Thursday, March 20, 2008

And it all makes sense now

I have had a cough for over a month now. For a little while it was in conjunction with being actually sick, but when I recovered from the rest of it, for some reason the cough stayed with me. It's driving me nuts, and today I finally broke down and bought some more cough medicine. I'd used this medicine before, and it worked super well but for some reason I had a really strong reaction to it and it left me feeling completely out of it, like I was in a fog. It was really disconcerting, especially since I'm usually the opposite--it takes a lot of medication for me to feel anything. Anyway, I got this medicine again because I was desperate and was about to take it when I looked at the label closely and realized that I was only supposed to be taking 2 teaspoons of it (every 12 hours)...instead of the two tablespoons I'd been taking before. Which means I was taking three times the recommended dosage. So now I get why I felt so out of it! And it also explains why it worked so well.

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