Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm such a big girl

I just taught my first full step class today, all by myself! Actually it was already the plan for me to teach the whole class today, but I got an email from the regular instructor (the one who is training me) saying she's sick so she can't make it in, and am ok with doing the whole thing without her there? That immediately caused a panic attack, for reasons including the fact that I can't even work the stereo by myself (it's not a regular stereo, because you can change the speed of the music, so it's tricky!). But luckily there was a class before and after mine, so the girl before me helped me get set up and ready to go, and the fact that there was a class after me meant that I didn't have to put away and lock up everything. I think it ended up going really well, actually. Hoorays! It was a lot of fun, I think this would be way better than being a lawyer. Plus I'd be in better shape, too.

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