that he'd get some playtime with other puppies, and not be home alone for so long. Well, technically today was his "interview day," where they make sure that he's got enough social skills that they'll keep him. The good news is, he passed! My dog's not a total freak, hooray. And they gave him a "first day" certificate, with the cutest picture ever. Now I know everyone always says that *their* dog is the cutest, but mine really is:

Look at that face! Of course, the best part (well, one of the best, I guess) is that he's completely exhausted. He's been sleeping pretty much ever since I picked him up, which makes sense since he was playing for about nine hours.

Did everyone watch American Gladiators last night, and see that one of the contestants is a lawyer? Of course, she was so slow that even though she beat her opponent, she didn't make it in the top four (and this was the fifth match-up we've seen, so there you go). Meanwhile, the guy who won tore through the Eliminator and beat the next closest time by a full 30 seconds! (Oh, and that next closest time was a girl, too...she was pretty awesome. Partly because her time was exactly 2:00:00.)

Heath Ledger is dead?!?!?!? That boggles the mind, really. I remember The Patriot as if it was yesterday. So sad.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Say "awwww"

Since I don't have anything interesting to post, I'm just going to put up pictures of my friends and my puppy (well, I guess one is of me and my puppy) from a couple of weekends ago. Everybody loves Jamie!!

And this one isn't of him with my friends, but it's just cute.


I love getting back from Target, flipping on the light in my bedroom, and having the lightbulb go out. Especially since I have no extra lightbulbs at home. Perfect timing! Sadness of my heart.

Also, whoever designed my townhouse did a crappy job when it comes to air circulation...the downstairs stays pretty cold during the winter, even when the heat is set at 70, but the upstairs got so hot overnight that I had to come and sleep on the couch at like 8:30 this morning, because even on top of all my covers I thought I was going to melt. I don't know if that's a circulation problem or insulation or what, but it sucks.

UPDATE: You know you have awesome friends when you put up an away message saying that you need a lightbulb, and you have not one but TWO people offer to bring you one. =)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's snowing!

But not sticking. I'll say that it is pretty, at least.

Stolen from Brian

This video is of various sea creatures, and is pretty super cool. Especially the squids that can change color...of half of their body, and then switch the color on both sides.

Also, I had no idea that octopi were so good at blending into their environment! It's really amazing.

They say it might snow today....we're on "winter storm alert" or something. AllI know is, I don't like it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My dream

My mom and I were on vacation together in England, I think, and we'd rented a car. She had to go into this museum-type place as part of a class she was taking, so for some reason I decided to wait in the car. But we weren't parked in a parking lot, we were just sitting at a gas station, next to the pump. But I decided to wait there, and a few minutes after she left to go to the museum, a car with like 5 or 6 people pulled up behind me. Somehow they figured out that I was friends with their friend's ex-boyfriend, and they decided they hate me as a result, so they came up to my car and started harrassing me. I was in the backseat, with all the doors open (inexplicably). I don't remember how it started, but it ended up with people punching and dragging, and I pulled out some blond girl's hair (not all of it, just some--I'd grabbed a fistful and yanked). And then they left me alone for a minute, and why I didn't go in and lock the doors or just drive away, I have no idea. So then somehow they got me out of the car and we were fighting, and by the time I got back into my car I realized that I'd left my purse in there (because who fights with a purse on?) and sure enough, they'd gotten to my wallet. I looked inside and my driver's license was still there, but they'd taken all the credit cards. And then I looked up and realized they'd started the car and it was rolling/driving downhill towards a stoplight.

So I jumped over to the front seat to take control of the car, and started driving it. I wanted to make a U-turn but the next light was one way the opposite way, and for some reason the driver in front of me didn't realize and tried to make a left turn onto the one-way street, and was getting honked at, but I just kept driving (that's not relevant, but it was in there for some reason). So I get to this area that I'm not quite sure what it was, some sort of fairgrounds maybe, that had lots of little stands selling things. And I jump out of the car and grab my phone and try to call my mom and tell her what's going on. So I hit the speed dial for my mom's cell but for some reason it dials my brother, and goes straight to voicemail, but I saw the number it dialed in the first place and it was the wrong number, and then it went to a voicemail box that was not my brother's voice, and I realized that these bad people had reprogrammed my phone so dialed fake numbers! So I tried calling my mom's cell again from the speed dial (using my brother's speed dial, I figured they'd gotten them mixed up), and the same thing happened with the fake voicemail box. Luckily the only number I have memorized anymore is my mom's cell phone number (this is true) so I called her directly, and was telling her what happened when they showed up there behind me. So I started shouting to her, call 911, tell them I'm at...and of course I didn't know the name of the place where I was so I just started naming the little businesses around me. And then the bad guys came up to me with people who worked at the place and were in the process of convincing them I was crazy when I woke up.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Break another little piece of my heart

