Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You're a low priority, I'm sorry

I realize I haven't posted very much since I've been back, but I've been busy trying to catch up on things, and I still don't have pictures anyway from the trip. I should be getting them today, though, so you'll get some stuff soon, I hope. I will start off the general story-telling, though--it turns out that young people take five-day cruises, and old people take nine-day cruises. We were on a nine-day cruise...so we were pretty surrounded by the elderly and people with kids. There was literally a woman on the ship who is turning 102 in July. Yeah. Anyway, there was one other group of young-type people that we saw around a lot, three guys and two girls, who were around our age, and we never talked to them even once. They did our thing, we did ours, for nine days. On our last day, as we were driving from Miami back to Durham, we stopped just across the Georgia border (maybe six hours from Miami) to get gas. And as I walk out of the mini-mart, who do I see? That group of five! By the time I realized it was them I'd have had to shout to get their attention and that would have been a little awkward, so I just let it go, but what are the odds?

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