Monday, March 03, 2008

Yay me!

Guess what I did today. You totally didn't just guess, but that's ok, I'll tell you anyway. I taught part of a step class! I did the warm-up and the first combination. I was really nervous, but the class was pretty small today, as luck would have it, and so I figured, ok, might as well give it a shot. And it was a lot of fun! Lisa (the woman who is teaching me and who shared her class with me today) said I did a really good job and just had a couple of minor pointers for me. So hooray! I figure now that I've got the first time over with, it'll be a lot easier to do it a second time. It was kind of exciting doing something different and challenging, but I was really nervous. I'm feeling a lot better about that stupid test now after today, too, which is great.

I went to the dog park yesterday with Jamie, as we do every weekend, and there were two little girls there, maybe 10 years old (not related, both their with different families). And their names were Bronwyn and Indigo. Ok, I know I don't have much room to talk, but really? Those are the best names their parents could come up with? Especially Indigo. Come on. Other than Violet (which is a real name), colors were meant to describe colors only, not people.

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