Well, we all knew it was coming, but it's finally official...DeSean is leaving for the NFL. I was kind of hoping that after the disastrous season that never happened, he'd stay for another year in order to bring Cal the glory season that slipped through our fingers, but I guess that was asking too much. So much for school pride. And going for the Heisman again! Ugh, what is he thinking (yeah yeah, millions of dollars, avoiding injury, whatever).

Speaking of sports, is everyone watching American Gladiators? You should be, it's awesome. I was watching it yesterday and I realized that Laila Ali is a terrible interviewer. I mean, not Samantha Harris on Dancing with the Stars bad, but she doesn't seem to think much about what she's saying. Here is a paraphrased exchage she had last night with a guy who was a troubled youth, but now is a high school algebra teacher:

Laila: So you're now teaching at a school which you got expelled from as a kid?
Guy: That's right.
Laila: So, did you get in a lot of trouble as a kid?

Um...I'm just thinking, if he got expelled from a school it wasn't for being too dedicated to his homework or something. And in case it reads like she was being funny, it was definitely a serious question.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Stomp once for Britney!

I'm in between classes right now and I have time to kill, but I have nothing interesting to post. I thought about taking a nap on the couch of the journal office, which I've done before, but I think I'm not quite tired enough that it's necessary, so I'll hold off. Instead I'll post this video, brought to my attention by Bri. It's amazing. This woman, Leslie Hall, is coming to Chapel Hill in February and we're definitely going to be there.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

This is so *not* how I imagined today going

And the streak we lost that game, I have no idea. That sucked pretty hard. At least the Chargers managed to beat Indy, that was pretty great. But man, what a disappointment.

Speaking of disappointment, I really don't feel like going to class tomorrow. It's hard to believe it's only my second day of school and I'm already tired of it. This is probably not unrelated to the fact that tomorrow I have my 8am class.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back to work

Today was probably my last first day of school ever. It's kind of a weird feeling, since I've never done anything else! But seeing as it started at 8am this morning, at the moment I'm happy to see it go. Seriously, two hours of real estate finance, starting at 8am? What was I thinking?? Oh, I know, that I only have class Monday-Wednesday again. Right, I knew there was a reason. And that reason is, my weekend has already started! Hooray!

It was funny, during my 8am class Bri and I were talking about the difference between undergrad classes and law school classes in terms of how the first day of school goes. In undergrad, for the most part, you spend like half the class going over the syllabus, half the class talking about random stuff vaguely associated with the topic you'll be covering, and you still get out early. Whereas in law school, you already had a reading assignment, and while it's not terribly in-depth necessarily, you still cover substantive reading, after about two minutes spent on the syllabus/basic structure of the class. It's kind of a bummer. So after this early morning class, I had my Italian undergrad class, and it was really amusing because it went pretty much exactly as Bri and I had described it that morning (albeit in reversed order). We spent like a half hour talking about what it is to be "Italian," (aka we said nothing), then we went around the room and did introductions (there were only 10 of us), and then we left early. It was great! The only downside is that this class has two tests, two presentations, and a final project, which is waaaaay more work than I'm used to. But on the plus side, the law school only gives me credit on a pass/fail basis, so it shouldn't exactly be stressful (not that I want to do pride is at stake, after all! But it's nice to know I don't have to worry about it if I don't want to).

Another weird thing about my Italian class? It's back to notebooks--no laptops! I don't know what I'm going to do, not being able to check my email for over an hour. The strangest part is that I'm with undergrads again, though, and they're making me feel old. I mean, for goodness sake, there are sophomores in my class! So weird. And one guy, when he walked into the room it was still like 15 minutes before class was going to start (I didn't know how long it would take me to get there so I left really early), and he just starts chatting with me in Italian instead of English, which is what normal people would do. I went along with it for a while, until some other students showed up and were speaking English, but it was weird. He felt like an Italian gunner. I disapproved.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Something else extremely important

