Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cruise Part One

Ok, I'm splitting this up into a few different posts to avoid picture overload. We started off our vacation at the crack of dawn, driving down to Miami. Here I am, starting us off on our journey.

We passed by some interesting scenery on the trip, including a truck transporting a bunch of chickens. They looked really sad =(

Of course, the biggest landmark was South of the Border. I had never heard of this prior to driving to Atlanta a year and a half ago, but apparently it's this weird amusement park/motel/I don't know what on the border between North and South Carolina. They have billboards for miles in both directions, with great sayings like "You never sausage a place. You're always a wiener at Pedro's!" Here we are passing by it (yes, amazingly enough we decided not to stop.)

We finally made it to Miami and spent the night at our $17 dollar hotel. They didn't have our reservation in their system (shocking), but luckily Chris had printed the confirmation email and so they were stuck with us. It's funny, it was right on the water and right next to the Hilton, but the hotel was really crappy and worth much closer to the $17 we paid than to the going rate (according to Orbitz) of like $160.

The next day, we made our way to the port and to our lovely boat, the Norwegian Pearl.

We'd heard that all you do on cruises is eat, and sure enough, first thing we did when we go there was have lunch!

Then we settled into our lovely room.

It was a bit small, but it didn't matter to us...we were pumped for vacation!

We knew that on the cruise specialty drinks (ie anything other than water, tea or coffee) had an extra charge, so we managed to pose for some pictures which portray what it would look like if we'd brought along some contraband champagne and mini bottles of liquor (which we didn't, of course).

For the first day we were just at sea, so we hung out by the pool, played around on the ship, and just relaxed. It was great! This was when we figured out that the ship was filled primarily with people at least 15 years older than we are, too (turns out it's a crapshoot whether the restaurants/bars/lounges actually have anyone in them or not after 10...some nights you get lucky, some you don't).

Next entry...the island stops and the crappiest magician ever!

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