Thursday, February 21, 2008

Attorney/step instructor? I like it!

So somehow on Tuesday night I got hit with a cold or something, and it's the exact same thing that at least two of my friends had/have--sore throat, swollen neck glands, and a sore back. Weird, right? And I slept terribly last night, kept waking up all night long, and felt like crap this morning. But then I was walking outside for a bit (and it's super cold) to get to a meeting and somehow I felt better! I don't know if it made the swelling go down in my neck or what, but all of a sudden my throat felt much more normal. I even went to the gym tonight! I wasn't at 100%, but I figure 85% wasn't bad for thinking I wasn't even going to make it today (and man, I would have hated to miss it since I love this step class!).

Speaking of step, I've decided to use some of this last-semester-of-law-school free time that I have to get certified to teach group fitness classes! That includes step, kickboxing, body tone, whatever. I figure if I might as well get certified now in case I ever decide I want to teach. And the woman who is in charge of the classes at the Duke gym, she's super nice and is teaching me how to teach. She even said she'd give me a class this summer! Which is horribly scary, but I won't worry about it now.

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CAC Attack said...

I personally really like cardio funk, but I'd definitely take your step class.