Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I got an email from a 1L in December asking me a question about somewhere I worked one of these past summers, and I wrote him back a quite extensive answer, telling him all about my experience. And I got no answer until today, almost a full two months later! And his response was nothing more than, thanks, that was really helpful, I appreciate it. A perfectly nice response in and of itself...had it been sent in DECEMBER! Seriously, like it's hard to hit reply? I guess it's better than the stupid 1L who emailed me this summer and never responded to my very helpful reply. He asked about my Texas firm I was working at...and ha to him, he didn't get a callback from them! I told them about him being so rude, too. Not that that was the reason he didn't get a callback, but I like to imagine I wield such influence.

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