Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Say cheese! (Updated)

Today is class picture day! Yup, just like in elementary school. In fact, I'm betting sixth grade was the last time I had a class photo. So, now law school is no longer like high school, it's elementary school. Except for class pictures now we have to dress up in a dark suit, which is not quite as fun as what I wore in elementary school. Actually...in elementary school I was either in a school uniform (definitely not fun) or in neon stretch pants (I loved color just a little too much), so maybe it's not so bad after all.

Update: We were supposed to meet for the picture at 12:15, and it started raining literally at 12:12. And stopped by 12:30, but it was too late and they cancelled the picture. Although instead of the rain date they gave us (the Tuesday after spring break) they decided to do it tomorrow at 12:15. I have a test during that time! Dumbasses. Luckily I spoke to that professor and she's letting me do the exam later that afternoon, so it works out ok, but why have a rain date if you're just going to make up some other date anyway?

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Henry said...

Oh, God. I think I still have that 6th grade class photo somewhere, too!