Monday, February 25, 2008

New television!!

Since Adam went with the opening sketch, I'll post the monologue:

I love me some Mr. Steve Martin! It's good to see an episode of SNL where I'm actually laughing again. It helps a lot that the host was Tina Fey, who happens to be super funny, and that they haven't done a show in months so they weren't desperately reaching for something new. But still, good times this week! Hooray for SNL. Don't worry, Lorne, I'll never abandon you. Speaking of hanging around a long time, they had Don Pardo on at the end, and apparently he just turned 90 and has been at NBC since 1944! Me, I'm hoping to retire at 32, but I guess some of us are more dedicated to their jobs (or future jobs) than others.

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Mr. Cooper said...

If you worked at SNL, you'd want to work until you were 90 too.