RDU is the worst airport ever. I feel confident in saying that. My plane landed at 6pm yesterday. When did I get my luggage? When did I get my poor doggie? Not for an hour, literally. I was still standing at the carousel at 7pm. And it's not like they couldn't find my bag, or the doggie just took more time to get....there were no bags there. For an HOUR! That is ridiculous. What were those people doing? Because it sure wasn't working! It's not like this is a huge, busy airport, there were not a ton of flights coming in or anything. I can only assume it was a mix of incompetence and laziness that led to this ridiculous situation. And there's no cell phone lot at RDU, either, and the cops don't let you stay outside the gate for more than a few minutes, so you're forced to park or circle endlessly! Good planning there. Ugh. I have two airport trips to make on Tuesday (picking up people) and I am definitely not leaving until they've already landed, if that.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The issue that will divide our country come November

Adam has brought attention to something which concerns us all, as Americans. And I am publicly proclaiming my agreement with him. There is nothing wrong with talking quickly! If you can't keep up, people, that is your problem. Maybe the issue isn't so much fast talking as *hearing slowly*, huh? Did you ever think that maybe YOU are the problem?? I didn't think so.

Back to normal

Well, I'm back in Durham! Wednesday is the first day of classes, probably my last first day of school ever. Which is kind of nice, especially when I think about how awful my grades from last semester probably are, but kind of intimidating when I think that by this time next year, I'll have been back at work for days already. Blech.

I think I have solid proof that Jamie doesn't exactly love his elf costume. A couple of days ago, I had a bunch of my stuff in a pile to be packed, and the elf hat and collar were among the items I had out on the floor. Jamie came into the room, and then went straight to the collar, picked it up, and started chewing on it. I'm thinking he wanted it destroyed so it wouldn't be wearable. After I took away the holly collar, then he went for the elf hat! I of course took this to mean that he really really wanted to wear it again, so I made him put it back on. I think he's learned his lesson.

Also, our email isn't working properly again...I can send and receive email, but I can't access anything that was in my inbox (or anywhere else) from before the 4th. Which is just awesome. Some peoples' email is working fine, but for others of us, we're just waiting for this "migration" to be completed. Of course, it was supposed to be done *on* the 4th, but whatever.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm going to start the New Year off right, by telling you about how awesome the Armed Forces Bowl was yesterday! Here is a recap of the game, and it's got video highlights as well, which I know you're all dying to watch. I of course got to go in person, and dragged my family along. Issue number one was that the traffic getting there was ridiculous! And come on, it's not like it was so crowded that there was no way to deal with all the traffic--it was just poorly managed. So TCU/Armed Forces Bowl staff, whoever is in charge, you need to fix this problem for next year. Also, cop who was directing traffic at a four-way intersection--believe it or not, you can't let the north-south* side go for 10 minutes (literally) and then finally let the east-west side go--you have to ALTERNATE! Otherwise, it doesn't so much work.

But after getting to the game partway through the first quarter, it was a good time! The Cal section was pretty small, but at least according to one Cal blog I read, you could still hear the "Go Bears" on tv, so we must have done a good job being as loud as we could. Of course, this would have been much easier if they'd had a mike man there to lead the cheers, which we do normally at all our games, so I don't know why they didn't bring one for the bowl game. But I shouted so much my throat hurt for the rest of the day, so I know I did my job.

So, I take back all those mean things I said about Kevin Riley. He did a good job for us yesterday, and I'm glad we had him out on the field. By way of apology, here is the scoreboard, with Number 13 taking center stage:

Hooray for winning! Especially since the only other game I've been to in the last three years (my trip to Washington) was such an embarassing loss. After the game ended and the teams shook hands, the Cal players came over to our small Cal section to cheer and celebrate with us, which was pretty neat:

And then of course they all went to the middle of the field and ESPN did their interviews with Tedford and Riley and all those important people:

Speaking of ESPN, according to two friends of mine, they showed me on TV at the end of the game, which is pretty cool. I of course forgot to dvr the game so I didn't get to see it myself, but I'm told I looked cute, which is all that worried me =)

Oh, and speaking of looking cute, here I am with the number 1 Cal fan! Yes, he wore the jersey while we were at the game, and I'm sure that brought us good karma.

Oh, for the record, I don't actually approve of dressing up dogs in like sweaters and outfits. However, the elf costume is a costume, so it doesn't count (it's like halloween!) and a Cal jersey is team spirit, so not only does it not count, I think it's required.

*I have no idea if it was north-south or not, seeing as I don't know where I am unless I'm standing next to an ocean, so that's just the direction for the sake of argument.