Saturday, April 05, 2008

And I STILL have yet to bowl a turkey somehow

Yet another sign that law school is officially bowling team is no more. As of late Wednesday night (well really, early Thursday morning...stupid lane nine was broken and it took forever!), Bowl-O-Rama was retired. We made it to the elite eight in the playoffs, so we did ourselves proud in that our final hour, but it's over. We took a team picture to commemorate three great years, but it wasn't on my camera (for obvious reasons) so I don't have it right now. It's funny because my teammates are my roommate and three of my best friends at law school, and yet we ended up on a team together totally randomly. We just happened to all be at the same party early 1L year, and my friend Nate (who was not my friend yet at the time) said that he had signed up for a team but only had himself and his fiancee Cat right now as players, and the three of us happened to be near him when he was talking about it and we all said we'd like to be on his team. And magically, Bowl-O-Rama was born! Funny how things work out.

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