Saturday, March 01, 2008

ATP, I thought I was done with you

I'm thinking that the new thermometer I bought on Thursday might not be working right. I just took my temperature and it says that it's 96.9. I'm pretty sure that that's outside the normal range and thus is probably not accurate. So I guess I can ignore all of the temperature-taking I've done over the last three days?

I got the study materials for the group fitness instructor exam today in the mail...and now I'm scared of this test! There's 100 multiple choice questions, which cover biology, anatomy, things like "which exercise isn't an example of X?" and basically all that stuff that I haven't thought about since AP Bio. I have to get 80% of those right, which is waaay more than I had to get for the MPRE! And then there's the practical portion, where I have to do a bunch of stuff both in a group and by myself, and I have to get a "pass" in nine out of ten categories. So now I'm scared I'm going to embarrass myself and fail this exam. Great.

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