Sunday, April 06, 2008

I am a San Diegan!

Part of being a San Diegan is being a bad driver in the rain. We can't help it, because what do you expect from people raised where it barely ever rains? It's like expecting a Florida driver to be able to handle snow. I freely admit that I hate driving in the rain, and it's not that I've ever caused an accident or anything (because I haven't), but rather that it just makes me incredibly nervous. When we were driving to Miami for the cruise, I was just doing the short trip from Fort Lauderdale to Miami that morning, and out of nowhere it started raining. I was ok at first, but then right as I was on a ramp to switch freeways it started pouring out of nowhere, and I actually shrieked out loud because I got so worried that I couldn't see anything. I think this worried Bri and Chris a bit (seeing as they were my passengers at the time) but the rain abated and we made it there without any problems. Two nights ago it there was a huge thunderstorm here and I was driving home from hanging out with my friend, and as I was turning I almost turned to the left of the median because I couldn't see it clearly. Luckily I caught myself in time (and I guess luckier still, there was no one trying to turn left on that road!) but it's just more proof that man (and by man, I mean me) was not meant to drive in the rain! PS I'm going to die in DC.

Also, I think my doggie is mean to be a San Diegan because he hates the rain too. He absolutely refused to go outside that night of the huge storm to pee and just held it until the next day. My kind of dog!

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